Jian Ta Sun Hao’s imposing manner has gathered, and he can’t see any signs of sword. He quietly waits for his senior brother to come and pick him up and return to Lingtian Sword Sect.

I waited less than a month.
Great changes have taken place in the surrounding environment of Queimada Island, and a thick layer of fog has risen from the sea and surrounded it from all sides.
Thick fog is not pure white, but pale yellow.
Looking out from the desert island, the blue sea turned into light yellow sunlight, which also gave people a special hazy feeling in Chengcheng Huang.
Sun Hao was a little confused. Ma Bai himself has been guarding Queimada Island for 20 years. I didn’t expect to meet a wild outbreak when it was coming to an end.
Dare not hesitate Sun Hao walked Jianta and looked at the communication ball.
Think carefully about what was said by Jian Jun in those days, and what was the report that the gas shortage here exceeded the standard?
When Jian Jun said this, he was very casual, and Sun Hao really didn’t listen.
Just as Sun Hao was thinking, the communication suddenly lit up, and the harsh red light shone on the whole sword tower.
Sun Hao slightly one leng quickly thought of Jian Jun’s last sentence, which impressed him deeply. "If there is a * * * that sees the ball red, it’s a shortage crisis …"
Remember that Jian Jun once said rudely that if Bianhuang crisis appeared, Sun Haoke escaped by himself.
Of course, whether you can escape from Jian Jun is haha
Red light shines on Sun Hao’s face, and Sun Hao’s eyebrows are deeply wrinkled.
How can I go back if something goes wrong with Bianhuang?
If the farewell party is destroyed, it will be a long time before you return to Lingtian Jianpai Mountain.
Sun Haoshuang, the watchful eye of Jianta, let out a light scream at Huang Guangmeng’s mouth in the sea, and suddenly the Jianta bounced up like a left arrow to the square cliff.
Fly to the half of the sea, a huge wave rushed to hold Sun Hao’s feet and hold Sun Hao up.
Sun Hao’s flying sword in his hand trembled slightly, and the waves fell to the sea and quickly rushed away in the direction of the drought with Sun Hao’s waves.
De Huang plug at this time has been highly nervous large array flashing Guanghua defense with thick yellow fog.
What should have been a barren sea in front of the barren plug suddenly rises a huge mountain that is more majestic than the barren plug.
The swordsmen stationed in Huangsai looked at the high mountain nervously.
Wild plug a few back sword brother coagulation and stand is also a face of dignified.
One of them said, "This is an adult sea animal. It should have come here to sleep, or the famine might have been destroyed long ago."
Another said, "This wild beast is under such great pressure that it is extremely unstable in the vicinity. It is estimated that the reinforcements will not come. We have to find a way to eliminate the disaster ourselves."
Sword repair are silent to look at the young monk in the middle.
The young monk’s face showed a bit of a wry smile. "The wild beast is too big and too powerful. It is not my sword king who can compete. I hope that everyone will change places after waking up, or it will be dangerous."
A sword king said, "As far as I know, large wild animals will look for food as soon as they wake up. Then our barren plug will not be crushed directly by him as a snack!"
There is also a sword gentleman with a slight frown. "Besides, there are abundant wild animals around him, which will attract a large number of wild animals. I’m afraid that before he wakes up, we have been completely wiped out by other wild animals."
The famine was silent.
Soon after, fighting broke out ahead, and a large number of wild animals launched an attack on the wild plug
Although the barren plug is close to the sea, there is still a distance from the sea, but now with the great momentum of the wild beast falling into the sea, the barren plug is surrounded in the middle.
And the secondary wild beasts also set off waves and launched a storm.
Kill the sky in the wild sea
There are huge wild animals sleeping close at hand, and the surrounding area has become Wang Yang. Groups of wild animals set off waves higher than waves, and the waves kept hitting the wild plug.
Ling Tian Jian pai zhong
The deacon reported the news of the famine. "The sudden appearance of the wild animals is too close, which has affected the virtual world. The situation is unknown at present …"
After receiving the news, Ling Huajian Jun couldn’t help exclaiming, "Oh, shit, is this so good?" ~^~
Chapter DiYiSiSiLiu Return to drought plug monthly ticket four plus
There are many differences between virtual world and boundary.
The rules are even more different.
What makes Sun Hao feel most is that the virtual world is huge 3.
The most direct point is that the area under the jurisdiction of Lingtianjian Sect directly exceeds the whole mainland area.
The Ling Tianjian Sect is just a wing of a sister state in Kyushu.
There is a bigger world outside Kyushu, and there is a greater shortage overseas.
Even the five lakes in Kyushu, according to the data, each one is far more magnificent than the boundary sea.
The Terran is the absolute master, and the biggest enemy is the inferno from the other side.
The virtual terran is just one of many intelligent races, and even the top 100 failed to enter the race
Sister Zhou is also a three-race division of people, demons and demons. It seems that the strength of Terran is not dominant.
This is the general trend of the virtual world
This vast area has created a lot of magic in the virtual world.
The wild beasts living in the four seas are even more huge, reaching hundreds of thousands of feet, and their bodies have become virtual giants 3.
Well, where they live, there is no ordinary situation in Kyushu.
There is not a great chance that a giant will appear on the Kyushu border.
But it is a pity that Ling Tianjian sent such a big guy to the Great Wall.
It came very suddenly and rose directly from the desert sea, and a hill crossed the desert beyond the Great Wall, making the surrounding area unstable.