Whether these people stay or go, they will die.

If they leave the beast to change into a dragon, they will wear away their resistance will bit by bit until they are destroyed. If they leave the children’s law, the moth, the yellow demon, the big scorpion and the fierce year, they will be consumed in the iron net. After all, they will escape from the law and finally be desperate and wait for her last blow
She like that feeling of play with ants.
This feeling makes her more carefree.
Her mouth overflowed with mockery and sneer, but she soon frowned … What are they going to do?
There are also doubts about Taoist priests and swordsmen such as Jianmachi, Yiliao and Huangyan Taoist priests.
They, Xu Lirong, will lead them to break into the enemy lines and break through.
As a result, Xu Lirong took them to the cliff.
They hit the highest and largest mountain peak in the west of Yijiazhuang, facing the cliff of the village.
The mountain is very high and the cliff is very big.
Because the mountain is very high and the cliff is very big, there are enemies on both sides, and only this cliff has no enemies.
Is it meaningful to arrange heavy troops here? Is there anyone who will come here and hit the cliff?
But it turned out that someone really hit it.
Xu Lirong dazzled with lava, and the whole person blew up a tall and big cliff.
Listen to a crashing earthquake, followed by a few roaring mountains. She knocked out a big hole in the middle of the mountain, followed by Yan Ziyan and others to protect the Gankun car and cross the mountain.
On both sides of the mountain and those who are still waiting for Xu Lirong and others to trap themselves, the dragon monsters looked at each other, and before they could react, they protected the Gankun car and broke through the first line of defense they laid.
Jiayan is dazed zheng abrupt will hand a recruit.
In Ghost Seven, the Yellow Devil flew in front of her. She said coldly, "Did you kill Mad Zhang and Osteoclast?"
Huang Mo said, "That’s her."
Jia Yan reveals Sen’s sneer. "Interesting. Is her realm more than breaking through the’ fire spirit’ and entering the’ Vulcan’? That score is the’ sacred’ realm in the "Inflammation Sutra". It is no wonder that the crazy chapter and the osteoclast were easily destroyed by her. "
Then he went to Yijia Village and pointed to the cold way, "Leave some dragons to kill all the ants at the bottom and follow me."
The body flashed through the night.
Crying and screaming behind her …
China has been flooded with torrential rains.
The sea is still calm, but it looks gentle and powerful from the sea surface.
However, the calm of the sea has always been a superficial torrent rushing to the bottom of the sea, and there are thousands of creatures killing, which is unseen.
Tang Xiaofeng flew out of the Yellow River estuary into the East China Sea with two righteous sisters, Yun Zhi Zi Zhi, Mo Xiang Yu Ying, two maids, uncles and aunts, and Shu Yuan’s cousin.
After flying for a while, I suddenly saw a fleet of ships hanging in front of me, which turned out to be the flag of the girl country, and there were many jinfeng riding the guard around.
They flew over, and the Golden Phoenix Knight recognized him. The first girl came to the deck and looked up and said, "Big Brother?"
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "It turned out to be Yimei."
Yunzhi Zizhi thought, "How is this righteous sister?" Once again, it turned out that they had seen a orchid in a hurry in the country of their great daughter. When did they become big brothers and righteous sisters, they couldn’t figure out whether they had gone to bed with righteousness like them, and this was even more unclear.
Tang Xiaofeng took them to Zhi Lanyin and blushed at the sight of him.
Non-success cheese purple cheese thought … Suspicious real suspicious.
At this time, another person moved out of the cabin, but it was the prime minister of the country.
Tang Xiaofeng asked in surprise, "How did you come here?"
Tingting Nai tunnel "The dragon is attacking China head-on, and we also want to find out the situation in China. If China falls, it will leave us in the East China Sea."
Tang Xiaofeng asked, "What about flowers?"
Zhi Lanyin sighed, "The dragon threatened from both sides of the North Sea and the South China Sea that if floret could sit in the daughter’s country, he would never leave."
Tang Xiaofeng knows that the dragon still has some scruples about attacking China in the hands of Yin Ruohua, and she is far away from forcing Yin Ruohua to support China with Xuanyuanjian.
He will take his uncle and aunt to the Palace of Immortality and pick up Lian Jinfeng. He is surprised to say that he is graceful and looks at Lan Yin. "Sister Li Rong has already left the East China Sea to find you in China."
Tang Xiaofeng was shocked and asked for details before knowing that Xu Lirong had settled his parents because he and his sister had not returned for a long time, and Jinfeng went to Lingnan to find him. Once again, Yan Ziyan and others did not go to Changsheng Palace.
I feel in his heart, "Sister Zi Yan and Heng Xiang, Zhi Xin, they were going to spend a month in the round land, and then they came from Luofu Mountain. Li Rong knew that Zi Yan would always find me and wait for her in Luofu Mountain. At this moment, they would probably have revived Li Tang together in this chaos in China, but it was very different. If all the people in the hands of the dragon really fell into the dragon slave country, the ordinary people would die. Now human beings would die. Can I still take care of myself?
So I asked Tingting to arrange people to help him send his uncle, aunt and cousin to Changsheng Palace, and let Mo Xiang and Yu Ying go with Mo Xiang and Yu Ying, but they looked at each other at Yang Mo Xiang and said, "Master, we will go back to China with you."
Although Yu Ying is expressionless, she also resolutely said, "Although we can’t compare with Miss Hong, Sister Xiang and others, we are not weak and can do something."
Tang Xiaofeng thought there was some truth. Since they had this heart …