Later, these ships also had some other problems, which led them to escape from other schemes by this method.

Creatures here are constantly trying to resist tattoos in various ways. They have found an interesting way to talk to the future.
Some biological research processes have found the whole article … core data.
This system is very interesting. You can see this article … all the setting data in it.
We can see when each architectural creation will be dismantled, and what will be reassembled once, including the time and all the structural details, are recorded in this core data.
In particular, these creatures can actually see this data directly, and it records a huge landmass.
At first, they tried to modify the data, but found that there was no way to modify the data directly, but they could only see it.
So they changed a method to record the decomposition time of each creation, and then sent it to every resident here to tell them that when everything was decomposed and reorganized, they should avoid it and not stay inside, so that it would not be decomposed.
They collated and integrated all the data, and they did maintain it for a while at first, but they soon found that tattoos would change some buildings, which often led to inaccurate reorganization.
Moreover, the location of this core data store is often changed, and every time they are changed, they have to be searched again. In the end, this way can’t be maintained.
So they thought of a new method-completely destroying the whole text.
They also found some other information in their core data, that is, if the whole artifact is destroyed, it will enter a state of slow rebirth, and everything will be slowly constructed as it was originally formed.
However, the initial period of time will not create residents, that is, the decomposition and manufacture of residents are not included in the initial construction process.
So they thought that the plan was simple: destroy all the creations of the whole culture first, and then destroy them every once in a while to prevent them from developing into the stage of making residents, then it would never break down the residents and all the residents could live and work in peace and contentment.
It was because they couldn’t directly destroy it at that time, and they tried to leave some information for the future.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Destroy
A group of creatures want to destroy the structure. It seems difficult for them to do this.
Their original idea is to make powerful explosives, but they can find all the materials from this tattoo. How do they make these materials and synthesize anything? The text will recombine these things at some point, so that things can’t last long.
Therefore, there is a way to destroy the whole text, and that is to find a powerful weapon that can be made in a short time, so as to destroy all the creations of the whole text quickly.
After destroying all the artifacts, we can limit the whole artifact to the early stage of formation by repeatedly destroying the artifacts, so that it will not decompose the creatures and they can live safely.
After repeated destruction, it will be much easier than the first one, because all artifacts can be destroyed by multiple destruction, and the first one must be destroyed at one time
It feels like … it’s not much easier than escaping from here, but these creatures are really working hard in this direction.
At first, however, they were out of this direction. At that time, there was no technology to destroy all the creations of the whole culture. At that time, the creatures recorded some of their theoretical schemes-creating a’ cultural collapse device’ scheme.
This’ collapse device’ is actually a design scheme found in some of their military buildings.
At that time, these creatures were able to study by themselves, and at the same time, some of them were always far from this scheme. When they found that it would take a long time to do it anyway, they tried to hand over these schemes so that the new creatures could continue to improve and finally achieve their goals.
Then it is not clear whether they are delivery schemes.
Although Lin saw this part of the past history through the ship, she could also see this part. When these cultural and biological preparation plans destroyed this article, the later historical scene became more intermittent, but every time the foundation showed the plan of biological efforts to destroy the article at that time
Although the study of the destruction process is not very clear, the final message is that some creatures send a message to the future, "We are having a dialogue with the future. We come from all the creatures who received this message in the past. You must completely destroy this place before we can continue to go … or be resurrected."
In fact, this information also includes some others. At that time, they had successfully built weapons and destroyed them by all the creation departments of the whole text, which was regarded as the initial goal.
There is a situation. They initially decided to destroy the Ministry of Culture and Creation, and at the same time, they tried to keep some creatures alive and let them recombine, so as to carry out a one-step plan-to keep the culture in the initial structural stage.
But at that time, after they destroyed all the creations, they failed to bring the creatures alive. It was the last group of creatures who left messages that left messages when they were destroyed.
They also leave information about destroying weapons. They leave these information in the hope that future creatures will carry out the action of destroying weapons again and do better than them, that is, they will save some creatures alive when they destroy them.
But they didn’t expect that there was a little situation behind them.
That is, this article has not been reorganized or reorganized normally.
As far as Lin can see, there are a lot of fragments floating everywhere, but they don’t form an orderly cultural structure. Although some of them will work on their own, that’s all. They haven’t developed or made cultural creatures like in the past
It seems to be in a state of chaos, because some things appear later and some are early.
Generally speaking, this article is so finished, but it doesn’t seem to be finished. That is, some cultural creatures here have successfully separated from the giant cloud channel, but they don’t know what they will end up like.
What’s amazing about this is that they record this information in the historical records of this ship system, and there is no explanation about their recording methods.
And these records have not been changed by tattoos, which is quite interesting.