"Brother Ning, please!" Sun Fu didn’t talk much, but he also raised his glass to practice in Ning Caichen.

"Ning Gong Lin also proposes a toast to you. I wish Ning Gong will be famous in Beijing when he returns again!" Lin Huaiyuan also raised his glass to Ning Caichen!
"Master Lin, please" Ning Caichen raised his glass again, and then Ning Caichen poured himself a glass of wine to raise his glass. "Here’s to all of you!"
Finally, Ning Caichen raised his glass and looked at the people in front of him. Today, he came to bid farewell to many Ning family members, the Lins, Tang Renjing, Sun Fu and some people Ning Caichen didn’t even know.
Life is bitter, life is bitter, parting is bitter, feeling sad, and there is a trace of feeling in my heart. Gulp the glass in my hand. Finally, Ning Caichen looks at the Ning family. All of them are dressed in white and beautiful. Some of them are red and Ningshan Seibel is silent …
"Male, you really look like a general today." Suddenly Gao Lankou said something that made Ning Caichen stunned and then smiled-
"Haha, I will be a general when I come back!"
"Big brother, you should come back early." Snow White’s eyes are red and she seems to be crying.
"Husband, take care of yourself, Mr.zhou, waiting for you to come back." Mr.zhou Zhan Yan smiled, but a line of clear tears slipped from her eyes.
Ning Caichen in the mind a pull at mr.zhou-
"Take me to fame, make you spend a few months ago."
Say that finish took a deep look at all Ning Caichen turn horse-
"Goodbye … driving! ….. ""Drive … "
Riding a horse took a look at the crowd behind him. Ning Caichen rode his horse to the distant road and went to Chen Gong. He also bowed his hand to the rear crowd and turned over. The horse followed Ning Caichen …
Finally, the horseshoe road echoed until Ning Caichen and Chen Gong disappeared completely, and the talents here slowly dispersed at the end of the distant road.
"Madam, let’s go home," Gao Lanbai mr.zhou said.
"Well," Bai Susu nodded, but her eyes stayed in the distance for a long time before she looked back. Then she looked at Wang Sheng and Li Ran. "I want to know my husband’s situation at the first time when the Royal Guards are established!"
"Master, are you back?"
The Lins’ Lin Huaiyuan walked into the Lins’ House in a black robe. A man dressed in black in his fifties was greeted by the Lins’ housekeeper forestry.
"Miss backyard? I heard with my third wife that Ning Gong seems to be in a bad mood …"
"This girl" Lin Huaiyuan has some headaches.
"Sir, since the young lady likes Ning Gong so much, why don’t we …" Lin Huaiyuan made a wedding gesture at the mouth of the forestry department. "Now Ning Gu is in full swing and has a life-saving grace for Princess Yongle. Ning Gong is outstanding in civil and military affairs and is destined to have a brilliant future …"
"Let’s talk about it later." Lin Huaiyuan’s eyes flashed a forestry word. It wasn’t his mind that Ning’s family experienced several disasters, but every time he survived, it became more and more frustrated. Now Chen County is in full swing. With the rise of Ning’s restaurant, Ning’s family in Sanchuan County has become famous, and Ning’s strength is not small. Especially last night, Ning Caichen made a breakthrough. Although he didn’t set foot on that level in the end, he didn’t doubt that Ning Caichen would set foot on that level in the future, and the chances are very high. If that’s Every family has the strength to win the top family. This is a thick thigh. Lin Huaiyuan doesn’t want to hug it, but he can’t say that he was rejected by Ning Caichen. It’s a shame. It’s a bit embarrassing to have wood and his face!
Forestry is very smart. When you see Lin Huaiyuan, you know that Lin Huaiyuan is convinced-
"Sir, Ning’s restaurant is getting bigger and bigger now, and it has the meaning of outward expansion. It just happens that our Lins have merged with Ning’s family and there are some possibilities in Tianfu County to merge with Ning’s family deeply."
Lin Huaiyuan’s eyes moved, and then I don’t know what I thought. There was a light in my eyes-
"Miss has always been interested in business, hasn’t she? Let Miss Ning try to take care of things later."
Forestry eyes a bright-