"Ka Bang Bang!" Vortex out of the bursts like a gear grinding bite sound followed by several white light generate out, but just released but instantly sucked into the vortex instead.

The Five Decades of Heaven and Man are aimed at a punished god. However, in the process of the Five Decades of Heaven and Man, there are other disturbances in ginseng, which have never happened since the beginning of time …
Chapter 96 Perfect harmony
Hazy Xiao Fan’s consciousness is very vague.
He seem to see himself in a chaos without stars.
But here, except for those stars, it feels different from chaos.
However, this is not so much as other elements. All laws also have one kind, and that is destruction!
It seems that this destructive force can completely tear everything that enters it and return it to emptiness!
"Here … the edge is to destroy my yuan god?" Xiao Fan is confused, although he can clearly feel that the destructive power of terror is constantly splitting his strength, but he feels painful and enjoys this step-by-step road to extinction.
"Is this the end?"
"How can it make me feel so peaceful?"
"This kind of feeling … so comfortable as … back to the mother’s arms …"
Xiao Fan’s conscious murmur produced these feelings and gradually lost them. It seems that it is best to go to sleep so comfortably and never wake up …
"Xiao Fan, don’t close your eyes, or you will never open them again!" Just then a female voice sounded awake Xiao Fan.
"Is … who is it?" Xiao Fan vaguely saw a snow-white female figure coming towards him from the crack of almost closed eyes.
This figure is getting closer and closer to himself and gradually becomes clear.
There is no flaw in that beautiful and graceful figure, so it is hard to imagine that it will be in heaven and earth
I’m afraid … It’s more sacred and beautiful than her. Besides Xin Ziqing, you can’t find the second person, can you?
Although Xiao Fan knew that almost all the beautiful women around him could compete for glory, at this moment he knew that he was wrong and the mistake was far from the truth. This female face has surpassed his previous judgment!
Is this the goddess?
The high goddess …
Goddess Shu Yue!
Xiao Fan doesn’t know that Shu Yue’s eyebrows are as bright as the bright moon even among the gods, and those who can compete for glory are rare.
Xiao Fan that almost completely dissipated consciousness to see Shu Yue at the same time slightly relieved some.
"How did you come here? It’s more dangerous to get out of here quickly, and it’s my fate to judge and punish me. There’s no need to involve you! " Xiao Fan hurriedly shouted.
"No, I can’t just watch you disappear completely in the five failures of heaven and man!" Shu month shook his head stubborn said
"Didn’t you say that this can land nine thunder and five failures? No one can escape more competition and die? Now this can annihilate the destructive power of the Yuan God. You are the mind of the God and formed by your divine power. You will be destroyed together when you enter here! " Xiao Fan continued
"I don’t care, although I know that if the spirit body is destroyed here, with the power of five failures on this day, it is likely to directly punish me, but it is because of me that all this makes your body completely destroyed, and even the Yuan God will soon be completely extinct …"
"At the beginning, I asked you to come with me, but you saved me more than once … This kindness, although I am a high god, can’t be regarded as never happened!"
"Can let me open a high god owes you two lives even if you are really dead, don’t you want to make my generation uneasy? I am afraid that shaking my mind like this will cause cracks in my mind. I am afraid that I will be promoted to the level of the Lord God all my life! "
"In the end, I will also face the decline of heaven and man and eventually be completely destroyed!"
"If you really want to finally go to that step, wouldn’t it be too tragic? It is better to be completely annihilated now, suffer from the five-fold punishment and watch yourself slowly aging and finally disappear! "
"If the Yuan God is destroyed, I can at least keep my own body, so it’s a corpse!" Shu Yue spoke out a series of reasons for herself.
"Hell, why are women so single-minded?" Xiao Fan thoroughly language "and what is this a lot of theory? I wonder if I have to find a beautiful excuse? "
"Anyway, no matter what you say, I won’t leave. Since this day is so horrible and the laws of heaven and earth are so unreasonable, I am bent on killing you completely. Don’t blame me for not obeying the laws of stingy heaven and earth. I will try my best to keep your god even if it costs me one hundred million years!" Shu month bite a tooth a pair of crazy look said
"Uh …" Xiao Fan remained this woman should not say that the goddess was so crazy?
Even if she is really promoted to the level of the Lord God because of herself, she can have a billion-year Shou Yuan, right?
Do you want to go crazy with yourself and die together?
It can be seen that Shu Yue’s sample is no more interesting than serious root.
But to have a tall goddess willing to die with her, I’m afraid no one in the divine world can have such treatment, right?
Well, it’s all worth dying for just looking at this!
"Hey!" At this moment, the destructive force in the whole process was extremely restless and wriggled.
Powerful waves of coercion are coming towards Xiao Fanyuan!
Xiao Fan’s huge vortex of Yuan God’s destructive power rotates clockwise, while the vortex condensed by Yuan God’s destructive power rotates counterclockwise.