"Where is Teacher Gan paddling?" Xu Le secretly whisper in my heart.

The remaining Xu Le also collected the materials and silently remembered their names.
Wang Shuguo is not bad. There is a first-class creature turtle and a long-lived fruit.
The problem is that there are already wolves in Xu Le now, so it is not to say that Wang Shu can eat creatures directly, but it is easy to fix the route after death.
Compared with the wolf-level turtle, the ice bear in Chixiao is great. If you can come here … Brother Shu’s strength will definitely make great progress.
The key is that he has already owed a lot to Chixiao, and this time he asked others to help him build a prosthetic leg and ask for a high-level biological fruit …
Even if Xu Le is thick-skinned, there are some things that can’t be done.
Finally, it was Xu Le’s turn. His underworld had already chosen the fruit. When the mother tree root did not respond.
However, acting must be done, otherwise people will really regard you as old.
By …
"Sacrifice or nourish?"
"Nourish" Xu Le said silently in his heart.
Then a branch slowly extended, and others felt strange about what had a fruit in front of Xu Le.
Because normally, even if you stay at home, it will be three heart fruits to choose Xu Le. This is the first time they have seen it.
"What do you have in fruit?" A man asked.
"I feel the throb of fate. Maybe this is the arrangement for me by the ancient sound trees." Xu Le held his head up slightly like a magic stick.
But when others see this picture of Xu Le, they are somewhat contemptuous.
A moment ago, it was a poor picture, but now it’s a devout believer. The level is to let him taste the sweetness.
Xu Le said that now no one dares to refute and question.
After all, the ability to choose fruits here is too outrageous.
Xu Le prepared the sacrifice and nourishment by letting go of the strange pieces of ancient music that he got from those fates of the underworld.
Except for [tears pig’s coccyx], four odd pieces of his ancient sound were directly swept away by branches.
These fragments are gradually decomposed and absorbed during the recovery of branches.
Xu Le has never been quite sure what this process is doing. Before Xu Le thought it was the mother tree recycling energy.
Now it seems that it is complete.
The mother tree is too strong, its strength is no longer a general concept of strength, it can even involve some world-based rules, and it is likely to be red crescent.
According to the volume, all the weird energy of ancient sounds comes from the mother tree.
The idea of recycling energy is completely unreasonable.
Now Xu Le thinks that the recovery of mother trees is not energy but information.
Ancient sound fragments are biological information, while red crescent objects are red crescent regular information.
This inference is not necessarily correct, but it is indeed possible.
After sacrificing four fragments, Guyindo mother tree gave Thunder fruit no less energy.
Xu Lexian felt that the thunder fruit had the intention of continuing to strengthen, but its shape did not change significantly.
Or simply the golden thunder and the blue thunder mixed with each other?
Xu Le frowning slightly is really not enough. He took out the tears pig coccyx and the red crescent surgical instrument-Red Crescent and sacrificed it directly.
It has indeed been emphasized that this red crescent is black goods before giving it weight.
Everything in the Red Crescent Temple is numbered, and now Xu Le has a status, so there is no need to take that risk.
The direct sacrifice is pulled down.
"continue to sacrifice and nourish"
The coccyx is absorbed very quickly after the branches are rolled up again to take away the coccyx and the red crescent.
Even the Lord-level weird mother tree is just a fart before this source.
However, the decomposition and absorption of the red crescent is much slower, but the energy that the red crescent gives back to Xu Le is also amazing
"This feeling is very good …"
A touch of red energy appeared in the golden and blue blended thunder, which gradually turned into red thunder.
Although it is rare, this red thunder is obviously incompatible with other two kinds of thunder.
Xu Le’s first reaction is that this thing should be a kind of energy similar to the Red Crescent.
Does the ancient sound include the power of the red moon?
After absorbing so many sacrifices, the fruit of Thunder has indeed undergone new changes, which is not in vain for Xu Le to consume so many resources.
This also proves that his thinking is correct, and the advanced fruits are still rising.
I don’t know if there is a more advanced or advanced fusion.
Just walk slowly when the road is right.
Waving the fruit before Xu Le disappeared, he realized that the trip to Xu Le seemed different from them.
Gambai Xu Le, a bell-keeper, just made a sacrifice instead of a choice.
And ordinary destiny people are not qualified to sacrifice.
Thinking of this, Gankou interrupted these people’s thoughts and led the topic to another direction.
"Well, let’s exchange a message."
"I’ll come first. I’ve done a lot of damage because of the rich red crescent robbery in Ruili, but the bravery of our Tianrui Lifeng soldiers has already repelled the strangeness." This man is Tianrui Lifeng.
"The situation here at the lighthouse is not very good, but some fighters’ potions to strengthen the physique have been given to the army, which is barely a great loss." This is the lighthouse.
Then a few people spoke in succession, and Gan and Wang Shu said a lighthouse situation. Both of them tacitly called themselves lighthouse people.
Coincidentally, Wang Qing is from Zion. He said it briefly for a while. At this time, Zion minister saw trees. It was not one tree but three trees