This secret is to transform one’s past into an’ idea’ practice or permission.

He can cultivate’ ideas’
That doesn’t need a secret of heaven and earth. It just needs the approval of a secret.
Three thousand thoughts incarnate the dharma, and the external part must be enlightened by heaven and earth, but the body and mind part must be enlightened.
That’s pure’ thought’
"This cultivation method is really unforgettable and there will be repercussions." Lin Chong muttered 1.
Then say hello to the mushroom man "come here"
The person who was brush a bowl of mushrooms with his bare butt immediately came along.
"Sit opposite me," Lin said to the mushroom man.
Mushroom man sitting there
It looks like a whiteboard, Lin Chong
Lin Chonggang felt awkward at first, but he got used to it after a few days.
Of course, it’s a bit weird and rude to wear nothing and an apron.
You still have to wear an apron.
Mushroom man and Lin Chong sat opposite each other.
Lin Chong murmured to the mushroom man’ thoughts’.
It felt like bouncing glass beads into a hole.
It took about an hour.
Lin Chong asked the mushroom man, "Who was my favorite person when I was a child?"
"Wang erya in the next village always gives you candy," replied the mushroom man.
"All right," Lin Chong waved. "Go ahead and wash the dishes."
"Good" Mushroom Man went on working.
Pass on memories, emotions, perceptions, judgments, etc., and finally turn your own memories into another person, and then this person will become a living person on this basis to get a new life.
This will take a long time, and sometimes the immortal outside will be a doppelganger for years.
This is also a skilled job. Lin Chong just sent something over an hour ago.
After becoming more proficient, the duration will be shortened.
Anyway, Lin Chong thinks this achievement method is very magical as he thinks.
The field of science may have more vitality.
However, the analysis principle of Lin Chong’s temporary method can’t even be found.
Demon Dan can also reveal the inspiration of black mushroom powder
But the’ idea’ seems to have entered the mushroom brain through the transfer of the secret.
Lin Chong’s black mushroom powder sprinkled himself and didn’t see a brainwave.
It is impossible to have a brainwave when the room is separated from the wall.