Without saying slap, I just drew a slap. The hand that called the near waiter’s face Ningshan was very heavy and dark. I slapped the near waiter directly and drew a 360-degree rotation and flew out two or three meters away. I spit out a big mouthful of blood in my mouth. You can see that the near waiter’s mouth was cracked and the blood flowed out. Several teeth fell out.

This scene is very sudden. Tang Renjing and others are all shocked. The old god Li Secretariat is even more excited. He dropped a few of his nonsense until the near servant screamed and cried in pain, which woke them up.
"You … how dare you hit me?"
Return to absolute being, Yan Li is a bit rude and screaming. Actually, he is angry. Although the man is one of his attendants, he represents his face. They came to deal with Ningjia, but now he was slapped to death by Ningshan. It is like an official being slapped suddenly by a common people. It is a ghost to remain calm.
"Come and get this fanatic for me."
"Li Daren"
Behind Tang Renjing, seeing this scene, I was a little anxious. An imperial envoy and Ning Jia took advantage of it. The main reason was that he knew Ningshan too well how horrible this cargo was. Someone could definitely stop it, but it was already late. With Yan Li’s words falling behind him, more than a dozen attendants had already rushed towards Ningshan.
"bang! Bang! Bang … Ouch … Ouch … Ah! ……”
Then here can’t calm the fist, slap in the face, slap in the face, slap in the face, and scream in a tight voice. In less than two minutes, more than a dozen attendants in Yan Li lay down and wailed one by one, and their bodies bowed into shrimp. Many people’s legs and feet were interrupted by Ningshan. Ningshan had no dead hands, but it was also dark.
Moment Yan Li meng stare big eyes speechless, beard was he pulled out a handful.
Tang Renjing corners of the mouth fierce smoke this joy.
He was stunned and stunned. This is an imperial adult’s servant, so he was beaten into a dead dog.
"Ning guards are good. These bastards should die. Mom couldn’t help it long ago." "Dare to run wild in front of Ning House. I just wanted to slap his ya." "Ning guards are still a little light. Just interrupt your limbs and throw them into Chen He as I say."
These schadenfreude sounds heartless. Some Ning family guards said.
"Uncle Ningshan has a bad guy over there." At this moment, Snow White pointed at Yan Li, but everyone was shocked.
Oh, hey, this can’t be beaten by Tang Renjing. His heart jumped up on the spot. This is an imperial envoy. It represents the court’s face. If Yan Li is also big, it will be really great. Yan Li was also shocked and pointed to Ningshanyin’s sharp way-
"How dare you? Do you know who I am? I am the imperial court … pa! Oh! "
Before Yan Li’s words fell, he felt that there was an extra figure in front of him. Then he felt a black face and a pain in his eyes. Before he finished his words, he was scratched by the big fellow. Even the Tang Renjing mirror next to him didn’t stop it. It was because Ningshan was too fast. A fighter wanted to make moves. They couldn’t stop wait for a while from watching Yan Li roll beautifully in his body for 360 degrees, spit out a few rhubarb teeth and one mouthful of blood, and then the whole body hit the ground.
In an instant, except for Ning’s family, someone was stupid. Oh, hey, this fucking girl really smoked. This is an imperial envoy!
Yan Li also felt stunned and fell for a few seconds, and then she heard Yan Li screaming.
"ouch! ……”
Yan Li whined because half of his face was swollen, his mouth was broken, and his four or five buttocks hurt.
"Bang …"
Ningshan took another few steps to kick Yan Li’s lower abdomen.
"Ah … you dare to publicly beat the court MingGuan I … ouch …"
Yan Li was angry and angry, but before he finished, he was slapped by Ningshan.
"Go to your uncle court MingGuan" NingShan is a slap in the face in the past.
"Who is your master? Tell him to come out. I want to talk to him … alas!"
Yan Li screamed and wanted to find the person in charge of Ningfu to make it clear. As a result, he was kicked by Ningshan again
"Now I’m in charge of Ning’s family, and I want to catch my family, and I have to rush in the door to catch people. I think you’re tired of being an old fool …"
When I heard Ningshan’s words, Li Yan wanted to give up. When he met such a living Yan Yan, he felt that he had fallen down. When the goods were unreasonable, he was accompanied by a beating, such as Tang Renjing. Some Chenxian officials were stunned and almost stared out. This mother was an imperial envoy, so he was beaten up. Don’t say that they were the ones who followed Li Yanlai’s attendants and forgot to cry. Looking at Yan Li being slapped by Ningshan from time to time, he screamed with one foot.
"Adult this how to do …"
Xia Cheng watching Tang Renjing some silly Tang Renjing mouth take a smoke directly burst a swearing sentence-
"How the fuck do I know?"
Chapter 7 Little girl
"bang! Bang! ….. Ouch … Ah … Stop it … Ouch … Stop it … Ah … "
Yan Li was completely beaten by Ningshan with his hands on his head. He directly begged for mercy. A word was soft, not soft. No, I couldn’t. I met such an unreasonable hunk and my martial arts skills were high. I was simply a living Yan. Although Ningshan didn’t have a dead hand, I couldn’t stand the pain of punching and kicking, and he was not a car-scrapping person.
One by one, the attendants were black and blue, and they were also scared. Seeing their own adults being beaten and whined repeatedly, they were so scared that they couldn’t even go out, especially the one who clamored for the attendants’ heart was cold and almost scared to pee.