"Are you talking about the general?"

Female horse thief was startled and then looked at JIU ge with an unbelievable look.
If you are really right about that stiff minister, then she has an adventure.
It is indeed an important adventure for the female horse thief, who is the public enemy of the monastic world.
"Yes, you are very clever."
Looking at the female horse thief with a smile.
Except for the female ghost Xiaoli, who has known him since she came, those people dare not think about the zombie king even after knowing the meaning of the name of the general.
This female horse thief is quite eye-catching.
Of course, it may also have something to do with first impressions.
In the eyes of Mao Xiaofang and others, it seems that the general of the zombie king must be more cruel than killing people. Where can he be so polite as heaven?
The female horse thief here said that the zombie king general should be such a strong man.
"See General’s Adult"
Female horse thief kowtows and salutes
She is not worried that the sky is deceiving her.
No matter whether it is said in the sky or not, the zombie king will be a minister. She is now living and dying. It is natural to be respectful to the sky.
In the plot, the female horse thief shows that some heads are willing to throw themselves into the well to incarnate ghosts and seek revenge from her uncle, but the main reason is that all her companions died because of her uncle, and uncle will definitely kill her, and she and uncle have endless hatred.
If she really wanted to have a fight with everyone, she would have been killed.
"Don’t bother. Do you know I’m waiting for you here?"
Day casually waved a hand to signal the female horse thief to get up, and at the same time, he asked such a question to the female horse thief
"General, I don’t know."
Female horse thief said respectfully
"Home town is where you should kill and rob, and you will die here, but I pity you to save your life."
The day said to the female horse thief
"Thank you, General."
Female horse thief quickly made a grateful look.
In her heart, she doesn’t even care if she doesn’t believe in heaven. Anyway, it is most important to let God know that she is very clever and not to kill her.
"Don’t thank too early"
"If you rob the family and don’t die, I’m just giving you a chance to repay your sins."
Heaven said
"You will be evil in the future."
"In ten years, the enemy will invade the land of China. I pity your talents and hope that you can protect China by yourself."
"You didn’t have a choice before. I’m giving you this choice now. Will you accept it?"
Day eyes calmly staring at the female horse thief.
After more than ten years, China will usher in an unprecedented catastrophe, with foreign invasion, broken mountains and rivers and floating wind.
It is naturally inconvenient for him to make moves in person, but this does not prevent him from arranging more chess before.
After all, the place where Nu Wa sleeps the day after her exile has always been the land of China, and it is also appropriate for her to do something in China.
If it’s true that you want to do it yourself, it’s a little too much trouble once you do it and trigger a chain reaction.
Maybe there will be inexplicable power coming across the border.
"General, I am willing to accept it."
The female horse thief agreed to come without thinking.
Shi Jian asked them to attack their home town. They didn’t have a choice. Now, the zombie king will face her face to face. Naturally, she has no choice.
She knows very well that although the sky didn’t kill her, there was something to discuss with her. If she dared to refuse, I’m afraid she would never see the sun.
It is clear that saving her life is to make her pay for her previous sins. If she is not willing to pay, God probably won’t let her live.
The female horse thief promised Tianhou and showed a hesitant color. "It’s my two hands."
Some of the men she brought fled, some were killed and two were captured alive.
Although this female horse thief is a bad person, she still attaches great importance to her hands. In the plot, the female horse thief rescues herself and even risks herself.
After the spectre, she is trying to save her hand.
"If the two of them can turn over a new leaf and defend China, you can save them."
Day to female horse thief way
Then he smiled again. "Promise me that no one can break his word."
"Although you are my random choice of chess, if you want to destroy yourself, I will feel sorry for you for a moment."
"I dare not!"
At this time, the female horse thief has claimed to be a genus before hitting the snake and climbing the sky.
At this time, there was a fire, and some people were close to Anthony wong and literary talent, and they came after him with people.
"Well, you are quick to leave."
The day said to the female horse thief and waved at her.
Then the day after tomorrow, the figure flashed out of sight.
The female horse thief felt that she was thin and suffered from witchcraft. All of them disappeared and her fighting power returned to the peak.
Immediately after she felt her body change, she wanted to turn around and kill the quartet. She couldn’t stand her uncle, but these people, Anthony wong and literary talent, were no match for her.
However, when I think of what I said just now, a female horse thief can resist killing her heart and leave.
Chapter 50 There are ways for people, ghosts and ghosts.
Literary talent and Anthony wong failed in their pursuit, and even the female horse thief was not seen, so they could go back.
No one except Lei Xiu found that the day suddenly left and suddenly came back.
The villagers in the town were very happy when the horse thieves attacked, which coincided with Uncle Jiu’s birthday, and the elders in the township unanimously decided to help Uncle Jiu have a good birthday.
Uncle Jiu personally kept Tian and wanted him to spend his life with him.