The little girl nodded

Although there is no concept in my mind, it sounds great.
After all, it can make people destroy the world.
"What will destroy the world?"
"Because the world is too troublesome, it is too troublesome to live. Just destroy everyone and die together, so that no one will be in trouble."
The teenager replied like this.
This reason to destroy the world …
The little girl said that it was the first time to hear it, and it was not too wonderful.
"Is it too cheap to destroy the world because of trouble?"
"The world is cheap."
The teenager replied like this.
But this is not right.
Little girls deny that this is the correct answer.
"This classmate’s world is not cheap at all!"
She said so.
It’s not cheap at all
"When you grow up, you will know that when your classmates grow up, you will know that it is not cheap at all, but a little expensive."
House, car, what?
Life is really bitter.
Teenagers have caught the word.
He has been lying on the bench, and he has finally moved.
Although it is also turning eyes to look at the little girl.
The sight of the little girl’s face stays for two seconds.
Then it was a little difficult to sit up and sit on the bench like there was no bone.
"Little girls can’t call my classmates, but call me brother."
"It’s just a classmate. I’m a teacher!"
"teacher? I am also a teacher. "
"Don’t lie."
Her wrinkled nose looks cute.
"You are a high school student. How can you be a teacher?"
The teenager seems to be amused.
"If I am a high school student, how can you be a teacher if you are a primary school student?"
A little girl who looks about 12 years old and a teenager who looks about 17 years old, who is less like a teacher?
Okay, neither of them looks like it.
"I am really a teacher!"
What does the little girl want to prove seriously and firmly?
But the teenager smiled and reached out to touch the pink hair.
"I’m really what the teacher wants to be obedient. Wait for my brother to take you to buy lollipops."
"I am really a teacher!"
She stressed again
However, the teenager doesn’t seem to be going to listen to her.
Reach out and pick her up, turn over and put her in your arms.
"I found a little girl. Looks like I’m lucky tonight."
"Let me go!"
The little girl struggled.
However, her little arms and legs are nothing.
"It’s best not to struggle in the arms of a man. If you go in and go to the wrong place, it will be bad."
"… eh?"
"No, nothing."
The boy shook his head.
And looked up at the dark night, and the stars were still shining.
The little girl didn’t struggle
Maybe you have struggled in vain, there is nowhere to go, or you may be tired.
"Can students let go of the teacher?"
"Call my brother and I’ll let you go."
"How can you call your brother if the teacher is a teacher?"
"I am also a teacher."
"Don’t lie."
She said.
It sounds like a little girl who just entered the second sexual development.
No matter from which point of view, it is just a little girl.
"Little girl, you can’t lie!"
"People don’t lie!"