I’ve been lost in thought and kept glancing at Lin Xiaoyao. When she woke up, she chuckled, "Big guy, don’t you watch Xiaoqing deal with him!"

I got the spirit of the wood god and the spirit of the ancient Aoki, especially when I joined Lin Xiao just now. Yao Ying also got the spirit lotus, and the spirit lotus was born close to the ancient Aoki, so Yao Ying benefited only slightly less than Shen Xiaobai. At this time, Yao Ying talked about the control over Aoki’s aura, even if no one can compare with her. She saw a series of blue flashes from Yao Ying’s fingers, and every light was ejected by millions of fine ones.
Chapter four hundred and ten Temporary avoidance
The green god froze Yao Ying’s control over the Aoki aura of heaven and earth directly from his hand! Is he dreaming?
Who is Qingshen? He ranks among the top ten gods in the divine world, except for the three gods and five days, he has reached the highest point of the pyramid of divine power. His understanding of Aoki rules has reached the point of decay and magic. He is almost equivalent to the attribute rules of divine wood. Every hair of his hair is composed of the purest Aoki aura. His strength is that someone can take away his control of Aoki aura? This is almost as incredible as the sun rising in the west.
Before the green god returns to absolute being, the medicine has also been shot!
See a colorful glow from the top of the head of the medicine son, Fiona Fang, more than ten feet, and the gods lotus slowly blooms in the glow, and the hands of the medicine son change, and the gods lotus has a series of herbs. By showing up, everyone has Lin Xiao to see that the medicine son displays the seal tactic, but it is mixed with some secret handprints of’ nine turns to the elixir tactic’. This is the secret skill of the master elder brother in the handwritten Tao Te Ching. With the change of the handprints of the medicine son, the gods lotus comes out with a series of colorful flames, and the herbs are melted and the sticky juice is slowly compressed.
A pungent and foul smell came from the black Dan medicine. Recently, Lin Xiao and others sneezed repeatedly. Even this Dan medicine was refined by magical means. She frowned and almost didn’t spit it out. She blushed at Lin Xiao and whispered very carefully, "Little brother, this Dan medicine seems to be too strong!"
"What is this Dan medicine?" Lin Xiao is an expert in alchemy. He saw that the alchemy technique of medicine seems to be refining the secret of Rodin’s Dao’ Thousand Poisons and Rotten Muscle Powder’, which is a kind of extremely vicious and overbearing erysipelas, but the medicine has changed the formula of erysipelas to some extent, and the formula of erysipelas seems to have changed a little. Lin Xiao also couldn’t figure out what it was refined.
"I don’t know ~" the medicine son replied bluntly, "I want to try this alchemy method and I don’t know what it is! But someone can give us a try! " The medicine son smiled at the stunned Qingshen, and then her finger was a little bit, and the God Lotus spewed out a colorful glow, wrapped in the foul black pill, and rushed to Qingshen Dan Pill, which suddenly disintegrated into a black fog when it was more than ten feet away from Qingshen. This black fog spread very fast, and it spread hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang in the blink of an eye.
Green God sneered at a green light winding around him, forcing the black fog to be unable to get close to him, but the men of God behind the green god fell down. Their protective power had no stopping effect on the release of colorful glow by the lotus gods. Colorful glow wrapped in black fog rushed straight to them, and the black fog penetrated into their bodies along their pores. It didn’t take long for these men of God to scream. Hundreds of thousands of men of God suddenly turned crazy and they were holding their stomachs. The weak man of God started to vomit before he ran out for dozens of miles. At the same time, a wet shower in their crotch came together with vomiting, and hundreds of thousands of men of God suddenly smelled bad, and the diarrhea was so bad that when they leaked a meal, they would all have diarrhea and even lost the strength to fly.
The man of God fell to the ground like dumplings. Even when they arrived, these men of God vomited and diarrhea, and at the same time, one by one smelly fart gushed out continuously. The strange image and the foul smell made Lin Xiao and Lin Yaowen come to hundreds of thousands of families, but none dared to get close to these men of God.
Green god froze the medicine son face flushed bright red to Lin Xiao wry smile way "this medicine efficacy ~"
Lin Xiaochao provoked his thumb at Yaoer. "It’s very powerful."
Green God roared with anger. He raised his wooden staff and struck with a heavy blow. Suddenly, the blue hurricane swept out of his body. His Hanazono Sakura world instantly enveloped Fiona Fang for thousands of miles
The name has been impatient to wait, and he will no longer let Lin Xiao and others start work. He went straight to the green god, and the yellow glare kept bursting out from the name body, and the surrounding areas continued to collapse. One by one, huge black holes appeared, and the Hanazono Sakura world spread faster. One by one, black holes were constantly plundering the green god, releasing the Aoki spirit, and the green god’s divine power was rapidly consumed. No, he used half of his magical powers to change his name. He had rushed to his side and blasted the green god’s abdomen with a clean punch.
This punch can almost penetrate the whole celestial body, but it feels as if all the stars hit his lower abdomen at the same time. In his lower abdomen, the source of divine power condensed an Aoki spiritual nucleus, which was almost shattered by a punch. Aoki opened his mouth and wanted to vomit something. But he couldn’t even spit out a trace of gas. This punch almost shattered the body of Aoki, which made his body lose its basic function. If he was not releasing his Hanazono Sakura world name, this punch would be tantamount to exploding his Hanazono Sakura world body. Only this punch can make Aoki’s body.
"I won’t kill you!" Looking at the frightened blue god sneered, "I always know what happened in the wild mountains!" Yin Yin, the pseudo-king, calculated the three gods and five days. That fool wants to be the king of the gods! But always won’t let him satisfied! At that time, my old father was killed by two bitches, Qin Qin God and Hua Miao God. Although there were three gods and five days behind him, I always knew that it was all him! "
Took a deep breath, slapped him in the face and flew away. "Go back and tell Yin Yin that the old wild snow area is waiting for him!"
Qingshen plunged into a mountain peak tens of thousands of miles away. He struggled for a long time before he managed to get up. He looked back at Lin Xiao and others. He didn’t dare to hum. He turned around and left. Thousands of gods in his seat vomited and diarrhea, and staggered to set up a cloud. Hundreds of thousands of gods left behind Qingshen didn’t even have the strength to drive the cloud. They lay like dead fish and struggled for their lives. Their bodies were frantically twitching, and their mouths and nostrils were constantly spouting dirt. They were soaked with stinky excrement. They were panicked and looked at Lin Xiao, belonging to hundreds of thousands of bullies.
"Is this a hidden battle for Yin?" Lin Xiao flew to the famous side and asked him.
Looking back at Lin Xiao "is! But we are not his opponent yet. We must avoid his sharpness first! "
Lin Xiao nodded and said, "Well, I’m also willing to fight hard with them, so I’ll just stay out of the way for a while. Are we really going to the wild snow area?"
Meditation for a moment, he nodded. "Don’t you all soar from the wild snow? We will go to the wild snow area! "
Force took a Lin Xiao shoulder name sink a way "whether we can live hope is you! When you did that good thing with those women, I felt the breath of quiet glass pagoda! Do you want to know what the quiet glass pagoda is? "
Lin Xiao knew that the third younger brother in the sea sounded faintly. "Oh, no wonder I think this pagoda looks familiar!"
Lin Xiao asked urgently, "Do you know it?"
The third younger brother was silent for a long time before he said, "Of course, we forged it together!" "
The name slapped Lin Xiao’s shoulder and said, "Then we must hurry up and quickly withdraw your group of genera into the wild snow area. The hidden people may come at any time. Now there are 53 holy gods in his seat. If they don’t care about the face, we will be unlucky! Evacuate quickly! "
The people in Luocheng have been killed and wounded, and it didn’t take much effort for King Lian Tongwen and Wu Dachen to immediately withdraw everyone into the wild snow area.
Just three days later, Yin Yin sent troops to settle the ruins of Luocheng, and it was the other nine holy gods who were just as famous as Qingshen.
On the west side of the skyscraper cliff, King Cang Peng’s lair, osawa, is occupied by poisonous insects and fierce beasts. In osawa, there is a secret abode of fairies that is tens of thousands of miles deep. With the help of osawa’s naturally dangerous terrain and a wisp of poisonous miasma, this abode of fairies is extremely well concealed. If we don’t know that the people of fairies can’t find this abode of fairies unless they use their great magical powers to uncover the whole stratum.
"Yi Chen, Da Le Bu Yu" and "Fortunately, hundreds of men of God are hiding in the secret mansion built by King Cang Peng to avoid disaster, but the atmosphere in the secret mansion is very strange. It is like a tombstone, and it weighs heavily on everyone’s heart. Everyone has no expression on his face. Everyone is defensive and close to each other.
A hall in the Secret Mansion, Mi Yichen, is exhorting King Cang Peng for the hundredth time. The furnishings in this hall are very simple. There are several futons except a stone table, which can be said to be crude. But Mi Yichen and King Cang Peng didn’t put this face on their mind. They chose a futon and sat opposite each other. Their expressions were very complicated.