Then Tian Ying was also taken away by a saber-edged brother.

This senior is a woman, and it is said that it is the same senior who taught Tian Yinglian how to be familiar with female swordsmen.
This take-away means that you don’t need to do anything, you need to concentrate on refining your sword, and even your residence has moved to the senior brother’s other hospital.
Tian Ying’s request for Tian Yong was also practiced by this senior.
However, because he is a man, he goes to Hetian Yingying to study with him every day and then goes back to the dormitory at night.
When I finished studying, I was directly kicked out.
There are Lingqing, Zhang Zhe and Li Qing in this line, and nothing has happened yet.
This made the three people fall into a period of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss
Li Qing and Zhang Zhe, not to mention Lingqing alone.
He has a druid inheritance, although he has now obtained a natural inheritance.
There is also a complete and high-level method of restraining spirits and deifying gods.
Natural Tao needs to understand and sort out nature, and at the same time get natural gifts to enhance its own strength 3.
However, the deification method also needs to understand the spirits of heaven and earth so as to guide them.
The method of re-concentration is condensed into the truth that things like gods and goddesses reach the rules of manipulating heaven and earth.
These two roads are very similar, and the most important thing is the perception attribute.
It is a rare road and method to be all-inclusive.
But they all have a shortcoming, or can’t be said to be a shortcoming, but they just focus on differences.
Both methods are to make people feel the natural world.
However, there is a lack of a fixed cornerstone to constrain one’s own perception to anchor one’s desired perception range.
Chapter sixty-six Wang Shengshan
Druids’ natural roads are more than just forest roads.
But it includes more than ten branches, such as polar regions, deserts, gray, forests, jungles, mountains, plains and swamps.
However, Lingqing’s subjective consciousness will consciously regard the forest as nature.
It’s not that he doesn’t understand that the natural Tao covers these things, but that the law is practiced.
As the saying goes, it is easier said than done.
Only by practicing and integrating knowledge with practice can we get feedback from nature.
Just like a druid branch of a famous town will live in a town far from nature.
Give up the magical animal partner and choose the fields of charm, team, knowledge, weather and so on.
Lingqing did not receive this branch support, but the otherness of this branch did not coincide.
If he insists on choosing, he is likely to be unwell when he is in a professional career.
Due to too little feedback, it slows down the promotion of professional level and relative ability
However, the druid is relatively better. After all, the druid’s heart can bear all knowledge of nature perceived by Lingqing.
After he chose the forest branch, he narrowed the scope. When he has enough feelings, he can naturally have a qualitative change.
And the law of restraining spirit and deifying spirit is that when you restrain spirit, you must feel it yourself and be able to pull it.
But this thing is like drawing a card. I feel that the elves of heaven and earth are card fragments.
If you want to make a complete priesthood handle out of it, I don’t know if it will be years without luck.
After all, he doesn’t have the priest handle of the land god like the land Lord.
In this way, when he practiced the method of restraining spirit and deifying, it was as if he had obtained a limited and contractible card pool category.
Be able to choose a kind of rule handle independently, such as country, nether world and earth.
Now Lingqing just lacks a guide that can help him narrow the card pool.
Therefore, he was somewhat swayed by considerations of gain and loss when others successively obtained the Dharma.
However, with a special state, after the baptism, he mastered his own emotions a little better.
Soon he adjusted his mood and devoted all his attention to his daily work, taking care of the detective tree and copying and reading the scriptures.
Hold on to what is in front of you first.
He influenced Li Qing and Zhang Zhe, and both of them tried harder.
It not only promotes oneself, but also diverts attention, saves thinking and disturbs the mind
But that Wang Sheng is different. Just over ten days ago, he broke out with unprecedented enthusiasm and worked tirelessly to chop firewood every day.
That diligence is not as good as that of Chushan.