"Well, it’s a bit silly, but who hasn’t met a few love rat women in my life? Besides, Qi Nianbai is not a slag. He just treats you like a sister. You have no fate. "

Section 24
"You’re right. I shouldn’t resent anyone who really hates me. I can also resent myself. Who makes me not free and easy enough to walk out? It’s all my fault. He’s right, but that bastard, since he treats me like a sister, why should he be so kind to me? He should have broken my mind … "
Warm frown. "Didn’t he say that he took you as his sister before? Does he still … "
Qi Nianmei smiled bitterly and her eyes were red. "Yes, he did, but he said one thing and did another. I’m not shameless. If he had been crisp and neat, how could I have been trapped in it and struggled?"
"You mean … he actually gave you hope?" The warmth is amazing. If so, Qi Nianbai is really hateful.
Qi Nianmei shook her head and looked tired and lonely. "Forget it, it’s all over. It’s meaningless to say anything now. Maybe I think too much about myself. People’s roots are meaningless. Otherwise, where will he leave?"
Warmth mused, "Maybe he has any reason to do it?"
Qi Nianmei laughed at herself. "In that case, I should give up. Since he can leave, he made a choice in front of me and the last reason. Should I give up?"
Warm and silent
Qi Nianmei took a sip of wine and suddenly hated it. "Qi Nianbai, a fool, doesn’t like the entertainment circle but has to pounce on Fei Huo. He is stupid. He will regret it!"
Warm heart somehow a little uneasy, I want to ask a few words, but I’m afraid I’m alarmist. If nothing happens, it will be more burdensome, and I finally swallow it back.
Qi Nianmei’s eyes were blurred after several drinks, and she asked with a silly smile, "The best way to forget one relationship is to show another, isn’t it?"
"Do you think I should try?"
"Do you want me to introduce you?" Warm, half-true, half-fake, joking
JiNianMei nodded with a smile also half-truths, "yeah, I’ll wait for you this sentence?"
"What do you want?" Warm and random question
Qi Nianmei looked forward to it. "Remember the day when you came to Huadu from Nancheng? I was angry but warm when we were sitting in the car. They always robbed you of your blind date. You said you would fight back and hit your face."
"Well, then what?" I can’t help but laugh at the warm lips. At that time, she was just a joke. Who would have thought it would come true?
"Hehehe, then you told me that you were going to the valley of sorrow to explore the mysterious tribe of polyandry. I joked that I also wanted to retaliate against the warmth of society. I really regret it now. I really should go with you. Do I still have a chance to remedy it?"
"There are many handsome men in the real tribe who can still hold you left and right. You won’t be disappointed."
"Ha, ha, ha, then it’s a deal. It’s not rare after Qi Nianbai’s labor and capital. He just regrets the labor and capital and doesn’t want it. He wants to be the queen and embrace the harem."
"Congratulations before that, Queen Qi."
"Hey hey!"
Two people touch the glass and smile at one another.
Qi Nianmei knows that warmth is comforting her and giving her a good expectation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not or not to go to the tribe, but it’s enough for now.
Warm and white eyebrows are what she said to reassure her, but what she said to be a queen is also a relief for her injury. On the one hand, she is half-truths and half-truths. On the other hand, it is really good to think of double talk and marry a good marriage. On the other hand, if she does not completely pull out Qi Nianbai from her heart, she will not live happily even if she goes to the tribe, and it is not fair to the marriage.
But it’s best to be suspicious
After drinking a bottle of wine, the two of them also ate almost all the desktop dishes, and they also vented their emotions, so they let people withdraw and change a pot of tea to just have a cup of Wu Congyuan coming over.
Guilin has set up a lot of tables to create privacy and interesting atmosphere, which are far apart. When Qi Nianmei was drinking and chatting, Wu stayed in the distance and didn’t bother.
Warm, waiting for him to approach, puzzled and asked, "What’s the matter?"