Yao Zhizhao heard the sound and got up. Fortunately, this is a coincidence or it will be embarrassing.

"Happy New Year" used to hold fists in both hands
Sheng Jiyuan returned a gift and said that when he saw the child, he began to get red.
"I’m here to give Yuanyuan a lucky money. I hope we can get more and more smart and get what we want," he said, taking out a red envelope from his pocket.
He also has three children.
However, Yuanyuan’s red envelope is a little thicker, which is to distinguish between students and non-students.
It’s awkward to be next to Yao Yang.
Sheng Jiyuan didn’t mean to be embarrassed. He brought four red envelopes when he came over. I didn’t know there was another one in the Yao family.
Yao Zhizhao didn’t respond after seeing it. He just let her go. Besides, he really cried and pretended to cry. Otherwise, these decades were really white.
Sheng Jiyuan will eat at Yao’s house at noon.
Yao Shangqing prepared a fish soup for cooking, and Yuanyuan also contributed some medicinal materials to put it in the fish soup.
There is also fried bacon with garlic moss. Last night, dumplings were frozen outside. This can also be a big pot.
Braised chicken in casserole is also Yao Shangqing’s specialty.
Yao Yang has been in high school for 15 or 16 years. She knows everything and works hard in the kitchen.
Yao Shangqing didn’t want her to do it, but if she didn’t, she seemed to be crying.
Yao Shangqing also don’t have the heart to.
"Then you peel garlic."
Yao Yang squatted and peeled garlic in the kitchen and looked at Sheng Jiyuan. I don’t know what to discuss with Yuan Yuan in the courtyard. I still have a very thick one in my hand. Because Chen Yuanyuan didn’t suffer less, all the girls said that she was not as lovable as her, and she didn’t advanced placement at an early age.
Yao Zhizhao also told Chen Shaoyuan that both faces were smiling.
Zhou Xingyue helped cut vegetables in the kitchen and turned around to see Yao Yang looking outside.
"Have you never worked at home?" She looked at the peeled garlic noodles in the bowl and they were all pitted.
Yao Yang looked up at Zhou Xingyue.
Zhou Xingyue felt that if she said something more fierce, she would cry.
"Okay, okay, you’re not going out to play with this hand, are you?" Then I sighed and took the garlic myself and started peeling it.
Yao Shangqing went to the courtyard and asked Yuanyuan to stew the herbs in the soup.
Yao Yang saw that there were only two of them left in the kitchen, and he screamed, "Grandma, don’t you all like me? I don’t like me for anything."
Zhou Xingyue couldn’t give her a look. "It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s our two families. There’s nothing left. Your father is not my son, and you and I are gone. Then what should I like about you? You girl look smart and ask."
Yao Yang bit her lip, but for this compound, she wouldn’t suffer indignities here.
"Grandma, I have never had a grandmother since I was a child, and I am envious when my grandfather sees that others have them."
Zhou Xingyue knows that this girl is amazing and can play a whole heart when she is closed, but she doesn’t care here.
"You have to blame your parents for this. Isn’t there no grandparents?"
When Yao Shangqing came in, she heard her mother talking, and she wanted to laugh and endure it.
"Mom, the fish should be chopped bigger."
Zhou Xingyue: Oh, peel off the last garlic in your hand and put it aside.
Chen came to light the fire.
"I’m not busy enough to come and do this."
Zhou Xingyue laughed. "Then I’ll trouble my in-laws. This stew pot depends on you."
Chen le "I am the best at this fire"
The kitchen is in harmony.
Yao Yang, see if you can help yourself and get out?
Yao Shangqing looked at her back with some nai "Niang, you can’t be subtle when you talk, too. I’m afraid she’s young and don’t be wronged."
Zhou Xingyue stretched out his hand and poked his daughter. "You are a girl. Is it a worry to look at that girl?"
Yao Shangqing sighed, "I’m sorry."
Sheng Jiyuan will talk with Yao Shangzhi and Chen Shaoyuan.
Yuanyuan took herself into her room. She drummed up the golden leaf grass in her flowerpot on the windowsill. There was a little girl who now had a lobule.
"Can I help you? Hey? " Yao Yang went to her window and suddenly went out.
Yuanyuan was also shocked. She was too focused on her own medicine.
Yuanyuan looked up at her and shook her head slowly. "But can you make way? It’s blocking my sunshine. "
Yao Yang was embarrassed and quickly moved away with a smile.
Yuanyuan continued to record the changes of golden clover by herself and determined its growth conditions.
Yao Yang, however, looked at the sunny room facing south, and the bed in the big room was newly bought. There was also a mirror, a writing desk, all kinds of hair-tying ropes, and some cookies, which had just received a thick red envelope, and the money was taken out. There were many pieces of happiness, and she left them in a hidden place without putting them.
Let’s take a look at this woman who has seen this dress in the mall. She can get her parents a month’s salary without more than 160 coupons. This should be her grandparents’ flowers.
"Yuanyuan, why do you live in my grandparents’ house? Don’t you have your own grandmother?" She is full of lucky money and clothes at the moment, and she wants it, and if there is no Yuanyuan, it must be her.
But she didn’t know that it was the thick lucky money, not by Yao family and Sheng Jiyuan, but by herself.
How old is Yuanyuan? If it weren’t for the robbery, she would have been a thousand years old, and she would have thought of Doby with a spoon in her hand.
"Can you guess?"
Yao Yang held his mind and smiled.