Grandpa thinks about it and thinks that he can also transfer a few more people to find it.

After a month, Grandpa didn’t make any progress in finding Sun, but Du Linbiao was picked up.
Bringing him back is a member who has just joined the organization for a year or two. It is said that he is very appreciated by BOSS. It didn’t take long for the newcomer to have a code name.
Baishi heard the news and rushed to the door of the company to see a man who left a circle of stubble next to Du Linbiao, trying to make himself look like a good man.
-Scotch whisky
If I remember correctly, this is an undercover sent by the Metropolitan Police Department.
Du Linbiao was able to follow him back instead of being thrown into prison … This cousin is very lucky.
Baishi was not at ease. He pressed his mask to make sure he was still hanging his face.
Scotland left on its own, and didn’t dare to look at the suspected Du Linbiao guardian "Mask Man".
Because Scotland is a little guilty-his first reaction after he found out the identity of Du Linbiao from other places was to trick Du Linbiao into living in the Metropolitan Police Department.
However, after all kinds of in-depth tests, Scotland found that this is a middle school teenager who seems to have a good sense of justice and is running away from home because of witnessing the dark side of the organization
This made his conscience ache faintly, and he felt that he had sent a pillar with a saved future into a fire pit.
When I came to the police station, Scotland turned a corner and took Du Linbiao to eat a meal. Lamian Noodles sent people back again
Lu Du Linbiao found the car coming to the "company" and wanted to run, but he remembered something and finally left the car.
It’s the first time he’s run away from home for so long, and it’s the first time he’s done everything for so long. During this time, he has done a lot of thinking and then he feels … he still has to go back.
Baishi received a phone call to tell Du Linbiao that he could call it a day, and then temporarily brought Du Linbiao into the office.
Du Linbiao was silent for a while and suddenly felt that "there are still good people in the organization."
"…" You mean the fake bottle of wine in Scotland?
Baishi’s mood is complicated "hmm"
After a pause, Du Linbiao said, "I want a code name, too. I think I’ve also organized a lot."
Chapter 16 A lot of undercover
Code names are impossible.
At present, it seems that Grandpa intends to let Du Linbiao take over the dough, and it is impossible to have a white stone situation, and then arrange an organization identity for Du Linbiao.
But Baishi is too lazy to say that. Let them discuss it with their grandchildren themselves.
He wondered, "Why do you suddenly want to stay in the organization again?"
Du Linbiao sighed that "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility"
Baishi "…" Did you drink too much chicken soup?
Du Linbiao disappeared for a month, and I don’t know what happened. When he came back, he looked very philosophical and always thought about life.
After the head in the room was seen, Baishi no longer locked the door. It was strange to lock the door several times a day.
Once he went to the college and pinched some grandpa’s favorite flowers. He washed them and took them back to his room and saw Du Linbiao sneaking in.
Du Linbiao sat in the white stone position and stared at the head of the table.
Baishi looked at him inexplicably. "… what are you doing?"
Du Linbiao has a deep tone of "experience your life these years"
Secondary two teenagers may have new ways to play.
Baishi ignored him. He hit the balcony door and pulled a recliner. He used to look at the information while basking in the sun. Occasionally, he glanced at the garden to rest his eyes. By the way, he saw which flowers were beautiful and went to pinch them off for the bastard old man.
After a few minutes in the room, Du Linbiao pushed the chair up and ran to wash his hands. "Oh-"
Q assistant sitting on a white stone leg was trying to sew petals into a small skirt when he heard the noise and froze slightly.
She hugged the petals and turned to look at the table. Her head recalled a moment ago. Du Linbiao was convinced that he was watching and spitting, and his expression suddenly turned into QQ.
Baishi sympathetically touched her q head.
Du Linbiao is not afraid of corpses.
However, there is always some difference between a stranger’s head and a good one that he once knew. The latter is more realistic and easier to reach empathy because he knows more about the inevitable.
….. said it’s best to learn to appreciate the beauty of the head.
The troublemaker ran away and Baishi got up with the information and planned to go back to the table to continue reading.
I didn’t expect Du Linbiao, who just pulled the balcony door, to come back and continue to occupy his position, keeping his posture and staring at the head.