However, the Big Friar is always an overhaul scholar, and his views can’t influence Sun Hao’s thoughts.

No one thought it was Sun Hao who didn’t say slowly in the eyes of the slope donkey that "it is absolutely impossible to stop now that you make moves today"
Poseidon was slightly stunned. In her long life, especially after gaining enlightenment, I don’t know how many years have passed without saying a word "No" in front of her.
At this time, it was a long time before she refused, but this time it was completely different. Sun Hao didn’t give her a face.
For a moment, Poseidon’s heart gradually developed a faint anger.
This drug god is not too careless, is he?
I don’t know why I have to push my luck in front of myself. It’s really unbearable …
Does your judo just not get angry? Clay Bodhisattva also has three points of fire. Poseidon’s face shows a little bit of anger, and his mouth gently scolds that "the opinions of the drug gods stop here."
Sun Haoli Dapeng Golden Winged Bird laughed in his mouth. "What do you mean by predecessors?"? Well, in that case, you can learn from your predecessors. "
After that, regardless of the willy-nilly, the bucket stick hovered over his head and turned into a golden disc. Dapeng Golden Winged Birds sang in the sky and shook their wings gently. Sun Hao shook his body and held the bucket stick in his hands. He laughed and fell from the sky with a stick to Poseidon.
As soon as the wings of Dapeng golden-winged bird were folded, its huge body plunged to the side like a bomb, and its huge beak pecked at the scaly Zheluo.
The god of medicine was so overbearing that he was so strong that he started fighting first. Every monk felt incredible in his heart, and he could also perceive a kind of lofty sentiments and a kind of overbearing momentum.
In the face of Poseidon’s fearless fighting spirit, he sent a strong and overbearing blow.
Poseidon’s face looks even more unswerving, and his mouth says softly, "It’s a good move to me that Shui Rou can bear everything and Shui Rou can hold everything …"
With her soft voice, the sea rose with waves, and the waves rose layer by layer.
Chapter 255 Taoism for two
Shui Rou, however, does not dispute that water is good for all things. X23US. com is the fastest water, and the king of the hundred valleys is also good at water.
Sun Hao is awesome with a stick.
The sea is coming in layers and layers.
Mahayana fighting is rare in ten thousand years, and the power of Mahayana fighting is even more sighing.
The stick of the drug god has a hole in the earth. conan the destroyer is able to meet the coming sea water and hold the gold stick steadily.
Dapeng goldfinch rushed, and the thin layers of sea water surged ahead to stop it from rushing.
With a bang and a bang, the stick smashed down the continuous sea water, and the great power broke the sea water into two halves, and a huge ditch appeared in it.
When the sea water shakes and splashes around, it can splash out. After the sea water does not splash, it flies out, and the horses are stacked on top of each other and fly over again.
Is almost instantaneous Sun Hao body together with the bucket day stick has broken the sea, but also fell off the sea surrounded by the bucket day stick sea soft layers to make Sun Hao body four Zhou Haishui is surrounded by fine.
The sea is soft and extremely powerful, and Sun Hao is surrounded in all directions. Sun Hao suddenly finds himself in a huge water polo with people and sticks.
The Dapeng Golden Winged Bird didn’t peck at the scales, but it rushed half a distance. The scales were still far away, and it had already plunged into the sea. After the loud noise, the sea water rushed in and entangled the Dapeng Golden Winged Bird’s body.
Sun Hao’s day stick was held up by layers of soft seawater, and the seawater resisted and dissipated quickly, far beyond the reach of Poseidon Sun Hao’s strength was exhausted.
Surrounded by the surrounding sea water, Sun Hao became a huge water polo.
The Dapeng golden-winged bird, which fell into the water, sang in the sky for a long time, and a wing was waiting to rise. The surrounding sea water entangled him like a vine, and his paws entangled his wings.
Dapeng golden-winged bird rose with great strength.
However, the water column of vines is still wrapped around the body. As he rises, the water column is stretched a lot like a spring, but it still fails to break and still firmly sticks to the Dapeng Golden Winged Bird.
From a distance, it looks like a lot of stretchable ropes have been stretched out from the square sea, and the Dapeng golden-winged bird’s body has produced endless tension to pull the Dapeng golden-winged bird to the sea.
In the mouth of Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, layers of flames rose from its body, and the seawater melted layer by layer and was instantly evaporated into fog.
Dapeng goldfinch feels light and ready to spread its wings and fly. The soft and continuous tension appears again.
Big eyes slightly doubt yourself, and when you look around you, you suddenly find that the mist evaporated by yourself has actually turned into a rope to pull yourself to the sea. Poseidon is really powerful!
Sun Hao in the seawater ball is holding a bucket stick, and a light whistling stick in his mouth is pointing to the sky to break the sky. Sun Hao’s whole body, together with the bucket stick in his hand, turns into a soaring golden light and rushes to the top of the water polo.
Fighting against the sky is unstoppable.
Good as water is airtight.
Sun Hao’s bucket stick can break through a series of fine water layers in a sweeping way, but on how Sun Hao breaks through the soft water, it will quickly flow to Sun Hao’s head, wrap him up and always be closely connected with Fang Dahai.
This water flow is as fast as Sun Haochong’s speed.
See brother watching eyes is the sea Sun Hao rapid to pull up a straight water column.
The water column is closely connected with the sea, and the water column is Sun Hao’s golden body and stick.
Sun Hao rushed a few fruit horses to the side. How Sun Hao rushed to the sea always wrapped Sun Hao firmly.
In that case, the middle water column keeps changing its direction flexibly, and keeps shaking its head and tail around.
Dapeng goldfinch there is a seesaw battle.
Dapeng Golden Winged Birds can fly very high every time they flap their wings, but I don’t know how many water lines are always firmly hung on Dapeng Golden Winged Birds. When Dapeng Golden Winged Birds flap their wings and fly high, the water lines will stretch and become thinner. If Dapeng Golden Winged Birds’ strength is slightly weak, great and continuous strength will gush out along the water lines and pull the big birds to the sea.
That’s weird judo
The water-based soft road is fine and long, and it is endless and entangled.
Sun Hao felt too deeply about Poseidon judo in the battle. His overbearing power can instantly break and intercept the judo in front of him. No matter how hard he breaks, he can drill a hole in judo.
Just like throwing a stone into the sea, the sea horse heals. As soon as you leave judo, the horse will recover.
If you don’t have effective means to fight, you may end up exhausted and surrounded by judo, and you can’t move.
I broke the sky by myself, and my Dapeng Golden Winged Bird soared, and my strength couldn’t rush out or fly. Poseidon was really worthy of the old Mahayana monk’s hands, and it was unexpectedly powerful.
Sun Hao can perceive that not only is the water polo full of soft power, but the whole sea Poseidon can’t get along with his own soft power in this battlefield, and he has fallen into the edge of the sea and can’t rush out.
Poseidon’s strength made Sun Hao’s fighting spirit reach its peak.
It is also a very rare experience for advanced Mahayana to meet such a difficult opponent as Poseidon when encountering Mahayana battle for the first time.
Armed with a bucket stick, he forced himself to rush a few times. Sun Hao moved his mouth and spat a slap, throwing up a small piece of mud on his own feet.
After the mud came out, it grew with the wind and quickly spread out in all directions along Sun Hao’s feet. In a few breaths, Sun Hao’s feet appeared like a pancake, and the land firmly supported Sun Hao’s feet.
The big head behind Poseidon exclaimed in his mouth, "What the hell is this?"
The voice of Poseidon is still soft, and I can’t hear the slightest wave "to rest the soil."
The words sound just fell and the fallow soil has spread from Sun Hao’s feet to Dapeng Golden Winged Bird’s feet. Dapeng Golden Winged Bird’s feet fell on the fallow soil and its wings flew up to Sun Hao.
Sun Hao found that even if he had his own soil to cut off the water flow, the huge body of Dapeng Golden Winged Bird was still entangled with many water ropes, which seemed to hold his body from all sides and made him unable to take off easily.
Powerful and weird Poseidon, but for himself, he still has some means to be trapped in this sea.
Soil and water conservation in the five elements is to prevent water from flooding and running wildly.