Jianghan is caught in the middle of the road, and the cars lined up vertically and horizontally have half a parking space, so you can’t go back!

Jianghan is waiting for the car to evacuate and continue on his way. It is particularly abrupt among the sharp eagle and noisy vehicles!
Jiang Hangang heard the sound that Lamborghini’s left window glass had broken a finger-sized hole, and soon an arrow broke the driving glass and went straight to the temple of heaven!
It’s the feather again!
Volume Five Feilong Day Chapter 52 A bloodbath
Thrilling moment Jianghan eyebrows lifted straight and moved out of the back seat two inches!
Watching the loud feather whizzing past his forehead!
Lamborghini scissor doors and windows are instantly worn!
The arrow feather nailed the side-moving parking door.
Fastening button tone
See a virtual shadow shaking Lamborghini has not seen Jianghan.
The sudden attack on the feather of the poplar forest outside Tongjiao Temple made Jianghan understand that you must never wait and die to dodge and take the initiative in the face of these people!
Whoosh whoosh!
If not!
Jianghan disappeared in an instant, and the yellow Lamborghini right-wing door had been shot into a sieve.
Jianghan, who has been several meters away from the car, just glanced at it and jumped in the direction of the arrow feather.
Although the power of the feather is strong, the range is limited. According to the power of the first arrow, the damage degree of Lamborghini’s right door is not difficult to guess where these people are!
Although’ hell’ is strong, is Jianghan the master of human slaughter?
Lamborghini Center immediately caused a riot. Dare to do this? These people are really not afraid of big things, but their hands are still measured. They know that in today’s Huaxia city, any private event is bound to happen, except the first arrow wave to other people’s vehicles. His arrows are aimed at Jianghan.
At this time, Jianghan tiptoe points to the ground like a dragonfly, and the person jumps vertically as if the swallow is still in the nest and has gone out for more than ten meters
Cross the fence and cross the driveway, and in a flash, you will enter the forest protection on both sides of the national road.
It’s already dark, but Jianghan’s goal is to be sure of that direction in the heart and gallop quickly!
To say that the accuracy of this feather is not high at night, it is also strange that Jianghan’s car is too eye-catching and mixed with headlights. Most of these are private scooters that stand out from the crowd and give these hidden killers a chance!
Whoosh whoosh!
There are three arrows coming head-on.
Jianghan didn’t want to hold three arrow feathers horizontally, so he held them in his hands!
"At one’s wit’s end! Taking the lead, you can have a fighting force, and now you are like a worm! "
Jianghan hates to hold three arrows in his hand, to adjust his breath, to throw his wrist, to shake his breath, to ripple, and to turn back the arrow.
The eagle screamed when it saw the shadows dancing in the forest.
"Want to run? Since you have killed your heart, you must pay the price. Either I die or you die! "
In Jianghan’s eyes, the cold light appears at first sight, and Dantian is like a big river, flooding and flooding, and the speed of wind is sudden.
Xiao Cheng Jianghan’s strength, speed and stress sensitivity in "Daomen Xuanyin" have all changed radically. Now Jianghan and the former black regular fight Jianghan are judged as if they are muddy!
I don’t know if there are more than a dozen killers with ringing feathers hiding in this place. Jianghan doesn’t know, but it’s definitely not a good product. When Jianghan chased them, these guys chose to turn around and shop with a sharp sword and bayonet knives. There is no room for manoeuvre!
At that time, the forest was bloody, as Jianghan said, the worm had to die!
Li Bai’s chivalrous poem says that Zhao Ke Man Hu Ying Wu Gou frost and snow silver saddle shines like a meteor, killing one person in ten steps without leaving a line.
I brushed my clothes to hide my name.
Jianghan Fei Zhao Ke has no sword in his hand, such as frost and snow, and he is still as cool as a meteor without riding a white horse!
Outside the Tongjiao Temple, he was inspired to kill his heart. At this moment, he was released. Jianghan became the incarnation of the night shura, walking in the moonlight and dancing in the trees. Jianghan also killed one person in ten steps and did not leave a trip!
In less than half a cup of tea, there have been more than a dozen bodies in the shelter forest section next to the national highway.
Former Jianghan felt very stressed. After all, the theory of "hell" frightened so many Jianghu people, but in front of him, Jianghan only had murderous look.
He doesn’t want to get into trouble, and he doesn’t have to offend people, but he prefers to do it thoroughly when he can’t help it.
Now that you have been hated by the other party, you are no longer so worried. All the worries will come true. In that case, kill it.
Looking back at more than a dozen bodies along the way, Jianghan frowned slightly. "That’s it?"
Wipe your face, get blood stains, get suspicious
It’s not too simple.
If the "hell" means so little, I’m not too sorry for those who say
"It shouldn’t be possible!"
Jianghan shook his head.
Soon he was a pupil shrinkage and Jianghan grinned.
"Sure enough!"
He felt that he was locked by four smells at the same time, from far and near, and those four smells were approaching!
Then Jianghan saw that there were white shadows near Lin Sifang, east, west, north and south.
Jianghan stared at the figure in front of him with a deeper frown.
Skirts like lotus, long hair fluttering, turned out to be a woman
The man hung and stepped in, looking far away, but the reality was in front of him in a flash!
Then the moonlight Jianghan saw the female face and couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning.
It’s not that the woman is too ugly, but too beautiful to suffocate, too scary and too beautiful to be true!
Like, like a leprechaun!