The last blow lasted for nearly ten fingers. For one magic and one demon at the moment, every moment is life and death. If you are not careful, you will plummet into the abyss.

Finally, the Buddha’s light burst into a great explosion, and his thousand-armed Buddha’s face was so fierce that it was delayed.
Fairy baby exploded …
Ruyi bowed their heads and looked at suddenly looks unfamiliar with ferocious anger "you Uber! ! !”
One of the Buddha’s thousand arms holds the Qibao Buddhist monk’s knife with good luck. Finally, he hacked Xuanpeng’s shoulder so angrily that half of his head almost fell off. If Xuanpeng didn’t miss the key again, the blow would have split him in half.
"Demon robbery ….."
Ruyi sighed that the fairy baby had broken his life, and it was the last blow. Now all the methods are empty. He sat cross-legged on the ground and his vitality disappeared like a dead bone, and then he bowed his head.
Xuanpeng, on the other hand, stood unsteadily, covered in blood, and looked at him for a while, muttering, "Xian Ji, can you get rid of this demon Lord for a hundred years, and can I be free?"
After asking this sentence, Xuanpeng plopped down and bowed his head before moving.
Kunlun mountain top
Lin nodded "can"
He beheaded the corpse and went to Xuanpeng to join him.
Outside the universe, one of the five big stars around Lin Chong suddenly disappeared.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-six XuanPeng acting
"You are willing to give up such a good thug?" Huang Shi-tian asked Lin Chong, "There are only a few demon families who can cultivate innate magical powers. All of them are powerful minions and generals of God, and you are willing to give them up."
"Is the innate avatar the broken avatar?" Lin Chong asked, and he knew the answer must be this. "I promised him that if I could kill Ruyi monk, I would end his 100-year slave contract before, otherwise he wouldn’t work so hard."
"Promise such a thing …" Huang Shitian shook his head and smiled. "Isn’t there a compromise concealment method even if I swear to Monty?"
"Slice" Lin snorted with disdain.
"However, this innate demon race even abandoned and I don’t know if it can survive." Huang Shitian said "It’s a pity."
"He’s acting." Lin Chong shook his head and sighed. "He was afraid that I would break my promise and show how hard I had just worked."
"Huh?" Huang Shitian leng one.
"But you lost again. Are you still interested in chatting?" Lin Chong asked Huang Shitian, "You have a book layer left."
By their side, the giant vine that goes straight to the green destiny is covered with a layer of wild fox to prevent foreign attacks and support the structure of heaven and earth.
"The outcome is also unknown." Huang Shitian looked cool
Lin Chongyin feels bad.
At this time, Lingshan, ten thousand miles away.
I have knelt down and closed my eyes as if I was dead. Xuanpeng suddenly had to open his eyes to examine himself. I have never felt relaxed. Has the ability to spy on my body disappeared? !
I didn’t feel like I didn’t feel anything when I was being monitored, but once I got out of the cage at the moment, I felt 36 thousand holes all over me, and he was not easy or transparent, and he jumped up and shouted at the sky
"Thank humbly the immortals in the cave helped me get the word! Don’t live another day today. If you are in trouble, I will save your life. It is a clear cause and effect! "
Say XuanPeng laughed heartily, and the black light turned into mystery. Like a mass of ink smoke, Chiling Mountain disappeared, and the land of Xi Niu Hezhou Wan Li was from this place that he was going to cross the sky!
Lin Chong cut off Xuanpeng’s body and lost contact behind him, but Lingshan was still monitoring the road. 74 After transferring Xuanpeng’s wish picture to him afterwards, Lin Chong was in distress situation. This Xuanpeng really promised not to spend money anyway.
Even if there is no other world tour reading method, Lin Chong can imagine what Xuanpeng thinks.
I was afraid that Lin Chong would return him, so I made this gesture and ended up meeting each other in the future.
Now, of course, Lin Chong doesn’t know that Xuanpeng’s gesture is to turn his attention to Lin’s carelessness again.
Lin Buzhou 74 fit was originally a battlefield that Lin Chong was least worried about, but at the moment he was the most difficult everywhere. Wei Ying had fruit in all five places, but he was too late to hand in the papers.
Zhao Da in Chang ‘an City was born by Wei Yingwu, and Jiangshan Fortune Treasure Dragon Heavenly Sword was given a sword and two pieces.
Wang Mang outside the Great Wall was shattered by the mushroom cloud explosion of Xu Junhu’s life and death.
Outside the valley of letters, the sky falls and Li Lin is magnificent, and 3,612 knotted and immortal swords have settled the pagoda. All the angry slaves’ bodies and 3,000 waterfall swords can be used to wash away the angry demons.
Lingshan Ruyi Fairy Baby was once again held by Xuanpeng and exploded.
There are five monsters left in the forest, and there are Sue.