True female body momentum a loose whole tall straight body seems to be slightly rickety, at the same time, TianXinghe dim true female sword beat a few times unwillingly, and the light gathered silence true female knees.

The tomb is half the size of a washbasin, and the white light converges. At the same time, it laughs hysterically. "Ha ha ha ha ha, I’m Hao Anyi, and I’m finally out. Ha ha ha, crazy bitch, you can’t stop me at last …"
Corleone looked at the mirror in the heart is not a tight.
This Hao Anyi should be the so-called evil spirit.
I don’t know what kind of state he is or how fierce he is.
Unconsciously, Sun Hao stood upright in the tomb and locked the mirror with great momentum.
White Guanghua finally gathered away, and at the same time, a beam of light shone straight on the opposite tomb wall like a projection, which shone a figure.
Shadow lifts his leg and takes a step forward.
A well-dressed Untitled Scholar stepped out of the wall.
Corleone slightly one leng.
This monk has no evil breath.
On the contrary, the friar gave Sun Hao a gentle feeling. The first feeling of seeing Untitled Scholar Sun Hao turned out to be as if he had seen the fallen Chang mentor.
Of course, all that glitters is not gold, but Sun Hao is still on high alert.
It is definitely not a cave to be called a true woman of evil spirits in Aram at the expense of physical repression.
Hao Anyi’s elegant skin may be hiding wolves and tigers and leopards.
Swish a hand Hao Anyi hand appeared a feather fan.
Feather fan gently hugs Hao Anyi and laughs first. "Brother, thank you for your help. If it weren’t for brother herding cats’s rescue of Hao Mou, I don’t know how long it will take to get rid of this crazy woman."
When it comes to crazy woman Hao Anyi, she looked up at the tall true woman and sighed and said, "It’s so hard to be bitter. It’s so hard to be so heroic and have a good fairy couple. If you don’t do it, you have to make everyone totally embarassed. It’s really sexual …"
Corleone is quietly watching.
Hao Anyi looks normal, flawless, decent and doesn’t seem to hate real women.
But Sun Hao felt that there were too many doubts.
The most important thing is that Sun Hao admires the true woman with a broad mind.
So a simple reasoning is that Hao Anyi is definitely a bad guy. The bad guy is a lotus flower with his mouth and no matter how good his performance is, Sun Hao thinks he is acting.
And Sun Hao thinks that Hao Anyi has a reason to act.
The reason is very simple. Hao Anyi’s strength is not particularly strong when he comes out of the mirror.
Sun Hao’s knowledge swept away, and Hao Anyi was only in the later period of then.
That is to say, after many years of being suppressed by evil spirits, the strength at this time may not be the root of his appearance before Sun Hao.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Kun mirror
Cherish the memory of a true woman Hao Anyi and look at Sun Hao.
Clear eyes are like being able to see people’s hearts.
Sun Hao has an instant feeling of being completely seen through. Sumeru coagulates Taqing’s old eyes and suddenly opens his hands. He definitely drinks "angry" in his mouth.
Sun Haodan’s Sumeru condensate tower turns round and round, giving off bursts of tower light. Sun Hao’s important parts are covered with a layer of light.
Hao Anyi’s face showed a bit of surprise, and he said, "Good little brother, it’s really good. It’s rare to be pregnant with so many repairs in the later period …"
Sun Hao’s heart is slightly awe-inspiring
Sun Hao’s strange five-element wheel spirit decision since he learned to astringe the breath has made it difficult for even Yuan Ying Zhen Jun to find out his true practice, but Hao Anyi actually saw through it at a glance.
Sun Hao stands up in the center and quickly judges that Hao Anyi has been trapped for many years. His strength should be missed at the lowest ebb. Even it is more difficult to deal with today. Maybe he will have to fight him today.
Hao Anyi smiled and said at this time, "My little brother saved his life and saved his life. I have already remembered that Ease just got out of trouble and was trapped before all resources were consumed."
Sun Hao smiled and said slowly, "It doesn’t matter whether Brother Anyi repays kindness or not. Sun Hao has a few questions that he would like to ask Brother Anyi to answer slightly."
Hao Anyi fan gently shook "small Hao but said no harm"
Sun Hao once again felt a twinge in the face of Chang Shi Zun’s illusion and asked mercilessly, "I don’t know what Brother Anyi has done to make people angry and complain, and everyone in Aram will shout and kill him, and finally he will be suppressed by a real woman?"
Hao Anyi’s elegant face turned a little red and shook his head gently. "Can’t I say this?"
Sun Hao’s face smiled more. "So, Brother Anyi, can you explain what an evil soul is?"
Hao Anyi shook his face and couldn’t help but see a bit of consternation. "Do you know that I am an evil soul?"
Sun Hao laughed. "Brother Anyi is bloody in Aram. It’s really worthy of evil spirits coming to the world!"
Hao Anyi’s fan posed a few more faces with an expression of surprise. "Little Hao, you exaggerate me, but …" Here, it was stopped and did not continue to explain that "hearing is empty and seeing is real. Many things are not the same as your imagination."
Sun Hao laughed. "What a comfortable brother. Do you know what an evil spirit worm is?"
"Evil spirits?" Hao Anyi slightly one leng and then suddenly realized his heart and said, "That’s just that I casually refined a few small method bugs and joked with crazy women …"
Sun Hao’s mind shows that the evil spirits control the mask military made up of skeletons and mummies.
Is this a joke?
It seems that evil spirits are evil spirits, and perhaps the eyes of the evil spirits of life are just child’s play.
The body slowly rose and the agarwood sword flew to the middle.
Hao Anyi’s eyes flashed a surprised look and said, "Little brother is really brave. I actually want to start work before me."
Sun Haoshen said, "Sun Haobucai wants to learn from Brother Anyi’s brilliant idea."
"Don’t worry, don’t worry." Hao Anyi shook the fan gently. "You asked me a few questions. I still have a few questions. Let’s exchange gifts and learn a thing or two."
Sun Hao, like a mountain, is more and more heavy and depressed. The ugly sword in the middle is more magnificent than the agarwood sword.
Sun Haoshen, shining with golden light, said, "Easy brother, but don’t ask."