"You don’t usually come to my place. What can I do for you this time?" Yujing directly asked

"I really have something important to ask you for help this time," Yuan Ling said, and a crystal clear crystal appeared in his hand. "Fairy crystal!" Yu Jing exclaimed
Fairy world fairy stone is divided into fairy stone, middle fairy stone and fairy stone from low to high, but there is another special feature, that is, the value of fairy crystal is much higher than that of extremely fairy stone. Even a hundred pieces of extremely fairy stone may not be able to be exchanged for a fairy crystal. A fairy crystal can be cultivated for thousands of years without a trace of impurities!
"It’s just a token of my appreciation. I hope you can accept it." Yuan Ling stuffed the fairy crystal into Yujing’s hand.
"What can I do for you? Why are we welcome?" Yujing is a hypocritical tunnel, but he has put away the fairy crystal. "This master Yuan Ling is really good enough for him." Yu Jingxin knew when he was in the celestial world that this master Yuan Ling valued it very much. He didn’t expect that his master would even give this good thing to Yuan Ling.
"Then I’ll get this straight. We are prepared to deal with Qing Xu Zong. Of course, we won’t get out of hand. I hope you Xuanzong scattered immortals can help us." Yuan Ling said his purpose
Hear Yuan Ling YuJing frowned as if thinking about something.
"Brother Yu, it is mutually beneficial for our two factions to jointly deal with Qing Xu Sect. What else do you consider?" Yuan Ling continued to drum up Yujing.
"Of course I know this, but I’m not in charge of this matter. How about I ask for instructions first and then give you a reply?" Yu Jing looks hard.
"Of course, you should go to the League. I am waiting for your good news here." Yuan Ling generously tunnel because he believes that Xuanzong in the celestial world must be happy to help himself.
"Then you wait a moment. I’ll ask for instructions." Yu Jing said and got up and started walking outside.
"Rowling agreed" Yujing came in with a smile on her face.
"Ha-ha, I wish us a happy time." Rowling got up happily. This result was expected by himself.
"Do you have any plans?" Yu Jing sat and asked Rowling.
"I just looked for Yuan Ling to see what he meant. He won’t attack us for the time being. Then we might as well give him a surprise attack when he is unprepared, so that we can relax a lot." Rowling said what he thought in his heart
"Well, let me know when the time comes, and I will immediately send them to support" Yujing nods.
"Then it’s a date. We can attack in about three hours. I’ll go back and prepare for one first." Rowling got up and prepared to leave.
"Don’t worry," Yujing patted Rowling on the shoulder and looked at Rowling’s departure from Xuanzong Yujing and then walked to another secret room.
As a result, Yuan Ling’s plan is to attack Qingxu Sect in three hours, which is located in Tianyu Star Headquarters! Yujing also readily promised to promise him that he would go to help when the time comes.
Looking at two people successively from Yujing smiled brilliantly.
Because an hour ago, the Sheng Lanxingyu branch came to the news that the two branches of Qing Xu Zong Tian Ling Zong were destroyed by the other party, and that only the elders of the branch could own the Xuan Ming Zong knew about it for the first time.
All the elders of Xuanzong realized that the two factions were going to move, and they told Yu Jing at this time, but over Jing asked for instructions from the celestial world. The instructions given by the celestial world were to let Xuanzong perfunctory them first, and the two factions were not helping each other
Yu Jing is very happy at this time because there is a good show about to be staged and he has got a fairy crystal. Today is the most heart-warming day for him to fix the true boundary.
Chapter 11 There’s something fishy about it
At this time, all the practitioners in Sheng Lanxingyu know that the two branches of Tianling Zongqing Xuzong have been destroyed successively, and it is easy for the practitioners to guess that the two factions are finally going to do something big, so the practitioners have gone to Tianyu Star to see the struggle between the two factions in person.
The spiritual Sect is pure and empty, but it is the three giants in the field of repair. Second, they fight naturally, and all the repair practitioners are willing to see it. If the two factions fall, wouldn’t they have a chance to rise? It’s better to involve Xuanzong, which will be even more exciting.
It’s been too long since the top of the three schools of fix-the-true world, and the forces of the three schools have extended to all parts of fix-the-true world, and almost the whole fix-the-true world is controlled by the three schools.
Many schools of Xiuzhen can reach the first-class level at most. If they have the potential of super schools, they will suffer a devastating disaster! There have been several such cases in the history of the fix-the-true world. Although I don’t know what this is, many fix-the-true practitioners can guess that it is inevitable that the three schools can’t get away from it, but people are afraid to ask them even if they have any opinions.
The struggle between the three sects of the Heaven and the Qing Dynasty immediately aroused the interest of the practitioners of the Sheng Lan Xing domain, especially the first-class sects, who were more interested in it. If the three sects really kill each other, they would very likely become the new overlord of the realm of the fix-true!
While Zhou Qing that elders happened to sheng LanXing domain!
Elder Xi was sent out by Jiang Weilin, and the office knew nothing about the destruction of the two branches just now, and Jiang Weilin didn’t recruit him back.
However, many practitioners looked at Elder Xi with strange eyes when they met him, which made Elder Xi feel quite uncomfortable!
"There seems to be something wrong with the elders today." Zhou Qing told the elders beside him that Zhou Qing also found something wrong.
Zhou Qing, because his master Rowling told Jiang Weilin to take good care of what he had done, Zhou Qing was so close to Tianling Zong, and this time Zhou Qing, the elder, came out to handle affairs, followed him.
"Well, you go and find out what’s going on." Elder Xi felt a little unhappy in his heart, and his appearance in the fix true world on weekdays would certainly be worshipped by all. But today, it’s not that those who fix true look at their eyes without worship, but they look even more worshipped, but their eyes seem to contain another meaning.
The fact is indeed as Elder Xi thought, because Xuanxing pretended to be Elder Xi to destroy the Qing Xu Zong branch, and many practitioners saw it. At this time, almost all practitioners in Sheng Lanxingyu knew that Elder Xi had completely destroyed the Qing Xu Zong branch! All the people admire him more, but there are some doubts. Now that the two factions are so nervous, why doesn’t this elder go back to his sect and wander outside?
After a rummaging, Zhou Qing finally made it clear at the end of the matter. Zhou Qing immediately realized that someone had framed the spiritual Sect of Heaven. He quickly told the news to the elders of Xi Xi, and then hurriedly gave himself a message. At the same time, Zhou Qing quickly rushed to the sky to silt the stars!
Rowling returned to Qingxu Sect, thinking that the horse was going to have this battle, which was necessary to make the celestial Sect lose its vitality. However, he could not completely cross the celestial Sect himself. This must be well mastered. After all, those scattered immortals will fight for life or death, which is an instant event, and Xuanzong also promised to help his own side. More than 20 scattered immortals will be easy to deal with their ten scattered immortals. Besides, Rowling is not worried about not being able to deal with the celestial Sect, but afraid of accidentally killing all the scattered immortals of the other side. In that case, it will be a bad Sect. When the time comes, the ancestors of the celestial world will punish themselves.
Rowling has already thought about it. If four or five scattered immortals die, then he can stop. After that, he can just destroy one or two branches of the Celestial Sect casually. At least the Celestial Sect can still retain the first-class sect strength. Think about attacking the Celestial Sect for one day instead of destroying the whole Celestial Sect. There is no need to make the other side too miserable, and the celestial world will not allow it.
"Gao Jian Ma Zhao all the elders of the First Presbyterian Regiment come to the hall" Rowling instantly appeared in the hall of Qing Xu Zong and gave Gao Jian a sound track at the same time.
Gao Jian’s eyes lit up when he heard Rowling’s sound. Is it finally time to fight? Gao Jian did not hesitate to send a letter to the elders directly to the main hall.
All the elders have been waiting for the high-key letter from the messenger. They all know that they are going to launch a counterattack!
"Come with me." Rowling arrived at the Eleven Scattered Immortals Department, so he flew directly to advance rapidly in the direction of Tianling Sect, and eleven scattered immortals followed the high key.
The people fly very fast and teleport is not much different. A few breaths have arrived at the headquarters of Tianling Zong.
"Force attack!" As soon as Luo Lin arrived here, he immediately ordered eleven scattered immortals to attack the celestial spirits. This is the best time. At the same time, Luo Lin found Yu Jing through fairy knowledge and asked him to send them scattered immortals to help him.