A long walk away

I was about to get out of my skirt when I heard a voice, "Xiaoqing, you are here!"
I will not listen to a grin. "No way …"
Mu Xiaojiu also said, "No way, what a coincidence."
Song qingdao "why are you here? Didn’t I say that? There is no possibility for us … I want to teach dance at ease now and don’t want to fall in love. "
The male voice is a little soft. "I know you don’t like me, but that doesn’t prevent me from coming to see you, does it?"
I will shake my head and say, "Lick the dog!"
At the same time, I will try my best to look outside …
Song Qing skirt is a special craft skirt with some decorative patterns, but it is not decorative. It is very thin. If you try to get close, you can still see some outside scenes.
Chapter 16 Achievement of Cucumber
Then I saw a good-looking man. Although it was winter, the man wore a simple black coat, a white shirt with flowers, which looked clean, and his manners were submissive and gentle.
I can see that this man really likes Song Qing, and she is very impressed with herself. Every move is designed.
But Yu Huifei knew that what Song Qingxian wanted most was for this man to leave quickly, because she sat on that iron plate, which was quite thick and frozen all day in winter. It was really cold!
In northeast Chinese, that’s pulling your ass!
But the man seems to have no intention of leaving and has been looking for a topic.
If the topic of the two is not enough, they will say that things at home seem to have grown up together since childhood.
The man is very rich, and his mouth is shut. He just wants to ask Song Qing to travel to Maldives and Tahiti.
Unfortunately, they were all rejected.
Yu Huifei’s face-to-face listening helps men worry. "You are so worried about this younger sister. Don’t you consider whether her ass is cool or not?"
And I’m really stuffy in here …
Squatting is also very tiring.
Brother, you should accumulate some virtue and go quickly! "
However, the man refused to leave anyway, and it was hard for Song Qing to get up if he didn’t leave, so the two of them could be so consumed
I will not see the excited eyes of the man as if to say that you didn’t take the initiative to leave this time because you want to talk to me for a while?
I will satisfy you!
I will gnash my teeth and stare around. I really want to find a bucket to buckle it for him!
Song Qing really felt cold, even though he knew there was someone else on his ass, he stretched out his hand from time to time to keep his ass warm …
I will not see this, but I also feel some love for this younger sister.
After all, people are fighting for righteousness. If they look at it like this again, it will be a bit unfair.
Then I will have to take off my robe, but how can I put it in her ass? If this is a mistake, he can’t even wash it when he jumps into the Yellow River.
So I reached out and wrote a word on Song Qing’s thigh without a brainwave.
When his fingers touched Soong Ching’s thigh, Soong Ching’s body almost jumped up with a quiver.
I will not frighten my forehead with sweat …
There is a suitor in front of us. If someone finds him coming out from the bottom of his goddess skirt, don’t fight him hard!
The most important thing is that Yu Hui can leave, but what about Song Qing?
That name stinks!
Playing skirt love in broad daylight campus and concubine campus?
I’m afraid she’ll lose her job, too.
Good Song Qing was calm enough not to really jump up but to hold back.
Obviously, Song Qing is very clever, and she will not be a finger. She drew a horizontal leg, which is obviously not hooliganism.
Then I will not boldly write a word for it.
Seeing that Song Qing didn’t move, Yu Hui had to know that the other party was white and he was going to write.
Yu Huifei wrote a few words "clothes for you"