Because Dan Tai glass moved, I clung to his body, which made my heart beat a lot faster. I didn’t look at Dan Tai glass’s eyes at the moment.

"My woman, do you know how attractive you are?" Dan Tai glass sound dumb hands holding my face forced my eyes to meet his line of sight.
Meet the sight of Dan Tai glass. I fell directly into the dark and deep ice eyes of Dan Tai glass, which were full of burning emotions. I couldn’t turn my eyes.
Dan Tai glass lip angle with evil spirit smile bowed their heads and kissed me.
Just when Dan Tai Li was about to kiss me, I suddenly remembered aunt jesse’s abnormality. She talked to jesse.
I stretched out my hand to stop Dan Tai Li from kissing me and said to Dan Tai Li with a serious expression that I want to talk to Dan Tai Li.
Dan Tai Li wronged the expression and said that the arrow string had to be sent. I said, just cut the arrow and chord directly
Dan Tai Li rolled over and said that the world is so wonderful, but I am so grumpy. It is very difficult to ask what I want to talk about.
I sat up from tatami and glanced at Dan Tai glass, and asked Dan Tai glass to go out and get dressed before talking about Dan Tai glass. He said that he was afraid of the dark and he chose to dress in his room.
Without waiting for me to take my eyes off Dan Tai glass, I went straight to pull the towel around my waist.
Seeing that Dan Tai Glass pulled the bath towel, I immediately looked away and missed Dan Tai Glass Liang, especially when I heard the thief laughing at Dan Tai Glass immediately, I felt even more depressed.
When Dan Tai Li was dressed, I asked Dan Tai Li whether he and aunt jesse knew Dan Tai Li. After thinking for a while, I said that he had no impression of aunt jesse.
"Really" I deeply doubt Dan Tai’s words.
"It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul, little master. If you look at my window of the soul carefully, it must be true." Dan Tai Li’s eyes greeted my sight
I stared at Dan Tai glass for a few minutes, and Dan Tai glass was always clear in my sight.
Aunt jesse’s encounter with the forehead actually made me feel uncertain. I stopped pestering Aunt jesse and told Dan Tai that I was in an ancient house, but the invisible paper man saw the situation.
Dan Tai glass slightly wrinkled his forehead after listening to my words, saying that the twin blood spirits really have two brushes. It seems that it is necessary to remove those twin blood spirits earlier.
I asked Dan Tai Li what the purpose of blood agility was, and Dan Tai Li said that blood agility can weaken the effectiveness of leading out Shaqi in our ancient houses.
Dan Tai Glass dispels doubts and makes me feel uneasy. Besides, Dan Tai Glass will consume a lot of skill because of that movement.
If we go to the ancient house as scheduled, it will not be cheap to recover the blood spirit in such a short time.
It’s like stealing chickens and not eating rice, but it makes the situation more favorable to our side.
Dan Tai Li’s supplementary pronunciation makes my heart a little wider. I say so, so I can ask Dan Tai Li if she wants to resume her physical exertion against Qianxueling.
Dan Tai glass said that he had recovered his strength while I went to wash.
Dan Tai Li answered my question and said that he wanted to talk to me about the profoundness of Chinese characters in China.
I raised my eyebrows and asked Dan Tai Li if he wanted to talk about it. After hearing Dan Tai Li say to talk about the main words first, I couldn’t help but turn my eyes and ignore him. He began to fuel the fifth floor of bamboo slips.
Dan Tai Li didn’t bother me again. I practiced until it was twilight.
Twist a head and look at the Dan Tai glass. I see Dan Tai lying on his side, sleeping, heavy and straight, like a black phoenix’s eyelashes casting shadows on his cheeks. His arms are always tightly around my waist.
In a state of deep sleep, Dan Tai glass doesn’t see her usual vivid expression, and her forehead and heart are slightly wrinkled together, which seems to have a melancholy feeling.
Seeing this Dan Tai glass, I stretched out my finger to flatten his slightly wrinkled forehead, but no matter how I flattened his slightly wrinkled forehead, I woke up Dan Tai glass instead.
"Get up, slacker." After looking at opening your eyes, your forehead is slightly wrinkled and your heart immediately stretches out. Dan Tai glass gives me a shallow smile.
"Lie with me for ten minutes and we’ll go to wash." Dan Tai Glass took me to his arms and sighed lightly.
I asked Dan Tai Li what she sighed, and Dan Tai Li said that he wanted me to get strong quickly and didn’t want me to get strong quickly.
I said that Dan Tai Li needs to struggle, and I am bound to be strong. Dan Tai Li said that he knows that my personality is him, and my road to strength seems to be nothing. He is very distressed to watch me bear the price of being strong alone.
I said that Dan Tai Li had done enough, and Dan Tai Li said that he and I had not done enough.
Speaking of this, Grandma Dan Tai sighed that she had not found the method of sharing the scourge and the method of slowing down the scourge to prevent the effect of the scourge from being prominent
Dan Tai Li’s words remind me that a pawnshop can do whatever it takes to pay enough pawn. I asked Dan Tai Li if the pawnshop could know the methods of sharing the scourge and slowing down the scourge to prevent the scourge from highlighting its effect.
I inquired about the export of Dan Tai Li and said with a serious expression that I thought this way. This time, I can’t say that the pawnshop will ask for the price for it for the second time, which is beyond my joint efforts with him.
Dan Tai Li’s words raised my curiosity. I asked Dan Tai Li if he knew that the pawnshop would ask for the price. I couldn’t afford it with him.
Dan Tai Li said that this is just his speculation. It is even more unusual to ask for the price if the pawnshop opens its doors and does business to maximize the interests.
Staring at Dan Tai Li, I can’t see if he is lying.
I remembered that when I went to the pawnshop for the second time, the pawnshop owner had taken back the ghost king and stared at Dan Tai Li Meng. I asked what the ghost king of Dan Tai Li was.
I asked about the instant stiffness of Dan Tai Li’s body. I didn’t answer my question first. Why did I ask about the king of the nether world? Where did I know the word king of the nether world?
Sensing Dan Tai’s body, I felt instantly stiff after I asked about the exit. I once again looked at Dan Tai’s glass soul window and said, Is he the king of the underworld?
Dan Tai Li Ku frowned and said, I can’t think too highly of him.
Although he misses the image that has always been shining in my mind, he really can’t stand me wearing both the Minhou King and the Ghost King.
He was a little shocked when he heard the words "I am the king of the underworld", and I met the king of the underworld.