That is to say, once the Luan crane becomes an adult, it is as powerful as the monk in the later period of Tsukiji. How can Ling Youdao not be excited?

It was a quarter of an hour before he regained his composure.
"The laying of a crane egg is a time bomb, and it will hatch directly."
Thinking of it, Ganling ventured out to kill several flying monsters and took their belly fluff.
Then he went back to the underground abode of fairies and immortals and rebuilt a stone chamber, and the whole stone chamber was burned by flame to ensure that the stone chamber was dry.
Ling Youdao built a nest in the stone room, put the fluff in it, then put the eggs of Luan crane in it, and finally put a circle of lingshi around the eggs of Luan crane.
"What if these lingshi are not aura?"
A grind directly from the bag took out a piece of stone will put luanhe egg noodles.
"With this piece of stone aura, there should be no problem, right?"
Ling Youdao took out a futon and sat cross-legged beside the nest to meditate quietly.
It’s a quiet meditation, but it’s a quiet observation of Luan bird’s eggs. He dare not say that according to the scientific theory of previous earth world, noisy environment will affect fetal development
Should eggs hatch like this? This is his guess, but at this time he thinks it is scientific and convinced.
Ling Youdao can feel that the egg of Luan crane slowly absorbs the aura in Lingshi, and as time goes by, a little life gradually forms inside.
After half a year, a prototype visible to the naked eye was formed in the egg.
His heart is restless and excited. Every day, he keeps a close eye on Luan crane eggs and is afraid of any accident.
Time flies, and half a year passes quickly.
Looking at Luan crane eggs, he was a little excited and said, "At most, the little guy inside should break the shell in a month."
Ling Youdao was even more careless in this last month.
There was a month, but he felt it was very long, and he felt that it was like a year.
"Cut! Kaka! Hey! "
At first it was very small, then the sound became louder and louder, and then it became a string.
Ling Youdao had a full face of surprise "broken shell!"
Then he saw a fluffy little thing sticking out of his little head and staring at Ling Youdao with a pair of dark and liquid but shining eyes.
"Ji Ji Ji"
The little thing slammed his legs and tried to get out of the eggshell. Ling Youdao didn’t help but watched quietly.
"Come on"
After a long time, the little thing finally got rid of the sticky bird’s eggshell mouth, chirping and walking like a drunk Han.
Ling Youdao stretched out his right hand to take the edge of the bird’s nest. The little thing was very clever. He came to his hand and looked at him and kept calling.
During the whole incubation period, Ling Youdao accompanied Xiao Luan crane, but it still remembered Ling Youdao in the eggshell.
The first thing I saw after adding the shell was that Ling Youdao was naturally very close to him.
Holding a small Luan crane in his right hand and putting it in front of his eyes, Ling Youdao grinned, hey hey, how happy he was.
Soon he put the little Luan crane back to its nest.
"Are you hungry?"