Female brother embarrassed mouth become warped become warped low said "Xiao Changchuan"

Boss Rili almost didn’t bite off his tongue. Look back quickly. Fortunately, Xiaoying didn’t. Otherwise, why didn’t he twist his ear?
It’s outrageous that the old father-in-law was stopped outside by his brothers when he arrived.
"Bring him here. He is your original patriarch. It’s not that you don’t know him." Li Chengzhu lowered his voice
"But the patriarch said you were not allowed to enter without an invitation." The female brother pursed his mouth.
Brothers are loyal! Li Chengzhu was touched, even the former patriarch was not allowed to enter without an invitation.
Boss Li suddenly felt that his brothers’ image in their hearts was taller than that of others.
Li Chengzhu coughed two times and patted his female brother’s head with a big hand. "Ah, it’s hard for you."
The female brother is short of breath, and his eyes are blurred and he looks at Big Boss Li.
Li Chengzhu’s face changed. "Stupid, so don’t be flexible. Come with me. When my father-in-law arrives, I naturally have to meet him in person!"
The younger brother is extremely wronged.
Uncle Cai’s forehead was covered with waterfall sweat, staring at Li Chengzhu’s flying back. When I turned my head, I was facing Xiaoying’s murderous eyes. Uncle Jing Cai instantly returned to normal and took the account. I solemnly pinched my fingers and mumbled something in my mouth.
All the guests were silent. These people have already achieved a few standards with one heart and one mind. While talking with confusion, they have already put the person of the Patriarch of Acacia in mind. At this moment, no one is white. What is the character who can be dispatched to meet this famous Patriarch of Acacia? The guests’ faces were full of shock and surprise.
It’s been a long way since Boss Li breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, I am clever, otherwise Xiaoying won’t swallow herself? Back to the sullen mouth behind her female brother smiled and stretched out his hand to pull her up.
The female brother jumped up with a quiver and a heart thumping. His little face was flushed and he felt the temperature of the patriarch’s body and his charming body was boiling. His big eyes were so wide that he didn’t dare to blink. He looked at his face and was worshipped by his sisters.
"wronged you" Li Chengzhu dry cough two patted the female brother hand gently.
"No … no!" If the voice is soft, the female brother of the mosquito ant feels that his face is full of congestion.
"Hold me tight" Li Chengzhu is full of tenderness.
Female brother moved his hands and involuntarily hugged the patriarch tightly. Two small breasts arrived at Li Chengzhu’s chest without any defense.
"Go!" Li Chengzhu drank a while and took her younger brother to teleport and disappear to dozens of miles away.
Xiao Changchuan’s mother-in-law with a long face is arguing with several Jin Xiandi.
These female brothers naturally know who these two are, but the patriarch has ordered anyone who has no invitation to enter.
Compared with the previous patriarch, Li Chengzhu dialect has a greater weight in the hearts of these brothers.
It’s hard for my brothers to pin their hopes on the sister who went to tell them.
At present, the figure flashed that Li Chengzhu appeared in front of everyone holding the female brother.
Xiao Changchuan, a "bunny", could no longer suppress his anger and humiliation. He scolded Li Chengzhu and was about to be beaten with his fist.
Brothers face a little KuQiang two people walk side will Xiao Changchuan blocked in front of yourself.
"Father-in-law’s adult" Li Chengzhu loosed his arms and Jin Xiandi hurriedly shouted a face of excitement and inserted it into the two female brothers. He gave Xiao Changchuan a hug and rolled his eyes.
Mother-in-law’s face is also not very good-looking, and it is impossible for anyone who is stopped at his own door to look too good.
More than 100,000 people who were driven out by Boss Li are looking at this family change with excitement at the moment, and some escalation fires are expected to happen again.
Li Chengzhu patted his father-in-law on the back and said in a low voice, "Father-in-law’s adult calm down. There are too many people in this event. Look at those people behind you who are afraid that the weather will not be chaotic, and you will know that I have set up obstacles here. If these people enter the request, it will be enough."
"That you also have to send two invitations to me? Apart from the husband-in-law, it is also a request of the patriarch. "Xiao Changchuan is unwilling to clap his hands with Li Chengzhu and fight back with his heart."
If I had known that the younger brother of Hehuan had achieved this achievement today, what did I unload at the beginning? Maybe such a thing as shining the lintel will spread to yourself.
"Where can I find you?" Li Chengzhu gnashed her teeth. "Your father-in-law is so unkind that you lost such a big rotten stall to me. If it weren’t for this grand ceremony, I guess you wouldn’t come back." Li Chengzhu mercilessly exposed Xiao Changchuan’s honest face.
"Ahem!" Xiao Changchuan’s face was serious. "We don’t want this grand ceremony in the past. I came back to congratulate you."
I’m afraid I want to make some money. Li Chengzhu gave Xiao Changchuan a slight bow to her mother-in-law with a smile on her face.
Mother-in-law’s anger has subsided a little. Boss Li is not one or two immortals, but Li Chengzhu is so bowed. What can mother-in-law say?
"Well," the mother-in-law replied gently, but Boss Li knew that the storm had been resolved.
"Welcome two to come back. I’ll take you to see Xiaoying and Xiaoyan." Li Chengzhu enthusiastically took the hand of the old father-in-law and looked like a host. Xiao Changchuan was even more sour in his heart
"We have to go in, too. Why not let us in?" Seeing that Li Chengzhu and others will disappear, hundreds of people outside will take the lead in booing.