Is it a few hundred watts or a few kilowatts? I’m sure. I must be suspicious of light bulbs

I’m going or not, and I’m taking a pony. I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch the still scenery.
Wang Dalang was so numb to the female Jiaochen that he himself pulled a chair to sit next to the female.
I glanced at Wang Dalang’s red eyes at the moment and thought that I would poke my eyes.
I want to shout at Wang Dalang. Calm down. Master disciples are still watching. Where is your master’s dignity? Do you want to be like a pure boy who meets a goddess?
"Dalang, my company’s capital turnover has been stagnant recently. Look at your side." The woman cut to the chase without chatting with Wang Dalang.
"Yes, no problem." Wang Dalang replied brightly before the woman finished speaking.
Wang Dalang got up from his seat and went to his desk. He took out some cash checks from the drawer and went to the woman and handed the cash checks to her.
"Dalang, do you think it’s not good for me to bother you all the time?" Without hesitation, the woman took the cash check handed by Wang Dalang and put it in her arms.
The woman accepted Wang Dalang’s cash check as if she had practiced it many times and was very familiar with it.
"What are you talking about? No, I just took a few trips to work recently just to call you, but I’m afraid it’s inconvenient for you to answer the phone over there, and I’ve been delaying your coming today." Wang Dalang even comforted the woman
"Dalang, I have something to do over there. I’ll talk to you later. You must remember to take good care of yourself alone. Don’t let me worry." The woman got up with her bag and walked towards the outside of the fragrant mounting shop.
"Okay, okay, I will, and you are not too tired." Wang Dalang sent the woman out of the incense mounting shop and watched the woman drive away.
Wang Dalang’s original ground was in the direction of the woman’s departure for a long time before he returned to the fragrant mounting shop and sat next to me. Little Mazar continued to plunge into the paper man.
"How much did I give?" I stopped at the paper man and stared at Wang Dalang.
That woman came to Wang Dalang to take money without even typing an iou. Isn’t this a robbery?
It happened that the woman robbed the money, and this informal master in front of me was still willing to cooperate with her hands.
From the small talk between the woman and Wang Dalang, I know that the woman has a family.
Damn it, you have a family and you are still hanging on to Wang Dalang. Why are you a Wang Dalang automatic teller and bully Wang Dalang?
My informal master is really a simpleton, and he can’t make up the rhythm without this kind of mind.
"Hey hey, there’s not much income." Wang Dalang was embarrassed and scratched his head.
"That money fell from the sky, not from the water, not from the wind." When I heard Wang Dalang’s answer, I said that I was depressed and couldn’t help grabbing several Wang Dalang.
"Hey, hey, it’s not that little Ran Za’s paperman. Don’t talk about it." Wang Dalang put my paper man in my hand.
"I’ll take care of the last account." I bowed my head to Wang Dalang and began to plunge into paper men.
"If it’s not Xiao Ran, you are in charge of the account, then I will eat what I drink." Wang Dalang was a little anxious
"I will leave you enough money to ensure that you can eat, drink and eat well." I looked up at Wang Dalang again.
"Ahem, okay, but if the heirs need money, Xiao Ran can’t just hold the money and not give it to me." Wang Dalang doesn’t make eye contact with me and coughs to hide his embarrassment.
"Well, I’ll give you as much money as you put me here for a reasonable reason." I took Wang Dalang’s turn when he fell to the ground.
Wang Dalang’s face is full of depression, and he is no longer immersed in paper men.
I looked at Wang Dalang’s reaction and my heart was in stitches.
With me in charge of the financial university, you can’t dig one out of my hand. I’m not short of this informal master, okay?
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Strange driftwood at midnight
When I came to the papermaker, I was in a happy mood and was in a fresh contrast with Wang Dalang’s depression.
When it comes to the post-payment, I’ll take care of it. Wang Dalang and I reached an agreement. Within an hour, someone really asked Wang Dalang for help.
Wang Dalang looked at me from time to time when he was listening to someone talking about something. I pretended not to know that Wang Dalang and someone were listening to their conversation carefully.
People live in the suburbs, and there is a river near them. Every night, a driftwood will emerge inexplicably, and it will not disappear until dawn.
Day after day, year after year, this situation has never changed.
No one dares to get too close to the river, because after listening to the elders, none of the people in the river can come out alive, but they are all bodies.
They live near the river, but the house price outside is too high, so they will not give up moving out of the place where their ancestors lived and live there all the time.
Now that families are rich, money is no longer a problem. When they live near the river, they are ready to find someone to shake the strange driftwood.
Someone introduced Wang Dalang to them, so there was a matter of coming to the door to ask Wang Dalang for help today.
Wang Dalang glanced at me after listening to the man and told him to wait for a while.
"Xiao Ran, you heard that you have to start work late, and you don’t know when you will come back. You have classes during the day, so don’t go tonight." Wang Dalang thinks he has good reasons to pronounce at me.
"It’s okay if I can catch the afternoon class." I stood up from Mazar and carried my backpack to make a gesture of being armed and ready to go
"Ahem, it’s not good for Xiao Ran to stay up late." Why didn’t Wang Dalang want me to go?
"It’s okay, heirs, please hurry up and carry the thickest and longest incense in our store to the floor. I’ll wait for you." I won’t be moved by Wang Dalang’s advice
I just said I would be in charge of the financial university, but I can’t be left behind.
Wang Dalang frowned and carried the longest and thickest incense floor on the first floor to replace the white incense.
When Wang Dalang comes out with his backpack, our party will set off for the place where people say, the Zhen Zonghua.
Someone drove Wang Dalang and me to the suburbs, and Wang Dalang was unhappy all the way.
People come to see Wang Dalang in a low mood and take the initiative to start a conversation with Wang Dalang.
Someone said that he can drive to live in a building now because of his cousin.
His cousin has done a lot of business in recent years. He has gone to his uncle’s house and stuck to his cousin. It is only a matter of making a fortune.
It’s his cousin who has been acting strangely since he started his business. He treats people differently than before.
Someone said that he wondered if his cousin was stained with dirty things, but this can also tell us about his cousin who killed him, and he didn’t dare to say.
"I’ll help him look at the money when it’s ready." Wang Dalang was agitated and threw it to the bearer to interrupt him and continue to pronounce.
"Yes, I can rely on my cousin to say that I gave everything to me, and then I will ask the master to see it when I am ready." The man was not choked to death by Wang Dalang’s words, but directly promised to come.
"Well," Wang Dalang took the co-pilot position and glanced back at me.
My Wang Dalang turned his head and looked down at my backpack lip angle directly, which evoked a great radian.
When Wang Dalang and I arrived at our destination, we just arrived. It was still early before dark at four o’clock in the afternoon.
The bearer is David Li Chen, who will take Wang Dalang and me to his house first, and then let me and Wang Dalang go to the driftwood in riverside town later.
My eyes scanned a spacious and clean road with four access to ginkgo trees, and the two sides of the road were neatly arranged. It can be seen that the houses are small buildings and the courtyard covers a large area.
No one wants to move away in such a living environment. It is no wonder that living near the river is unwilling to move.
Because Chen Lilai invited Wang Dalang to live near the river and discuss it together, there are quite a few people in Chen Ligu at the moment
As soon as those people saw David Li Chen taking Wang Dalang and me into the hospital, they greeted them with enthusiasm.
When I entered the room, everyone started talking to Wang Dalang about the strange driftwood in the river.
The oldest of these people is in their fifties. They tell specific events based on listening to the older generation telling them the facts that need to be studied.
One thing is certain, that is, there is indeed a driftwood in the river that appears at night and disappears during the day.
"Let me tell you something that I have experienced personally. I have been holding it in my heart for decades." A man in his fifties waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.
"Wang Shu, what’s the matter? You can really suppress it for decades." David li Chen moved the man to a chair to let the man sit and talk.
The man who was called Uncle Wang by David Li Chen did not respond to David Li Chen’s banter, sitting in a chair and telling his personal experience before.
Wang Shu said that he was also a child and heard from the older generation that the river was not clean and he was afraid of it. Even in broad daylight, he dared not get too close to it.
One night, he was in a hurry to pee in the middle of the night. At that time, because it was summer, his sanitary window was open and facing the river
After peeing, he glanced out of the window, but it scared him to death at a glance.
There are many people in the river who are obviously drowning.
At that time, he was scared to death, and his legs were weak, but he still dazzled himself, rubbed his eyes and looked closely, and it was still the same situation.
That night, he climbed back to his room with rolling and shivering all night.
The next day, he insisted that all the windows near the river be blocked at home, and he would not walk at night from then on.