"I’m afraid you’re mistaken this time." Sue should chuckle and not worry that she will lose.

"Know!" The old man sneered
Xia Jingyu and seven grandfathers behind him all laughed, waiting to see Su Ying make a fool of himself, especially when Xia Jingyu thought that she would get thirteen magic weapons and three magical powers at once, which made her tender face look crazy.
He invited this old man to make moves, but it cost him a great price. This man is a local teacher and he can almost enter the Tianshi territory. Unfortunately, Shou Yuan, a rickety old man, is running out, and his price is begging an elder in the family to extend his life for 300 years.
"Quick cut! Why not cut it! "
"Is that we are all nasty! It’s not afraid of losing, is it? "
Not only do many of them think that Sue should wait until the trip is over, but she is putting on a show of ridicule and sarcasm.
"Little brother!"
"Brother Su"
Dream flow month hands holding his chest a face of nervous looking at Sue should cut the stone.
Su Ying didn’t talk. His eyes were fixed on the surface of the original stone. This time, he was more careful, and he was walking on thin ice.
Many people are impatient and recognize him when he procrastinates
When Su Ying was careful to remove a corner across the board, a chilling chill suddenly overflowed from it!
It was a little gas that spilled around and the ground began to freeze, and the temperature of the whole square dropped rapidly, which seemed to have entered the cold winter season instantly!
Someone’s face changed, and the old man Xia Jingyu watched it immediately before he was suddenly surprised.
A divine light rushed too high and the oppressive atmosphere of the earth shocked the field. Even some powerful people in the avatar realm were alarmed and hurriedly ran to watch what happened.
Snowflakes floated across the ground and cracked, and cracks were abruptly frozen.
The temperature of the whole square suddenly entered the coldest in the middle of winter, and the temperature was frighteningly cold. The monks’ roots could not bear the freezing blood and blood condensation.
Everyone was furious and discolored. This original stone really contains the difference between heaven and earth before the sacred object was born.
The biting cold can tear the skin and oppress the breath, just like the birth of a god, Su Ying has recently become an iceman and been frozen.
There is no doubt that Su Ying’s original stone is bound to be pregnant with sacred objects, and it is incredible and unusual that a breath can change the weather of heaven and earth.
One step before he cracked the ice, the vision of heaven and earth suddenly dissipated in the blink of an eye, and then Su Ying took out the sacred object bred by Yuanshi Department!
All eyes suddenly see Sue should palm unexpectedly suspended a drop of dark red blood! This blood has been crystallized with bright light and light blue and gold overflowing.
"God blood! It turned out to be god’s blood! "
This is even more shocking, and several people are shocked.
Xia Jingyu just stood pale and didn’t say a word.
"God’s blood is god’s blood! That’ll be the day! No! I don’t believe it! "
And the rickety old man’s face is even more gloomy and terrible at the moment. He muttered to himself in his mouth and suddenly shot two white eyes and looked at Su Ying’s palm blood.
"Ah, my eyes! Poof! "
Then for a moment, he screamed, and two lines of blood and tears flowed out of his eyes, which were swallowed up by the breath of God’s blood, and not only that, but his eyes turned into holes, like two eyes were dug alive.
The people were even more surprised that someone shook his head and sighed, "God’s blood power also dares to test his eye, which is completely abolished."
"This drop of blood seems to have been sealed for hundreds of thousands of years. Alas, when it comes out, it will surely become one of the rarest gods in the world."
"God blood! This is the value calculated by the method of God’s blood. It is said that ten thousand years ago, the Great Sage got a drop of God’s blood when he was young, and then he built a thousand miles in a day and finally achieved the Great Sage sweeping an era. "
God’s blood and body are magical things. It’s unimaginable that the Great Sage Lian Xin Dan has the same value, but it’s impossible to compare with God’s blood.
The simplest thing is that the Great Sage’s heart-refining pill can make fighters reach a long habitat at most, but the blood of God is different. If you have a blood of God, you need to refine it slowly to achieve the ancient Great Sage.
This kind of thing is something that some people will never see once in a generation, rather than talking about it.
"Alas, two amazing bets in a row are convincing. Is this a dream? How lucky this young man is to cut out the blood of God! "
"It’s better to say that he’s lucky than that he’s stronger in dragon hunting. Now it’s controversial. Although the Great Sage’s refined heart Dan is precious, it can be regarded as a nine-turn-of-the-heart, the same level of supernatural spirit and blood. Compared with the two, the difference is too big, and the root is incomparable."
Xia Jingyu and the old man behind him look gloomy and even greedy. After all, it’s god’s blood. Who doesn’t want it?
It’s a pity that they dare not expect anything, especially when they are on a false island.
"no! It’s impossible. How can he beat me as a wet behind the ears? I am the strongest dragon hunter. This is an illusion. This is false … "
At this moment, the old man who cut out the Great Sage and refined his heart suddenly screamed with long hair and his face was extremely twisted with two lines of blood and tears, which was very scary.