The amber creator can observe more creatures and learn more about biological thoughts through this tunnel.

This is its main purpose.
But it has always had a problem.
The amber creator … didn’t know about the war situation before.
It didn’t know when it was a little creator.
But at first, the amber ball grew into the amber creator, and then it had these memories
So … it decided to find out all this.
It believes that this should be the’ ocean tumbling’ that caused the sphere to have anything to do with the former war.
It also feels that it is a sphere that is very important to it.
But it has never found out where the ocean roller has gone.
It can probably know that the ocean roller’ suspended’ the Star Alliance and then entered the normal virtual.
Then what it does is completely known.
It has been trying to find, but there is no way to know the position of the sphere.
But by chance, it found another biological place-Zhounao.
Because Zhou Brain led the Star Alliance to "rescue" the ocean tumbling, the miracle amber creator thought Zhou Brain must know the ocean tumbling very well.
After finding it, it set off.
So that the’ artifact’ can travel quickly in virtual space and reach the target position.
There are some problems with this’ artifact’, that is, it can’t reach a certain position freely, and it can connect some parts …
If it’s connected, none of these can get somewhere, then there’s no way.
The location of the brain is a place that can be connected
So the amber creator went to find the main brain first
When it arrived at the location of the main brain, it found that the main brain was a cultural … territory.
Zhou nao is doing exactly the same thing there.
That is to act as a’ predictor’ of this article.
It predicts many things, such as the surrounding threats or whether there are any disasters and so on.
At the same time, it will also tell these creatures about the location of resources around them
Zhou nao doesn’t tell false information. In fact, these predictions are of great help to Wen.
At that time, the same was true when the stars were United
It has never’ framed’ the Star Alliance except … the last time.
Actually, it is also because of this … Because the main brain has helped the Star Alliance so much in the past, even after the storm appeared, they didn’t decide to kill the main brain immediately.
It is not clear what the amber creator thinks, but it thinks it should be able to get information from it
So the creator approached the main brain.
However, it didn’t expect that it was Zhou nao who said it was a threat to this article.
Then the whole article immediately armed against the creator.
But the creator didn’t come by himself. He brought an army.
….. amber substance constitutes an army.
Due to the completion of the amber ball, the amber material structures that were originally collected from the ruins of the alliance were idle
The creator transformed them into an army and this time brought their main fighting force.
The creator doesn’t know what the main brain will be hostile to it, but in this case, destroy this army and find the main brain to ask for information
However, it found that this article does not seem to be so easy to deal with.
Because they … are … too trusting in the universe.
Chapter three thousand six Zhou brain
It’s hard to say whether it’s a good thing to believe too much …
But it will definitely increase combat effectiveness.
Although the Star Alliance also believes in the main brain, every time the main brain says something, the alliance rulers always hesitate or discuss it for a while before making a decision.
This article is not the case.
They don’t hesitate, they don’t hesitate, and their brain words are what they will.
So they are unstoppable.