"Master Liu can rest assured that we will be loyal!"

Brother Xin, no matter how psychological Huang Dafa is, he was suddenly excited when he heard this, so he quickly expressed his loyalty again.
You know that Liu Yu is now able to attack No.5 and No.6 with his bare hands, and he can climb such a great master with a sharp weapon. He will be much more emboldened to walk in the "earth world" in the future.
Over the years, he has been suffering from not finding himself to play his own position, which is still threatened by some big bosses.
But now the situation is different. With Liu Yu as the giant Buddha, he can be "arrogant"!
Liu Yu paid no attention to the silver ruffian’s eyes falling on Huang Dafa. "I hope you will do something beautiful and don’t let my father know about it. Think about it yourself."
Where does Huang Dafa have any resistance? Hurriedly agreed
After that, Liu Yu went straight away.
Watching this giant Buddha go away, this bag has lost some aura, and the silver ruffian has wiped a sweat on his forehead. "Mad Dafa, if Master Liu hadn’t appreciated our energy, I guess we would all be finished tonight."
Brother Xin is a genius and naturally knows Liu Yu’s meaning.
"Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll apologize."
"I’ll go with you …"
Liu Yu returned home after leaving.
He hasn’t studied this’ Peach Blossom Symbol Seal’ since he hit the mall.
"This … what can I get if I take this?" Liu Yu shook his head wry smile way
He came back from his rebirth in this life with Chen Jiali in his heart. No matter how amazing and beautiful others are, they are always passers-by in his life.
"Is there anything defensive in the mall?"
Since Huang Dafa came out, it has sounded the alarm for him.
Fortunately, it was Huang Dafa who moved the pavilion instead of his father’s hand, which is what Liu Yu was worried about.
If we can get a defensive thing and let everyone around him take it, he will feel much more at ease.
What a sound! "Respect for the host defensive Lingbao Precious Bitong Mall is all-encompassing. At your request, we will send you a Xuanwu Shield at a price of 30,000 pieces."
"Xuanwu shield?" Liu Yuwen was slightly shocked.
This name … Sounds domineering!
"But … hee hee, you pit me to death? 30,000 pack force value? Do you think I look like a person with a lot of money? " Liu Yu almost didn’t give up when he heard the quotation.
Damn it … 30 thousand is worth it. Can I rob you?
"The great host system comes from high-end culture and technology, and it won’t pit you. You have seen the superior quality of your brand. I have seen the MIQ system testing price of 30,000 yuan. It’s really not expensive to package the mall, and the price is close to the people …"
Liu Yuwen almost didn’t spit out three pounds of old blood.
I’ve seen profiteers, but he hasn’t seen a unified "bargaining" and his answer is so incisive.
Unexpectedly, unexpectedly let him right!
"Okay, you win." Liu Yunai shook his head.
This forced him to try hard to install it, but it is still far from 30 thousand, and he is not just a Liu Tianxuan Lin Yunxia Jiali. All three of them need to give each one, which adds up to 90 thousand close to 100 thousand!
Lying in the trough … This is to force me to put on the rhythm of vomiting blood.
He also told me that the price is particularly close to the people and simple. When you count your horse, you will be too tired to vomit blood. It is true that kissing a wool man is a pit to rape and not engage in business.
Then Liu Yu adjusted her personal information again. Tonight, he found Luo Qing, Huang Dafa and others and also gained a lot of compelling value and charm value.
Host personal message query
Name: Liu Yu
Gender: male
Address: the last person.
Realm: Jin Dao fighters
Strength: 1
Experience value: 273
Loading force value: 17
Occupation: doctor
Achievement method: "Nine turns against the sky"
Talent: three
IQ: average.
Charm value 9
When playing in the mall, he consumed a lot, but he found himself seemingly sitting at the Jinshan Gate and finally didn’t start a little bit of competent watching.