That’s not an ordinary beast, that’s a beast!

I have lived since ten thousand years ago, and now I am a beast!
The god beast roared upwards, so the star suddenly landed and a thunder river in Wang Yang fell.
The beast was born from Leihe River.
That beast is famous as Razer!
Razer beast mouth is swallowed the whole Wang Yang LeiHe.
But it doesn’t seem to be satisfied
It’s greedy
This greed has been sleeping for thousands of years.
Now that you wake up, it is not a thunder river that can be easily sent away.
When it growls at the sky, it sees the lotus flower on the other side that blooms with the holy glory.
So Razer God beast opened his mouth for the second time, devouring the stars all over the sky and falling in succession.
So there was a thrilling meteor shower flying by in the night of the hundred families in Tiandong.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Unbearable weight
Stars fall from the stars with long flame tails, and people fall into the mouth of the Razer beast that has been asleep for thousands of years in the Twelve Star Rivers of the Hundred Clans in the East of Heaven.
Thirty-nine years winter of Dayan Empire
After the heavy snow, there was a meteor shower in Dongbaizong, a meteor shower that was put into the history of later generations.
Tonight, hundreds of religious practitioners in Tiandong witnessed this amazing meteor shower with their own eyes.
Several stars are falling.
Several huge fireballs smashed down in the twelve star streams of Tiandong Baizong.
It’s huge, just like a scene that is imprinted on everyone’s heart and can’t be erased.
This is a disaster! It’s a once-in-a-thousand-year disaster for Eternal Star!
And once a star falls in the sky, the 100-year-old 12-star Sichuan has not been swallowed up by the Razer beast, then this star disaster will directly evolve into hundreds of bloody disasters! There will be mountains and rivers, birds and animals, people, houses and palaces swallowed up by the fallen stars and flames!
And then destroy the whole East Hundred Sect!
Three generations of outstanding brothers hiding in the temple in Tiandong naturally have been frightened and considered this kind of probabilistic disaster.
That man is not someone else.
That man is thoughtful and intelligent.
As it turns out, Junze Jade’s worries seem a bit redundant.
He couldn’t explain why he had such a stupid and redundant idea.
He couldn’t say for sure whether he was concerned when facing Xiang Daozong, so he had to think about whether the twelve stars Razer and God Beast could match the uninvited guest together.
Once bitten, twice shy!
God’s knowledge destroyed Junze Jade and had to learn to think about this kind of problem.
Because he still wants to live and wants to live better.
And he will never have another place to enter the country in this life. He will live more carefully and seriously than before.
He should cherish the rest of his life!
He hates being so cautious about himself.
But he still wants to be himself and hate himself.
Other methods
Because he is not as dazzling as other disciples around him at the moment, but a genius every day.
He’s a loser. He’s just a loser in the practice world!
Junze jade laughed at himself and then retreated behind the master elder brother Liancheng tactic, no matter whether there is danger or not, it will be safer after all.
Laughing at himself, he thought.
Master elder brother Liancheng noticed that Junze jade’s delicate body was a burst of sadness in his heart.
He sighed deeply in his heart.
He didn’t move the body to completely block Junze jade behind him.
He didn’t do anything
He pretended to look up at the stars.
All the stars that fell in the stars and dragged the flame tail were swallowed by the greedy Razer beast.
It is the lotus that blooms on the other side of the thirty-six petals of the star that falls with the stars.