In heaven, the stronger the gods are, the more arranged they are.

Heaven is the orthodox of the three realms, and the Jade Emperor is the real Three Realms, but Sun Wu made a scene in Heaven a hundred years ago, and the Jade Emperor asked the Tathagata Buddha to surrender Sun Wu.
The Tathagata Buddha pressed Sun Wu to Wuzhishan for 500 years with one hand.
When people hear about Sun Wu’s deeds, they think that the Tathagata Buddha has a higher status than the Jade Emperor, because the Jade Emperor can’t clean up Sun Wu, but the Tathagata Buddha easily defeated Sun Wu. Isn’t it obvious that the Tathagata Buddha is more powerful than the Jade Emperor?
More capable of hitting people, higher status
This is common sense in the world.
People can’t take the Tathagata Buddha’s offer from Sun Wu, but in fact, the Jade Emperor didn’t invite him that day, but declared the Tathagata Buddha in the name of the Three Realms to surrender Sun Wu.
Throughout the Journey to the West, it is the Tathagata, the Buddha, the Jade Emperor, who fought for the hegemony of the three realms. The Jade Emperor wronged him the most. As a result, when the other two fought for the hegemony of the three realms, he could not even intervene.
After Journey to the West, the Tathagata Buddha knew about the Dragon King of Jinghe River, but he called it a heavenly matter. At that time, the jade emperor still had some dignity. When the story of Journey to the West ended, the Tathagata Buddha returned to the Three Realms, but the jade emperor had to salute the Tathagata Buddha.
The one who can beat people the most and be the boss with the biggest fist is the three realms orthodoxy. It is strange that such a world can let the weak live well
Nu Wa couldn’t help but ask curiously, "What are you going to do?"
The sky says, "Today, the strong in the three realms respect the weak, and I hope that in the future, I will formulate a heaven rule to bind the three realms of virtue so that the weak can live well."
Nu Wa frowned slightly. "Restrict the three realms of virtue?"
This is a big project. Tathagata, Buddha and Heaven are the top three worlds. They can listen to them in the sky, but every time is very short. They look at specific events and can’t stay in that state all the time. They can’t hold on.
"I will set up a black lotus network to monitor the three worlds. If there is injustice, I can go straight to heaven and listen to others and I will deal with it."
At this point, Tian explained to Nu Wa another earth Internet.
There is still a country on the earth that runs the country through the internet, and the problem of network governance should not be big.
It has long been in my heart that the time has not been ripe, so he can conceive it in his heart
In the original plot, Heilian, the God of Yuan, can be as far away as a mobile phone. Now he has the opportunity to make 36 chaotic violet, and he naturally has the confidence to make Unicom’s Sanjie network.
"Are you trying to suppress the world by yourself?"
Nu Wa looked at the sky in astonishment.
Way of Heaven—natural law
"I am a guarantee in the initial stage of the change of the three realms. When people’s cognition changes gradually, white force does not mean everything, so I can retreat to the background."
"You flatter me when I suppress the world by myself, so I simply hate what the world does and I am willing to do more to make the world change."
This world is a life with problems. Every time people in this world see a famous angry person, the first thing they pay attention to is the other side’s force.
For example, the first thing that people think of when they arrive is that he is a natural god of war, a somersault with a hundred thousand hands, and the size of the golden cudgel weighs thirteen thousand pounds at will. King Kong is not bad, but he can see through the evil spirit and master seventy-two kinds of changes.
Sun Wu’s pride is also his own strength.
But in fact, the seventy-two changes are definitely not fighting. These seventy-two changes include driving gods through secluded places, carrying mountains and forbidding water, praying for sunshine and rain through wind and fog, and so on.
These magical powers are all wonderful. The inherent thinking of Binet.Alfred’s three realms depends on whether this magical power is destructive or not when evaluating an magical power.
Chapter seventy-one Chaos lotus becomes Zhang Yangwu
In the eyes of many immortals, the auxiliary avatar is nothing more than posing and scaring mortals.
Looking at the earth’s thinking, it is easy for an honest official to learn that the 72-year-old demon has changed to shelter a place with good weather and outstanding people.
But the three realms have the ability to do such a thing, and there is no such idea at all
If the sky wants to change the three realms, it is natural to change the atmosphere of the three realms. Otherwise, even if everyone has read and practiced, the first thing to think about is to solve the world by force, and the quality of the world has not changed.
There is a saying on the earth that technology is the primary productive force. It seems that the magical powers of the three realms are still productive.
Nu Wa looked at the sky thoughtfully.
Although it is said that he is not a man to suppress the world, in fact, in the eyes of others, he especially does not want to abide by the rules he has set, and that is the case in the eyes of the devil.
This fateful day overthrew the Tathagata Buddha and the Jade Emperor, but after natural orthodoxy, there will be a ghost that will try to overthrow him one day.
Heaven "if you have a correct guide, the world will certainly develop in a good direction."
In the feudal society of the earth, those aristocratic families either killed an ordinary person or threw them into prison. With the development of the times, those particularly powerful people have more energy than the former aristocratic families, but they will not think of killing an ordinary person but will use legal weapons.
This is mainly related to social forms.
The three realms will be different in their hands.
"I will lead the three realms forward. Unlike the gods, I will never allow the history of the three realms to stop. I will make the three realms weak and live happily in a beautiful world."
If chaos bead’s Nu Wa can’t say Nu Wa chaos bead can’t reach his hand, he is especially sincere when facing Nu Wa.
I have to say that it’s interesting to paint the world, which interests Nu Wa. She really wants to see such a world.
After their departure from the Three Realms, a group of ancient gods and demons in the Three Realms have undergone a major exchange of blood, but the Three Realms have not changed, and God can change the Three Realms.
"Buddha, you are not bad."
Although you can’t see Nu Wa’s face in the sky, you can feel a faint banter in Nu Wa’s eyes in a faint sky. She seems to have seen something interesting.
This level of great god can know in advance that although heaven is an anomaly in the three realms, it is clear that Nu Wa’s eyes are far away from others’ imagination.
Maybe when he tells his own calculations, Nu Wa will see a part of his future in the Three Realms.
Besides, it seems that the future is not normal by looking at Nu Wa.
"let me see what you call an interesting world."