It was not until thieves broke the temple and plundered the mountain gate that the monk had to expose himself and exercise his skills for many years to save Xuanyin from a group of gangsters.

After that, the monk went hand in hand with Xuanyin and left the Buddhist temple that was destined to be restless.
A monk who has never experienced affection after an accidental loss knows what it means to be scared for the first time.
In order to find the girl who has a great fate with him, the monk traveled all over Kyushu and crossed mountains and rivers, but he always got nothing.
It is also in this process that the monk gradually discovered his "abnormality"
Just chopping wood and burning fire has developed a strong skill that can repel gangsters …
Then the changes of the monk’s body will naturally become more obvious after traveling all over Kyushu and crossing mountains and rivers.
On any demon, no matter what ghost, can avoid the monk’s eyes.
Ordinary practitioners have been practicing for many years, and the avatar and the monk root need to maintain themselves and naturally appear in his body.
This day will continue until the Xuan will never find the door, and he will kill the monk and forcibly turn him into a monster.
It was only at the end that he realized that the monk was not a mortal but a reincarnation of a ghost.
It is unrealistic to turn this self-contained life into a monster by force.
Because of the mysterious transformation ceremony, the monk accidentally learned about his future and awakened his spiritual dharma.
Nai, it’s too late.
Because the mortal monk is dead.
Born from the monk’s body, it is a degenerate ghost with a tiger head, a unicorn, a dog’s ear, a dragon body, a lion’s tail and a unicorn’s foot.
This is the origin of Huang Chao’s life experience, and it is also the fate of the fire monk.
I didn’t expect that I would die so humbled in the end! 】
When Huang Chao slowly closed his eyes to meet his death fate, a dazzling Buddha’s light suddenly tore and blocked his front.
Boom! ! !
The Buddha’s palm fell from the sky, and the dazzling Buddha’s light collided and instantly shook the place.
Li Xi, which is the closest to the impact range, was even more shocked and bleeding, showing a terrible appearance
Can’t help but let out a light yi also didn’t expect this scene Hui Ji froze.
It seems that none of the several timelines before Hui Ji’s death may be similar in the future.
Is this sudden appearance of Buddha’s light sacred?
Why can you stop yourself from hitting?
Holding all these questions, Hui Ji believes in spirit and swears to kill Huang Chao again.
Flint all over the sky, all the flames are gone.
Then I saw that Buddha’s mother relic, which showed its original appearance, quickly disappeared into the appalled Huang Chao body.
"XuanYin! You can’t do this to me! "
Come out a scream Huang Chao sound disappeared in the air.
Or more accurately, with the disappearance of the Huang Chao sound, there is the statue of tiger head, one-horned dog ear, dragon body, lion tail and unicorn foot.
Breathing is like thunder, roaring is like earthquake …
When all the traces of Huang Chao were obliterated by the Buddhist mother relic and left in the same place, there was an ignorant and hungry "ten unlike"
The majestic giant Buddha sits high in the clouds and the ignorant little beast looks up at the sky.
This is the first time that the future Tibetan king Bodhisattva met him.
It is also a symbol of that complete calm of a disaster.
Chapter seventy-one I want to purdue sentient beings
Almost at the same time, deep in the jungle of Weishan
With a streamer cutting across the sky, Xuanyang and Lv Yan appeared one after another and fell to the ground in a very awkward posture.
"Shout … shout …"
Exhaled and panting, Xuanyang is still worried about the rest of his life.
He feels that he can consider reincarnation and reconstruction if he wants to be slower.
"Finally alive!"
After taking a deep breath again, Xuanyang’s expression finally relaxed.
No one can face up to Ying Long and Xuanwu and continue to maintain a normal heart after fighting.
There is an incredible shock in that kind of monster fighting, even in the safest corner.
Not to mention Xuanyang also took Bai Mudan away by force while fighting between them.