"Do you know my identity?" Koran ask a rather strange question that Mo Jue saw.

"Sorry, there is no corresponding database"
"Then how are you sure I have the highest level limit?" Kelan asked again
"The ship database records the special limit verification method and the corresponding limit level, which is confidential to all members of the undead crew. This is also to ensure that the information of the crew members will not be leaked after the ship is captured by the enemy."
"That is to say, another crew member can also see this pile of asterisks?"
"Yes" AI truthfully replied.
"When was the first time you connected with Ark Network and updated these and limit levels in the database?"
Chapter seven hundred and seventy Shouldn’t data
"14,799 hours ago," AI of Central Computer Army replied.
This time is about sixteen years … Nearly seventeen years ago, it happened that the "Special Operations Fleet" was defeated here and the "Shaojiang Reform" frigate crashed.
How to identify Kelan’s biometric data less than one year after joining the undead crew without updating the database in the past seventeen years?
"Then why do you have my biometric data in your database?" Kelan asked bluntly.
"According to the records, these data have been in the database since the birth of AI," replied the military AI.
The date of the birth of the military AI … It should be not long before the completion of the "Shaojiang Reform" frigate, and the central control computer has just finished the delivery. After all, the warship needs to fly to the delivery place by itself. Without the central control computer and this AI, the battleship can’t fly.
That is to say, my biometric data was implanted into the central control computer database of "Shaojiang Reform" from the beginning.
And the "Shaojiang Reform" frigate … No, at that time, it should still be the "Shaojiang Class" frigate No.16..
Although the file has a glance at the factory date of the "Shaojiang class" frigate No.16, Ke Lan still remembers it-the main part of the ship was built by Ark No.3 Shipyard, and Yip’s consortium flag steel flag heavy industry worked together to start construction in the new era in June, 915. After the completion of the new era in December, 917, it was transferred to Tether No.4 base to install weapons and equipment.
In the new era of 917 … Even if Kelan is not a "symbiont", even if all his childhood memories are true, he has not been born yet … How can there be a biometric data of an unborn person in this warship database?
And … It’s still a data with the level limit of the undead crew members.
Isn’t the "Symbiosis" plan already in the formal stage at that time … But even so, it is impossible for the members of the undead crew to enter the data of "Symbiosis", or it will be even heavier to have the "Prophet" with the same limit as the members of the undead crew.
Take ten thousand steps back, even if every symbiont who can live for a long time is a member of the scheduled future crew meeting, then the corresponding data should be confirmed that the symbiont can live for a long time before entering it into the database, otherwise the ark control center will be seriously chaotic.
Perhaps "Prophet" used to have the same rank limit as the members of the crew association … What is not good for him? This limit is probably that he has already deleted his limit before he knew about this crew association.
Although this statement "prophet" makes sense, when it comes to Koran, the nodes will not be right.
Unless the symbionts are all encoded by the same gene, every symbiont is like a twin brother … But Kelan has seen the "prophet" and the real person is very different from himself just in appearance, and biometric data is even more impossible.
After checking the information of "Prophet" before he defected in the archives of Kelan Undead Crew Association, it can be confirmed that he has not changed his appearance with the help of Alpha … Don’t say that they are only blood types, but the blood type of the Prophet is type A and Kelan is type B.
This proves that the gene coding of each symbiont is very different … I think it would be the same if Kelan were the immortal crew who would be in charge of the symbiont project. He could not have been experimenting with the same batch of clones all the time …
Wait a minute? ! Human cloning? !
A somewhat bold guess Koran flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help standing still like being struck by lightning.
It is not wrong to record the biometric data of the members of the Immortal Crew Association in the central computer database of the "Shaojiang Reform" … What if you are a clone of an Immortal Crew Association member?
Then I have the same biometric data as this member of the undead crew association, and it will be recognized by the database "Shaojiang Reform" that has not been updated for nearly 17 years. This makes sense!
If you are really a clone of a member of the undead crew, which one would it be?
Ke Lan recalled that he had seen the virtual projections of the crew members at his meeting … but he soon found that it was meaningless to do so. These virtual projections were not necessarily their real faces, and some people even set their own remote-controlled bionic faces into virtual projection images.
Only by seeing them lying in the "eternal coffin" can we determine their true appearance.
But why does that member want to clone human beings instead of transforming himself into a "symbiont" … Is it because he is worried about his own safety or has other restrictions?
But in any case, Kelan can be sure that one thing he can join the undead crew meeting is not because he has completed the assessment of the crew meeting, but because of his special ability.
I’m afraid that I can join the undead crew meeting, which is what I have already decided.
Even if you don’t do anything at home, you will be a sailor who will chase games all day, live on subsistence allowances and benefits, and so on. At a certain moment, people will still come to you.
A relief mechanism in Yu Fangzhou, Ark, has a complete welfare guarantee system. All Ark residents with legal status can get enough rations to maintain the most basic life activities even if they don’t take part in work every day. Although this kind of rations tastes flattering, they are at least hungry.
Some people who are forced by life to join high-risk workers such as miners and mercenaries endure a life of "eating and waiting for death" with low desire because of the law, while others have more compelling reasons, such as that they or their families have made laws to treat serious diseases with drugs, owe debts due to gambling or other things, and want their descendants to get a better education and live a better life.
A person like Ke Lan who has a full stomach and is not hungry will always keep a low desire to live unless he gets sick, marries or gives birth.