On the third day, I went to Tiantai, and the ghostly evil wind call sign seemed to have bones and waves, and a white shirt shone like a soul, and I was slightly blessed. "Thank you, Taoist friends, for sharing the same happiness …"
After Xia Qingyu and Shine, Ghost Xi Lan once again spent Yuan Ying’s robbery.
After the crossing, four white foxes behind her flashed by. The ghost fox is a very strange race, which is between demon cultivation and ghost cultivation. However, the ghost Xi Lan took the road of ghost road to form Dan, and then she also broke the Dan and gave birth to a baby instead of being like a demon cultivation. Of course, the ghost fox clan took shape one step earlier than his race, and after then, the ghost Xi Lan had already taken shape.
Then the ranked elixirs appeared in Jiedan one after another.
Perhaps Sun Hao is the monk who can drive an era.
Or maybe a time when monks are flourishing is coming.
It is very rare for a hundred monks to have a baby when they entered the Tianxu market in the past.
But this time, the result is quite different.
Ranking Jin Danyou is the top strength ranking Jin Danyou went to Sendai one by one and broke the Dan one by one to give birth to a baby.
Gong Xiaoli, Shang Shenghao, Ming Sanjiu and other monks also formed Yuan Ying one by one.
They Yuan Yingjie is worse than Zhao Zhumo. With the means of Zongmen, they are strong enough to meet Lei Jie and make Yuan Yingzhen a gentleman.
After the top clan ranked then, his clan monks tried to have a baby.
But after that, everyone suddenly discovered that Yuan Ying’s robbery was not so good as that of the fallen monk, but it was also reasonable.
Leave Tianfu to guard a magic way to rank then scream in the thunder fly ash of Sanjiu God.
The body disappears.
After three days, Yi Lu was frightened by the lights, which inspired his own Yuan Ying robbery.
The accumulation of ranked elixir is especially good because it came back from the burial day market. The ranked elixir has gone through the baptism of the burial day market and got many rewards from the burial day market, which is even more solid than that.
Tamping and repairing also doomed that it was not easy for them to rob Yuan Ying.
Although not as good as Zhao Zhumo and Sun Hao, it is not easy.
Easy road lights still inspired the Sanjiu god thunder robbery.
After receiving the thunder, he was not in good condition. He suffered many injuries and Zhenyuan lost a lot.
On the spot, he took out a porcelain vase, stuffed a mouthful of ghost milk into his mouth, and took out a piece of character seal and patted himself.
Ghost breast belly really yuan quick recovery operator of white light flicker injury unexpectedly quickly recovered.
Grateful to glance at Qingyun Zhanzhou, Yi Lu lights survived the thunder robbery.
He also attracted the Sanjiu Fire Lotus to rely on the blessing of the snow and ice mountain, and finally died with his own life charm. It was like drilling a mountain armor spirit beast. After that, he passed the Sanjiu wind, but it swept away the haze of the previous monk and broke the Dan and gave birth to a baby.
The surrounding monks congratulated Zhongyi Road on its lights and laughed, and then went to the platform to bow deeply to Qingyun Zhanzhou and said with gratitude, "Thank you agarwood, thank you agarwood for giving the army such a good fortune …"
Qingyun Zhan Zhou Sun Hao smiled indifferently and said, "Congratulations on Jianjun’s taking all the elixirs for Shengying Dan’s agarwood, but it is not so polite to change hands …"
Two people smile at each other across the river, but some things are tacit.
Although it is said that we can’t interfere with his godsworn’s heavenly robbery, it is possible to give him some help in character seal and elixir.
Sun Haoru promised to give Yi Lu Deng Sheng Ying Dan an extra amount of self-prepared, true-yuan, true-ghost, true-milk and a stack of recovery symbols refined by the dead gods, but it helped Yi Lu Deng a lot.
Later, XuanYuanHong was breathtaking and inspired three disasters. Jiu Nan survived Yuan Ying’s robbery and broke Dan Shengying’s achievement as a true gentleman.
Xuanyuanhong was buried in Tianxu, which won the honor of a true woman, and after a scene award, she got a chance to become a few young palace lords.
But despite the baby, she is still in a daze, as if she were in a daze from time to time, but there is not much excitement
Is aunt XuanYuanYaQin hugged her crying and laughing for ages to completely give off the identity, just like XuanYuanGong is aunt.
Sun Hao, a bystander, couldn’t help laughing.
This is the eve of a great era when monks are at their peak.
The restoration of this burial day market really blew the horn of the coming of the great era.
The perfect restoration of the burial site has created a large number of monks, which is a great opportunity.
As many as 30% of the monks broke out, which also created the blowout of Brother Yuan Ying.
After Xuanyuan Red, the old rival Qingyun finally lost his temper, killing the demon Lu Shanyue and getting pregnant.
Lu shan killed Tianfu and didn’t receive the blessing from the snow mountain.
It’s relatively dangerous to have a baby, but I don’t know that lu shan Yuan’s baby robbery seems to be much weaker than his brother’s, about twenty percent weaker.
So lu shan himself was puzzled.
Sun Hao’s heart seems to have heard of or seen a similar state somewhere, but I can’t remember it if I think about it seriously.