Harley, the wise man, designed the retreat route, and the Phantom of the Opera had to enter the 27 Star Domain with the help of the conventional channel. Unfortunately, after crossing the wormhole, she met many merchant ships, and Lin momo knew clearly that her whereabouts had been exposed, and the good days were over.

Then the Phantom of the Opera flew along the northwest route. After five hours of thinking, Lin momo finally made up his mind and ordered, "If you are looking for any special areas nearby, you can’t avoid doing it with a bang."
Is running fast and dutifully answering "fifteen stars in an open cluster are found to have gravity"
Lin momo brought up the picture and flatly rejected "No, if these stars are denser, it may be helpful to Phantom of the Opera. Sparse star clusters are not conducive to concealment and war. Ignore them directly. Help me check if there are any special celestial environments or asteroid belts in stars."
After half an hour, the astronomical telescope of the search ship observed that a strange celestial body turned out to be a medium star.
At the end of the evolution of a star, a supernova explosion occurs through gravity collapse to form a celestial body called a zhongxing. Its density is surprisingly high and its temperature is surprisingly high, especially in a strong magnetic field environment, which is as dangerous as a black hole.
"Good close to zhongxing, even if the battleships of Hydra arrive, they must withstand the strong magnetic field environment and pulse spell in this area. This is a gamble." Lin momo clapped his hands on the desktop and made a declaration of decisive battle.
Phantom of the Opera quietly left the channel, and several merchant ships locked their targets in the distance and quickly sent the message back to the Hydra branch.
Before the war, the tension affected the ship. Everyone was abnormal from the captain Lin momo.
On the way to Zhongxing, Payne began to "crack" drugs. On whether Bullfrog Star got the golden centrifugal grass or the captain carefully prepared the therapeutic drugs, all the people came to him. He swallowed his throat and kept himself in good health before the battle to prevent the enemy from boarding the ship again.
Sasha often gets into trouble when she works, either freezing the faucet or dancing wildly with the totem pole, which is even more unbearable. It is the dim light that often comes out of the mermaid’s eye socket, and it is usually better in the middle of the night when she sees it suddenly, which can frighten her hair and make her feel sleepy.
Harley often mumbles in the battery area, twitches at the corners of his mouth for a while, and giggles for a while. The degree of personality split is obviously aggravated.
Fools are blessed with stupidity. After inducing two kinds of sources, Harley can finally understand the absorption of the universe. Although he has just been promoted to the first level, Friar Wu relies on super perception and super strength to add strength to the fire, pointing to where to fight and play with the sword. It is a killing machine and a humanoid demon.
Pei Lin sleeps with a nutrition bar in her mouth all day, saving washing and changing clothes. Anyway, except for the toilet, when she doesn’t save time, she keeps putting together machinery. She often hears a slight explosion. If she is not seriously injured, she will continue to study until she reaches her goal.
Lin momo is so busy that he comes out of the secret room every day and is soaked in sweat and looks sick.
Captain Lin momo’s number of "drugs" is by no means worse than Payne’s. The golden centrifugal grass leaves are chewed up, and the bitter tree is not much better. Life energy is deprived again and again, even if there is nutrient solution to restore it, even if the vitality is tenacious, it will soon be unbearable. If the bitter tree has human feelings, it will have to hang itself.
After ten days’ voyage, Phantom of the Opera is close to Zhongxing, so-called close to Zhongxing is very measured. Once the Hydra battleship arrives, it will set foot in the dangerous area, and at worst, it can fight for mutual destruction.
Lin momo once again entered the secret room and stared at the metal for a long time before saying, "Peacock can’t believe that Morgan vine is so toxic, and the taboo residual influence can also be controlled by law. Although it is a pity to wake up forcibly, it is urgent to start!"
Peacock talisman woke up temporarily. "Morgan vine has been delayed more than I expected, and it must be very violent to interrupt its evolution in the middle of today. We must be vigilant and be careful."
Lin momo smiled and said half jokingly, "If I dare to bite myself, I will throw it into Zhongxing to die."
The metal opens the first page, and the blue-black vines stretch out. Morgan Fujiwara absorbs the green flame and shrinks to the body, thus having the present color.
"Morgan rattan wake up! I need your help "Lin momo seize the vines to communicate.
The vine was restless and randomly pumped around it. The metal also moved and threw out a lot of light clusters. The peacock amulet tried to blow Morgan vine out of the page and stalemate for a moment.
Lin momo’s efforts to seize the vines to absorb life energy are so hostile that Morgan Teng retaliates.
The cold and biting coolness spread along the arm, and the toxicity was hard to shape. Lin momo’s lips were blue and the signs of death were struggling to order "Now that you have awakened, take back the toxin!"
Morgan vine is very familiar with Lin momo’s breath. Naturally, he gathers the poisonous power and climbs to his master’s arm and shakes it.
In the past, Morgan Teng had the opportunity to evolve into an advanced individual, but it was interrupted halfway to build a high-rise building and suddenly collapsed. Even if it took a lot of hard work and no waste, it would be difficult to start over.
Lin momo cross legs and sit slowly communicate "I’m sorry I dragged you down this time! The enemy may appear at any time. Your toxicity is a big killer. If you have a chance, you will be compensated. Don’t be petty and let me know your new abilities quickly. "
Vine friction sleeve issued a "white" almost can pass Lin momo know their own changes.
The more Lin momo knows, the more emboldened he is. When Morgan Teng is in a muddled state, no matter how many methods and methods are used to control it, the condensed toxin is hidden, the toxic light is profound and strong.
As Morgan Teng wakes up, the flight feathers lock the Phantom of the Opera, and the whereabouts quickly approach Zhongxing. Even after knowing the situation, he said to Sha Zhanyun, "Look at each other’s ability to choose the range of satellites in the battlefield, which is very unfavorable to the huge battleship. This is equivalent to telling us that they want last stand to die."
Volume 2 American enemy! Flight feathers, Chapter 17 Suppression
When the Flight Feather appears at the end of the field of vision, Lin Sisuo is eating apples on the deck. It will always come and go. Relax and face the fear. This is a compulsory course for the captain of a star cruise ship.
The flight feather stopped slowly for half a kilometer, and the atmosphere was more depressing than testing the psychological endurance bottom line of both members.
Sha Zhanyun said through the screen that "Captain Black Hair, you have a lot of courage. Since the Phantom of the Opera is parked here, we will go on."
Lin momo straightened up and said, "Courage is forced out of Hydra. Everywhere I go, I have eyeliner staring at you. The third galaxy has such a huge power that it is beyond imagination. But what I fear is not the flight feathers. I believe that those battleships are not willing to set foot on the strong magnetic field environment of Zhongxing, or that courage is forced out. Others dare not do things. I dare to move forward for 50 seconds while offsetting the strong magnetic field radiation. It’s up to you to fight or not."
The words sound just fell and the Phantom of the Opera, according to the preset trajectory, suddenly sped up and the distance between the satellites was one step closer.
"Crazy people are crazy." Sha Zhanyun gnashed his teeth and found Zhongxing as a battlefield. If the hull is damaged to a certain extent, there is no chance to escape.
Julien looked at the screen and said, "It’s not crazy to hold on to the other side without going forward 50 seconds, but after careful calculation, if you don’t want to be in danger after the arrival of the battleship, the battlefields of the two star cruise ships are just outside the fire range, which means that your brother will have to deal with everything on his own if he doesn’t want to be in danger."
"Good is just what I want. E-class star cruises devour each other, which is to wake everyone up. Out-of-bounds galaxy, the law of the jungle, the phantom of the opera, has defeated the flight feather, so it is not worthy to go out-of-bounds galaxy." Sha Zhanyun said, delineating the trajectory of the phantom of the opera and chasing it.
Lin momo returned to the cab and more than ten screens were unfolded one after another and asked casually, "Are you ready?"
"Captain, please rest assured that all the crew members are in place." Sasha solemnly replied that the mermaid with a few laughs was very different in seriousness.
Lin momo nodded with satisfaction and said, "Brothers and sisters, the Phantom of the Opera has lived and died together. It’s a sour time. The captain won’t talk about what we have to do. One thing is to step on the wreckage of the Flying Feather and promote Hydra. I want to build a D-class star cruise ship. I also want to do this step by step. Don’t be impatient and I will succeed."
At the moment, Lin momo doesn’t know that the mysterious man named Julien joined Feiyu Bullfrog Star to gain more or less confidence in the source ability, and then there is bound to be a enter the dragon.
Sha Zhanyun’s big command of "fast side shelling" unexpectedly, Phantom of the Opera spewed out fierce fire and the auxiliary gun cooperated with the main gun to suppress the fire, which was just right.
"Give it to me, give it to my silly brother, and help you kill the bad guys." Harley’s face was full of tears, and his facial expression was unnatural.
A moment later, Harley smiled with a hint of relief and said to himself, "You finally admit me. I remember when I was a child, it was like today. Come out and help me beat the bad guys or merge!" Erase my stupid Harley completely from my consciousness! I know you have a way. "
Another Harley simply refused, "No, I’m a wise man. Why not make my personality more complicated?"? Besides, those guys on the boat know you’ve been wiped out and don’t cut me up? Don’t resist giving me your body temporarily. With the newly acquired source ability, the main theme of the battlefield should be under my control. "
"Okay, please, brother!" Harley smiled and closed his eyes, and the battery area fell silent.
Suddenly, there were two sharp flashes next to the main gun, and the eyes swept to the screen to listen to the roar. "So what about Hydra? Whoever dares to offend my genius and wisdom will pay a heavy price. "
The Phantom of the Battlefield suddenly changed its offensive, and the medium-sized nuclear fission light cannon seemed to have a breath. Every time it blooms, its power is wonderful to the top. It doesn’t matter from which angle the Feather attacks, it can be blocked. Sometimes the two cannons collide with each other in vain, and the direct fire dissipates invincible.
Lin momo breathed a sigh of relief and muttered in his heart, "Well done, Harley, this guy is also starting to go crazy. He doesn’t want to die in silence, but it will erupt in silence. Since the Phantom of the Body, your fate is the same as mine."
Some people are glad that some people are worried about the flying feather, and the current adjutant Lian said goodbye to the idle mentality for the first time and became serious.
Sha Zhanyun stood up in horror and exclaimed, "Only a senior wise man can accurately predict the position of the gun. It’s so cunning that the battle broke out only once. This time, the cover was hidden so deeply that it was unfathomable."
"Remember the captain, you can’t lose your cool." It is chilling for Lian Yin to be cold.
Hearing this, Sha Zhanyun slightly stabilized his mood and quickly analyzed the situation, saying that "Feiyu has a three-level wise man with the ship. Obviously, the other side is not comparable. According to this situation, it is extremely bad unless it is in close hand-to-hand combat. However, Phantom’s collision angle is also very severe. It seems that it is heard that Malta’s crystal battlefield initiative has firmly grasped the other side’s hand."
Even the screen will be switched to the adjutant’s panel, frowning and searching, pointing to the options and laughing. "Don’t bother. Just fighting makes the ship’s lighter not ridiculous." It is not as good as these things to display the ship’s lighter. "
"What is it?" Sha Zhanyun looked at the screen curiously and laughed at himself. "I’m so stupid. How did I forget Hydra’s housework? The mine net was built by Hydra thousands of years ago, so it’s time to give the enemy a taste of it. "
Lian explained that "it’s not enough. Don’t forget that this is a medium-sized strong magnetic field environment. When the magnetic mine net is pulled, it will become indeterminate. If the throwing angle is designed, the Phantom of the Opera can’t hide from the mine net."
Sand show non-success one leng "in the adjutant, I found that you are no stranger to ship war seems to be very familiar with star cruises, I really don’t know what kind of person you used to be? There is a lot to learn from doing things calmly and deeply. "
Sha Zhanyun kept giving control instructions in his second hand. He wanted to hear what Lian said, only to find that the mysterious man was silent.
"Putting zone one into the countdown, putting zone two into the countdown, and filling zone three is being prepared". There are messages coming back to the main control room, and the color of the screen is reflected on Sha Zhanyun’s face, adding a bit of heroism.
The structure of Flight Feather is more complicated than that of Phantom of the Opera. Many two star cruises are separated by thousands of years. Although Phantom of the Opera has been adjusted according to the data of crazy founder D ‘Daniang, the technical level is still a bit poor. Of course, human factors play a great role. Even the worst star cruises can exert unimaginable strength in the hands of a good team.
Harley’s eyes in the battery area of Phantom of the Opera roared with awe, "Captain Feiyu is fishy and the driving speed is 23 minutes and one second slower. According to my estimation, he wants to throw something out to adjust the vector angle, so he can’t turn his back on Zhongxing, which is very passive."
"Roger that, continue to suppress the fire." Lin Sisuo can turn the coin of Harley to the front or the back. It is the victory side for the Phantom of the Opera.
"Bang, bang, bang" Feiyu’s three launching areas opened the gate at the same time and poured a dense mine net to Taitai, which was overwhelming.
"What? Hide in the past? " Sha Zhanyun and Julien were so frightened that they could hardly believe their eyes.
This is the benefit of the advanced wise man’s foresight. The Feiyu knows what shit it pulls. Lin momo first started the propeller and glided out greatly, and even transferred to dozens of light beams behind the enemy ship to bombard the pain killer.
The main control room of the "Bomb" Flight Feather wobbled, which was very porcelain, and the external energy shield contracted rapidly to the department, and the defense strength dropped significantly.
"Bastard starts the final limit, turns on the positive and negative matter annihilation light cannon, and the ship is overloaded with energy. I want to beat the Phantom of the Opera to pieces." Sha Zhanyun was furious and decided to move the forbidden power of Feiyu.
The destructive power of the positive and negative matter annihilation light cannon is amazing, and sometimes it is even better than the battleship superconducting nuclear fission light cannon. In addition to the intense consumption, it is the battlefield to reverse the Gankun big killer
"Run, run, run" Harley, a wise man, was convulsed and woke up. Lin momo was in a bad situation. Another personality appeared for a long time and had a great burden on the body. However, the stage of death was too much for her.
Feiyu’s dazzling light radiates like a supernova explosion, and the Phantom of the Opera, even if it runs faster, is gradually swallowed up by the light. There is a burst of "Yi La La" in the wave frequency. I don’t know the result.
Julien didn’t stop Sha Zhanyun’s recklessness, because the enemy wise men were terrible, and the defensive body of Feiyu would be worn away a little bit for a long time. At the same time, some people can’t figure out how such a senior wise man could run to the first-class star cruise ship and become a gunner. I’m afraid even Shajia is not so extravagant.
Lin momo was dizzy, and the whole person fell to the ceiling and his body was light. He quickly asked, "What is the situation of the Phantom of the Shadow?"
The light screen returned to normal and said, "The energy shield was captured at 3.7 seconds. The gravity system was abnormal. The solar sail collapsed and there was a 13.75 square meter scratch on the side of the ship. Fortunately, the power system and propeller were running normally, and Miss Pei Lin was carrying out emergency repairs."
Cabin weightlessness Lin momo flicker to sit in the armchair Morgan rattan will body tied his mouth to lambaste "kill thousand knives rich amazing? Actually preparing positive and negative materials to annihilate the light cannon Yin people see that the power is not the general stuff. The energy burden of Humfeiyu must be quite large. Go back to the battlefield and fight again. "