The owner of the stall was a thin and graceful woman in her thirties. When she met Wang Foer, she asked with a big smile and said, "This is Archie’s sacred tree, and only the cloud clan can produce it. There is no second one in Xizhi Island. If you want ten ancient Levin gold coins."

Wang Foer was slightly stunned when he realized that he was penniless and was about to disappoint. He suddenly shouted, "The guest is a distant visitor. If he doesn’t have the ancient city Levin gold coin, he can also use money."
Wang Foer casually asked, "I don’t know about this?"
Different from the Levin gold coin in the ancient city of Xizhou, the middle-earth gold cake he bought was a round gold coin with a much larger volume. When the stall owner saw it, his eyes lit up and he tried to resist the ecstasy in his heart and said lightly, "We don’t circulate this currency in Xizhou. If you plan to pay this bill, you need three pieces to arrive at an ancient Levin gold coin."
Wang Foer secretly smiled and didn’t want to do such a sucker. She was about to leave by herself. The woman suddenly felt a little anxious and said, "If the guest officer thinks the price is wrong, I can also make the price a little less!" This Archie scared tree species is guarded by the cloud clan immortal cloud warrior. If you miss this time, you will never meet again … "
Wang Foer is too lazy to continue to pay attention to the so-called "Archie making tree" that he has already swept by Bo Yi. Although it is also a rare plant, the Moro grass seed is not rare. There are many products in the southernmost cloud of Xizhou continent, but it is hard to obtain because it is sacred to the cloud and guarded by the warriors of the cloud clan.
"When I save the whole city, I will stop by to visit many strange cloud warriors in the mainland of Xizhou, but I don’t know what it is like, although they claim to be immortal."
The thought came to mind that Wang Foer had gone away in a flash, leaving the woman regretting that her asking price was too high and she missed the buyer’s place. Therefore, it is rare to wait for idle people to patronize and have a buyer today.
Wang Foer strolled around and picked up some strange things and bought a few pieces. This strange island is different from Middle-earth. Therefore, Tianyuan force can’t make Wang Foer want more enemy means although he has wild divine power. Therefore, all the things he chose can be used to cultivate wooden thorns and teach assassins. In the secret record, there are several kinds of diamond trees, which can be catalyzed into tall tree people by life secrets, which is a rare harvest.
After getting familiar with the port of Barcelona, Wang Foer held back his anxiety. Although he wanted to start looking for the city of tears, he was a strongman. He knew that the more he hurried, the more likely he was to go the other way.
Therefore, Wang Foer sighed and rushed back to the fleet first. He planned to sign on the spot that a group of people would form a temporary mercenary team, and then set out to find people. With people as guides, it would naturally get twice the result with half the effort. When he came, he said that the ship would let Yan Longqing clear the snow and stay with the main of the Guanghan Palace, which was enough to make the fleet solid.
Mashbas, Wang Foer has come back one step earlier, and he is still with Dishmah. Although Dishmah is a mainlander, he is quite be adept at about the Chinese language and has some understanding of the customs of the Chinese characters. Sven has also made Yan Longqing, Xueyan, Jiangnan and others quite fond of him. Even Xiao Long is sitting with a few people at this time. The war between the light giant and the cloud warrior in Xizhou sounds very tortuous and exciting.
Seeing Wang Foer’s return, Mashbas stood up with Dismach. Although Wang Foer was a little strange about Dismach’s arrival, he didn’t ask more questions. He was very interested and asked, "Just now, I wandered around Barcelona and heard some warriors in the cloud saying that they were in a hurry and didn’t ask in detail. Is this cloud warrior really immortal? How can the giant of light resist this monster? "
Dismach smiled a little and said, "The giant light cloud warriors are all my ancient survivors of Xizhi Island. The giant light is also immortal. They were born in the ancient war but lost their reproductive power. Otherwise, Xizhi Island will be their land now. The southernmost part of Xizhi Island has occupied the cloud and the optical valley all the year round, but it is always tied."
"The cloud clan is born with a fixed body, and the light giant is composed of light. They are all indestructible monsters for us humans in Xizhou."
Wang Foer turned to ask, "Master Mashbas, did you help me find out the news?"
Mashbas shook his head and said, "I have offered a reward for anyone who has information to come to the fleet to collect ten gold cakes, but someone has come today."
Yan Long Qingxue saw that Wang Foer’s face was very ugly and comforted him. He said, "Now that Sister Qingcheng has escaped from the hands of Elder Kobe and has a strong martial arts, there is absolutely no danger. We will find her slowly!"
Wang Foer said lightly, "I also know that this matter is in a hurry not to prepare to take a team to the mainland of Xiqiao, and my sister Yan Longqing Snow will help me guard the fleet. I will take the crane family to deliver messages to facilitate communication at any time, and the whole city will certainly find a way to go back to China. It is also more convenient for you to wait here."
Yan Longqing nodded with a smile and said, "Since you have a plan, I am relieved."
Chapter 33 Cloud Valley ()
Wang Foer turned around and said to Mashbas, "I wonder if Master Mashbas can help me hire some people who know martial arts a little, preferably 700 people."
Mashbas nodded and said, "There is no problem at all. There are tens of thousands of vagrants from all walks of life in the seaport city of Barcelona."
Yan Longqing Snow was slightly surprised and said, "There are more than 10,000 people selected by more than 10,000 people in our fleet, but it is only necessary to raise your hand to hire land warriors?"
Wang Foer replied faintly, "The reality of our fleet is enough to make a storm in this continent, but that’s not what I want to do. How can I be more powerful than Wang Lai?"
A country’s history will be met with constant resistance unless the number of people who invaded the new territory is wiped out. Although Wang Foer came to the mainland of Xizhou to find tears, now that he has come to build a stable base conveniently, there will be unexpected benefits, and he wants to build such a base in a different continent. It must be a native to make people unable to resist strongly.
He is also worried about the troubled times in the mainland of Xizhou. If he accidentally meets a powerful opponent, such as a wooden thorn and a barbarian, who controls several countries, this temporary force still has some guarantee. If the Ministry relies on China to bring the number of people in the war, the number of people will definitely decrease. It is not cost-effective to fight this war without soldiers.
Dismach heard the strange light in the eyes of the people Wang Buddha wanted to recruit, and said with a smile, "Although I was taught by the original religion, I still have followers around me. If the venerable master wants to recruit people, I can recruit these people!"
Wang Foer nodded and said, "It’s better to believe that Mr. Dismach’s hands are outstanding and outstanding, and he must be flexible in doing things."
Wang Foer said that he accepted Dismach, which made the former God of the original religion feel relieved. He was chased by the original religion, and his subordinates were dying. If he can shelter Wang Foer, he can take a breath and rest before developing in Xu Tu.
The crane family from Mashbas followed Wang Foer to help start their own warehouse, and Yan Long Qing Xue sold the goods brought from China very quickly and accumulated a large amount of money, so Wang Foer gathered more than 500 Vagabond in seven days.
He inquired for many times in the past few days and finally learned a more accurate news. Someone has seen a savage wasteland with a tearful girl.
The messenger is a steward of Yitian Commercial Group.
The third attempt of Yitian Commercial Group to cross the wild wasteland also failed miserably. This time, less than ten people came back and even the goods they transported were lost in the wild wasteland.
The whole city of Barcelona is buzzing with news. You know, the seaport of Barcelona is surrounded by the sea and connected with the land on three sides. If you can’t cross the wild wasteland, you can’t reach other cities in Xiqiao.
Some merchants who own seagoing ships have decided to set sail for another port to try their luck, which makes the Lord of Barcelona very annoyed. More than ten times have been paid to recruit brave men who killed all the emperors.