Simply writing [Settings] is more simple.

After all, everyone has all kinds of weird ideas to some extent.
For example, I want to send something that is very omnipotent but looks great.
And it’s not time-consuming and labor-intensive to spend hundreds or thousands of words describing various ideas roughly.
Idle people don’t need anything practical to join in.
Maybe you can come up with some strange [settings] when you play the game and the game interface is still in the queuing stage.
This kind of thing is often interesting mainly because of the plural participants.
that’s it
With the continuous operation of the network and the increasing number of participants
All kinds of primitive [settings] were rewritten by different participants.
Many of the original hundreds of words [settings] have been gradually expanded and changed repeatedly, and even other [settings] have been connected in series to create some relatively simple story contexts.
Is to form a larger and more complete [world view]
And when the "world outlook" is perfected to a certain extent,
It is all kinds of integration revisions that make story lines connected.
Let that little-known little network gain some fame.
The name of the net has also been crowned with the whole [world view] they have created, which is called-[foundation] (this thing is still forbidden)
Chapter 169 [Identity] []
After the opposite situation has developed almost.
With the idea of "greed"
The opposite information was immediately pulled away
All kinds of information in the target network eventually turned into a piece of black paper.
after that
He closed the time window and put the paper in a reading interface on the world view setter.
When the paper is swallowed up.
He has come to the podium with his back to each contestant and said in a slightly expectant tone
"Very well, everyone is coming to witness the miracle moment!"
Say it.
She directly pulled a rocker on a machine surface.
Then, a box with constantly changing numbers appeared on the screen of 【 worldview setter 】.
The overall situation looks a bit like that kind of lottery machine in the game hall
And "greed" also explains an actual situation in a timely manner.
"First of all, we need to select the overall difficulty of the activity."
"There is a total of one number. The maximum value of a single number is 1 and the minimum value is 1, which means that the total number is 1 and the minimum value is 5. The greater the total number, the higher the difficulty you need to experience … Of course, the difficulty level will not affect the winner’s reward, which will prove whether your life is bad or not … unlucky people should practice one more."
The first half of the speech is still normal
But the second half is still full of malice towards the weak.
in this regard
Olga has no intention at all.
After all, the other party is really better than himself.
And the strong respect is truth.
A little contempt
It’s insignificant
I’m not qualified to go.
You have to stand at attention when you are beaten.
Now is now.
The future is not certain …
before long
When that numb in the number box stop.
A total of 77 figures appeared.
No doubt
Among the 100 grades of difficulty, this already represents a relatively high difficulty, at least it is also a medium difficulty or difficulty.
But it hasn’t peaked yet.
Want to come is not too high.
At least don’t let the [Abyss King] field beat each contestant.
In that case.
Olga thinks it’s better to retire before.
Although it is "two places at once"
But for the sake of profit and meaning, I was beaten