> Tong Tong wants to train her husband.

Chapter two hundred and ten Escape from success
I stared at myself in the mirror and said to myself, don’t pay attention to him if you beat him to death. He can ignore you for three or four days, and now he doesn’t say what to treat you as soon as he comes back.
After I brushed my teeth, the man also came out of the shower room and came over with a towel on the side.
I saw in the mirror that he was slowly approaching his heart and jumped up uncontrollably, but my face remained indifferent and I wanted to ignore him.
Zou Chen came to me and looked at himself in the mirror. The movement of his forehead hair was a temptation to me.
I lowered my eyelids and took a deep breath. I looked down and washed my face.
I felt a sharp line of sight pass over my head, and I couldn’t help shaking the water with my hands.
A man put a bath towel around his waist, took toothpaste and brushed his teeth. I washed my face in a hurry and ran away from the bathroom.
Being with that person in a small and oppressive place
Out of the bathroom, I took a deep breath and went to the dresser to quickly put on toner and lotion. I just took off my bed coat and wanted to escape, but Zou Chen came out of the bathroom at this moment.
I turned around, and his eyes just slowed down when he looked at me. I didn’t want him. I was afraid of him. I would never show weakness first this time.
He stared at me blankly for two seconds, and I caught a sneer at the corner of my mouth. I glanced at the bedside phone and walked to the door. When I reached the doorknob, Zou Chen shouted behind me coldly, "Don’t you tell me something?"
I paused with my hand and pushed the door and went out, ignoring him.
Oh, I have to say it when he wants to hear it, and I won’t say it.
I must cure this man. He has a bad temper and is always cold and violent with me. Let’s see who is colder.
I went downstairs and into the restaurant. Mrs. Lin’s breakfast was already set. I guess I knew Zou Chen was back and made two more side dishes. The breakfast was very rich, so I sat down and ate first.
Actually, I wanted to finish eating early for a while, so I didn’t want to share the table with that man, but he came when I was halfway through eating.
I stared at my bowl and Zou Chen sat opposite me without sitting anywhere. Obviously, he didn’t want me to eat well, but I insisted on eating well for him.
Section 216
So I finished a bowl of porridge and asked Mrs. Lin to help me fill another bowl with side dishes, which was delicious.
Zou Chen sat opposite and looked at me with a sullen face. He drank another bowl of porridge, and the genie was like drinking his blood with me. "It seems that you are very moist at home. Do you eat more than me?"
I glanced at him lightly and saw that he was full of anger and took a bite of the bag. I picked my eyebrows and lowered my eyelids, but I wouldn’t talk to him or make eye contact with him again.
I told him not to believe me and let him ignore me!
"Wow, I’m in a hurry for breakfast." Zou Rexi’s magic sound suddenly appeared at the door of the restaurant, and then the figure flashed by me and there was another person.
I looked at her and blinked at her, but I didn’t say anything.
Zou Ruoxi looked at me and looked at Zou Chen’s big eyes slightly narrowed and smiled. "The atmosphere is wrong!"
Zou Chen glanced at her coldly. "Take your own chopsticks for breakfast."
"Do-it-yourself food and clothing" Zou Rexi got up with a smile.
Sister-in-law Lin has brought her bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen.
Zou Rexi took the sweet way before saying "thank you, Mrs. Lin"
"Why did you come here without breakfast?" Sister Lin gave her a pat.
Zou Ruoxi walked back to my side and hit me with a smile. "I think my sister-in-law didn’t even care about breakfast."
I glared at her and said, "Who is your sister-in-law?"
"Ha ha, of course it’s you." She looked serious. "I think you are my sister-in-law." Then she smiled at Zou Chen and asked, "wouldn’t you say so?"
"There are so many words." Zou Chen glanced at me. "There are many people who want to be your wife."
I muttered "cut! Who wants it? "
"Hee hee, you two are so naive." Zou Rexi came back to see me and Zou Chen and laughed, then he was very excited and said to Zou Chen, "Elder brother, do you know that Sister-in-law will play Taekwondo? That’s really handsome. Hanyu, the changeable woman, was beaten by her and didn’t even have a parry …
"Zou Rexi, shut up."
"Zou Ruoxi, what did you say?"