At that time, I didn’t understand it. Now I finally understand that he can easily make me disappear before Ying Zheng, but at that time, I was too stupid to think that Mi Qi would seal Ying Zheng. After all, she is the first person in the real Xuanmen.

I rubbed my forehead with my hands, and my thoughts were too confused. Everything I believed was so ingrained that it took me a long time to calm myself down. When I looked up, I saw Yan Xiyue kneeling in front of me, but I couldn’t see his expression.
"Get up, I know Siam. Why are you trying to kill yourself?"
At that time, I was always surprised that his hatred for Yue Qianling was unforgettable. Now it’s a white heart. I laugh at myself and smile bitterly and know everything. In the end, I’m just a joke chess.
"I don’t want to kill anyone today. Tell it from the most detailed account." I sighed heavily and scanned the people in the courtyard with my eyes. "Are you two telling it yourself or should I let this extremely important minister, Prime Minister Daqin, say it?"
"I’ll tell you."
I tried to close my eyes. The last thing I wanted to hear was Mu Xixi’s words. Finally, I nodded. Wei Yong and Qin stopped scolding her because they knew that there was no room for manoeuvre now.
Jose Sunseeker Xue was about to suddenly stop talking. He looked at the courtyard and closed the door. He had been depressed and decadent, and Qin suddenly became angry.
The wooden door was torn apart, and a figure was thrown in. I looked for it. Wen Zhuo was thrown heavily, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood and his face was as white as paper.
There are only a handful of people who can hurt Wen Zhuo like this. Most of them are in this courtyard. Besides, it’s hard for me to think of anyone who can make Wen Zhuo so miserable. Wen Zhuo warned me. He has always been cynical and dared to break into people in front of Qiu Nuo without blinking. Now he lets me escape, which shows that hurting others is far beyond his resistance.
When the moonlight comes in, people’s steps are soft and their manners are myriad. Every step is well-founded. My eyes drop and the face is more shocked than ever.
Yue qianling
I want to get up from the chair and just want to ask her to suddenly find that her behavior is strange. That’s not the case. Maybe she won’t learn such standard court etiquette for a generation. There is no place to be picky, like a piece of jade, and she can’t find the slightest flaw.
That’s not less and less. She would never look at me like this. Leng Yan is enough to break my heart again.
Qin Yishou and Wei Yong should feel the same way with me now. I can see the expectation and extravagant hope in their eyes.
"The Chu people have a life and death, and they laugh and watch the clouds. You two kneel here."
When the sound came out of her mouth, Wei Yong couldn’t extricate himself from crying at that moment. The two men straightened their backs and knelt down again. This time, they didn’t force or bend their will.
I saw Mu Xixi’s snow approaching me, trembling slightly, which is no longer familiar to me. I am sure that the woman in the moonlight will never be Yue Qianling. She will never have such an imposing tone. She is weak but has incomparable majesty.
It’s time for everyone to come. It seems that it’s what I expected. It’s this dragon and tiger mountain, this courtyard. Everything will be settled tonight
I looked at Wen Zhuo. He stumbled to my side and didn’t speak, but I could understand his eyes. After I left, there must be some reason that inspired Yue Qianling’s seven senses and exquisite heart. Just as Ying Zheng can occupy my body, Yue Qianling has never been occupied by her body before. That’s because she hasn’t possessed the power of squatting yet.
"You don’t kneel when you see me."
The voice is soft and not like an order, but it is far stronger than the king’s command.
"It’s also considered that people in the ruling and opposition parties kneel on the face of many dissenting Confucian …" When Yan Xiyue saw her, she was always a hateful expression. Now she is still elegant but extremely proud. "Ten thousand people are still used to others kneeling on me."
I can’t seem to see the rage in my life. Even if I say that Xiyue is afraid of provocation and falls into her eyes, she still smiles.
"Prime Minister Jiuqing took charge of the heavy code of life in the prison, and dared to ask the Prime Minister that those who saw the emperor’s ceremony in the Great Qin Law should be guilty."
"Waist and abandon the city’s nine families!" Talk about the west and blurt it out
"The Prime Minister deserves to be the first legalist, and the law is still well known in my heart. Now you are in front of the Emperor Daqin, is there a reason why the Prime Minister doesn’t kneel?"
As soon as his voice fell, Xi Yue suddenly became speechless. I knew that he had followed the code he made all his life and was never biased. I saw that he hesitated for a long time and still answered indignantly.
"The chaotic Daqin pretends to be the Empress Yan, and you are no longer the Empress."
"Is it not the prime minister’s turn to speak? In the Great Qin Law, I have an emperor to tell heaven that it is justified. After the Great Qin Emperor, less Qin Huang didn’t deprive me of this title in the end. Don’t you even have to violate your own code?"
It is said that Xi Yue’s cheeks encouraged him to grind his teeth, but every sentence is well documented. Even if he wanted to argue, he could not find a reason. Finally, he fell to his knees.
Yi habitat contentedly nodded and smiled eyes moved to chui fook’s face.
"You and I, master and servant, each have his own purpose. I don’t force you to return to Qin, so it’s better for you to meet me according to the ceremony."
Chui fook closed his eyes and sighed heavily, and he knelt down in weakness.
Of all the people, I know and understand at least that the first Xuanmen in Mi Qi Wen was crowned emperor by Ying Zheng, and the woman can make Ying Zheng pay attention to what a woman will be like. I used to be curious, but now I can see with my own eyes what Ying Zheng will be infatuated with her. They both have a very similar atmosphere, which is a kind of arrogance and arrogance. I believe that when Ying Zheng saw Mi Qi, she saw more of herself, and now she is in front of my eyes.
I have completely controlled the situation. After she appeared, it was just a few words. Everything turned sharply. Even I hated her and I had to kneel down.
"Sunseeker Snow … from Dachu to Qin, although you and I are servants, I have always regarded you as sisters, and you love Qin Huang. How can I not know that you will stick to your promise and finally return to Qin Huang to seal your princess?" Mi Qi finally looked at people. Mu Sunseeker Snow’s tone was still tepid, and I couldn’t recognize the reproach. "There is a difference between your concubine and me. You don’t kneel down on my princess, but since Qin Fei saw the emperor, you don’t kneel down?"
Mu Xixi’s knees were about to bend, and I held them back and looked straight at them.
"Qin Huang Xian Tai Gong Xue Zhao Xi Xue sees that the emperor doesn’t kneel down. You are just the emperor. She doesn’t kneel down, and Qin Huang doesn’t kneel down!"
"Who are you?" Ask me with a smile like a flower.
I told him that I might be able to answer her bluntly, but suddenly I didn’t know how to answer her question. When I hesitated, I heard the words straighten up.
"Many dissenting Confucian emperors have ten thousand statues after you. I worship you according to the Qin law, but you must kneel before many dissenting Confucian emperors."
"The Prime Minister’s words are so bad that my emperor’s power can make the three worlds all-powerful and ten thousand people fold." He glanced at me here with a meaningful smile. "The Prime Minister saw that this person was passive and Nuo Nuo was indecisive, but did you have many dissenters in your mouth? He’s a joke. Isn’t it a bigger joke that you bow down to this man’s feet? "
Xiyue also wants to argue with Miyuki to be interrupted by her cold words.