Three thick dust was swallowed up by him, and the magic was quickly refined.
Such an energy is more pure than pure. If he practices penance himself, he may not be able to repair it in decades.
It can be said that the whole map of the sky is a huge energy body!
Xiao Yu’s flying here is like killing and devouring everything he meets, which is directly broken by him and shows that the fairy gas source has been swallowed up by him.
As he rushed all the way, he found that there was an earth-shattering smell, and the huge column was thrown at Gao Chong.
Many monks have already fought.
Suddenly Xiao Yutian’s eyes flashed and he noticed that the distant front gave off a burst of distinctive breath.
Thick unfathomable and chilling qi constantly exudes from there, rolling and surging, containing a layer of turbid yellow breath sweeping around.
When he saw the past in heaven, he immediately found that it was a yellow platform, more than ten feet high and very strange, with mysterious runes flashing all over the sky.
This yellow platform gives people a very dangerous feeling, which seems to be full of blood and ominous smell, which makes people feel jumpy at first glance.
"What’s that?"
Xiao Yutian’s eyes were observed for a while, but I couldn’t see the slightest oddity. This yellow clay mesa has a terrible power to cover everything that can be buried.
Xiao Yu body suddenly crazy blunt past.
As soon as he rushed there, he burst into thick and fierce breath in all directions and went straight to Huangnitai. Obviously, he also noticed that this strange fairy wanted to seize it before.
This kind of fairy can’t be seen, and the calendar is full of strange smell, which is easy to be associated with taboo killers. If you study them carefully, it may exert terrible power.
As soon as a few violent breath rushed over, a terrible war broke out, and the roar swept around the world.
When they made moves, those ascended masters outside Baotu suddenly showed a little bit of surprise.
"This is how the general Huang Nitai put this thing on the first floor!"
"It was difficult to get this treasure at the beginning. It is said that there is a great possibility in ancient Tibet. Is it because the general deliberately released the yellow mud platform?"
"What do you mean when you lost so many talents to get this thing when you attacked the ancient Tibetan area? Is this yellow mud platform worthless?"
It is difficult for several people to understand all this.
At the beginning, they attacked a fierce place and lost several troops, but they flew directly out of that place and were intercepted by their general.
All along, they have a great history in the Yellow Mud Terrace, and the general will study it carefully. I didn’t expect to put the first floor.
At the moment, many monks in the treasure map have joined in and fought for the yellow platform.
Anyway, everything they get in this secret land is their own. This is a great chance. Previously, the wooden system wanted to compete for Xiao Yu’s quota, so did it. It was also searched for the treasure map
"God damn the magic wheel!"
Suddenly, when everyone was fighting for it, there came a huge roar, terror, magic gas and whine, which swept through all directions, and the runes soared into the sky and became unpredictable.
As soon as two huge dark wheels emerged, they buzzed and spun, giving off a horrible and unpredictable force, like two huge black holes, which were on the rampage here.
Wooden prison day led seven powerful followers to blunt come over directly. He laughed wildly in his mouth with a terrible breath. He was already a master in the middle of seventh heaven. It is not unreasonable to plunder resources here and reach the realm of heavy heaven and power in one fell swoop.
Those followers behind him are all voluntary followers who follow him, knowing that they are fighting for the loyalty of the deputy leader Wangdu, hoping to stay here for a while and search for treasures.
The wooden prison was pushed across the sky, and suddenly many monks were hit by the two black maniac wheels, vomiting blood and shouting that their bodies burst in the distance.
"Kill me if you don’t want to be loyal to me, even if you are not qualified to stay here!"
Wooden prison day mouth folded roar.
Those followers behind him all rushed to kill the past and swept here by using the furious killing technique.
Some monks have been beaten to death with their bodies bursting and screaming.
The wooden prison celestial body controls the magic wheel and rushes all the way to tear up the emptiness. No one is his enemy.
In a flash, he rushed to the yellow platform and leaned out a big hand and grabbed it directly at the yellow platform. Haha laughed wildly. "I’m the only one who can get all the treasures here. Hahahaha …"
The words sound just fell and the virtual explosion was followed by two black magic wheels. The horrible and unpredictable whine was even more terrible than the magic wheel in the hands of the wooden prison day. A direct rush and a click smashed the two magic wheels of the wooden prison day and quickly strangled them to the wooden prison day.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and seventeen Forbidden treasure
Wooden prison day face changed suddenly and violently roar a round eyes bloodshot hurriedly loose yellow platform waved a big hand directly toward the two black magic wheel nullify the past.
There was a loud noise, and the energy breath swept everywhere.
Wooden prison day body was flying out on the spot, vomiting blood and blood gas disorder in the mouth could not help but roar.
"Who the hell are you to steal my Juexue and dare to plot against me!"
Wooden prison day mouth shout loudly
Others were taken aback.
"Ha ha ha ….."
A burst of laughter came directly to unbridled and puffed up from this world. Xiao Yu’s body fell from the sky, her long hair fluttered, her eyes were sharp, and she laughed at the huge magic wheel.
"It’s ridiculous for you to say that this treasure belongs to you and me. What are you? But a garbage like you is an insult to the word treasure!"
Xiao Yu not polite way
The wooden prison screamed at the sky, and the eyes were red and murderous. "You are simply dying!"
This is a huge humiliation, which was directly shocked by Xiao Yu’s face-to-face, and Xiao Yu was still his Juexue, which made him endure it.
Brush brush brush brush!
His followers came to wrap Xiao Yu firmly in his eyes, and there was a murderous look that was more terrible and unpredictable, blocking every corner of heaven and earth like a flood.
"Say I want to die. I think it’s you who really want to die. You attacked me once outside. Now I’m going to beat you to death and vent my hatred!"
Xiao Yu grind said
"Kill him!"
The wooden prison was carried away by anger and was too lazy to say more.