"Green rhinoceros lich king, you mau reality teamed up to stop the sea snake for a while." The sea monster king ordered in a cold and unquestionable tone.

Green rhinoceros lich king dare not hesitate, that is called Mao real middle-aged Terran Godsworn, Qi Qi to stop the late Du Jie sea snake flip rolling in the blood-red Se sea water to fight.
In the middle of the seven clouds, the remaining fifteen strong men also fastened their magic weapons, flying swords, ready to join forces to attack the possible pterosaur king.
"Xuan Daoyou, didn’t you say that this pterosaur king suddenly appeared near the little beast?" Wu Qingji tone pressure is very low, seems to be afraid of wild beast heard outside.
The words did not stop. A huge gold Se claw appeared strangely behind Qingluo Lich King, and it smacked the skull of Qingluo Lich King with a thick purple and gold Se gas.
"the door? Get ready to do it! " The spirit of the Phantom Road honors one or more masters, and the momentum suddenly rises.
Green ROM lich king is almost able to turn hands Zhang Er pike that gold Se claws touch together.
"Bang" was captured, and the whole world seemed to stagnate for a moment. Then, the body of Qingluo Lich King burst back for dozens of feet, and a little green Se blood gushed out from his mouth.
The golden claw is torn, and the body is covered with gold for a moment. The Se scales have two heads, and the unicorn beast is quite similar to the fierce wild beast, which appears beside the little beast.
"Damn it, it’s not the beast king. Where did the two-headed unicorn beast in late Du Jie come from?" San monk Wu Qingqi nu scold a way
"Your plan has failed. Let’s give Qingluo a solution first." The Lich King was disappointed.
The double-headed unicorn, which stirred up Qingluo Lich King, could not threaten the little beast, and after this delay, severe wild beasts surrounded around. At this time, even if the wild beast king appeared, they didn’t have a chance to slay it.
"Kill this pair of unicorn beasts first!" Fifteen masters at the same time jumped out of the seven clouds dun fly sword magic weapon aimed at the newly appeared double-headed unicorn beast.
However, at this time, the scene that surprised everyone reappeared.
See the people overhead place once again come up to a huge gold se claw that claw was toward Liang Yi’s location.
Early feel something fishy Liang Yi first had a mind’s eye when this gold Se paws clap, Liang Yi has already reacted to the physical strength and the Yuan God’s mana to start mixing Yuan Tulingjian with a dazzling light across a strange arc and pulled it to the gold Se paws.
Liang Yi shot at the same time, a shot of white dust also lifted several white silk threads from Liang Yi’s side, which missed the front of the golden Se hoof.
"Boom" mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian’s white dust blowing at the same time boom in the golden Se hoof and claw Liang Yi’s body slightly shook, but the golden Se hoof and claw regressed nearly three zhangs.
Soon a familiar figure appeared in front of everyone.
But it was the cunning beast king who appeared.
"Thank you for your help" Liang Yi grateful glanced at his side Wu Qingji.
"Welcome" Wu Qingji eyes staring at the pterosaur wild bm intensely.
After the pterosaur king wild beast so messed up the public mind some panic, and the sudden appearance of the double-headed unicorn beast seems to be ready. They just shot it and fled far away with the little beast. They joined forces to raid and barely created the double-headed unicorn, which did not achieve substantial results.
"Damn it, this guy didn’t appear until now, but he knew we were in." The sea monster king was ashamed and angry and was designed by a wild beast, and all the bosses were more ashamed and angry in their hearts
"Oooo!" The King of Wild Beasts held his head high and his voice was deep and distant, and instantly echoed around the whole sea area. Dozens of fierce wild beasts had surrounded the crowd, not far away, and the army of wild beasts kept coming around.
"Things can’t be friends, let’s break through!" The tone of the magical spirit is full of deep disappointment. It is different from a fable that Nai failed in the raid and wanted to solve a wild animal king with the peak strength of Du Jie in the later period.
At the moment, Liang Yi is also very sorry in his heart. "It seems that everything is still unavoidable."
"Kill it now, or it will be too late!" The sea monster king’s figure flashed at the other end, pestering the green rhinoceros monster king and the real sea snake Mao. A pair of huge fists with a magic weapon of gold Se snare blasted the snake wild beast’s winding body into a gap, and they were rescued by the sea snake wild beast around the attack.
At the same time, Wu Qingqi, Phantom Spirit Tao Zun made efforts at the same time, together with Liang Yi and others, forced the pterodactyl king to retreat and dodge repeatedly. Unfortunately, at the same time, dozens of wild beasts around him also completed the encirclement.
"Ka" has three soft tails at one end, but his body and head are as bad as crocodiles. The wild beast shakes his body in front of Liang Yi, and the three tails are like whips to Liang Yi.
"Go to hell!" Liang Yi gently hums a figure and tries to avoid the beast’s three soft tails, mixed with Yuan Tu Lingjian’s tears, and the sharp blade struggles to cut the tail in two pieces, and then the thin wings of the front wing armor behind him quiver slightly, drawing five ghosting images to bypass the three crocodile beasts and break out toward the outside.
"Everyone, run for your lives." After the sea monster king rescued the green rhinoceros monster king and Mau reality, he didn’t return, nor did he pay attention to the other strong people who were struggling. He was about to escape when his sudden blow angered the gold Se sea snake. Seeing that the thin tail tip of the gold Se sea snake was slightly scratched, it broke through heavy water obstacles and stopped him.
"death!" Mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian with sharp colorful sword awn passed over a road seahorse wild animal body and directly cut it into two pieces and rushed out of a distance. After Liang Yi turned around, he saw that the wild animal king and the two-headed unicorn beast had joined forces to entangle the scattered repair true person Wu Qingqi. However, the magical spirit Taoist statue had easily killed two road wild animals in Du Jie and had escaped from a distance. In addition, five or six masters were caught in a bitter battle, including the Qingluo Lich King, the Mau reality, and they were all surrounded by several fierce wild animals. In an instant, it was like a dangerous situation.
"Oooo!" Those who are working together to besiege Wu Qingqi’s wild beastmaster suddenly turned to rush at the gold Se sea snake and growled. Soon after, they saw that the tail of the gold Se sea snake was dumped and abandoned, and the entangled body of the sea demon king suddenly flashed to the side of Mau, who was being encircled by three severe wild beasts. Unexpectedly, a tail hit Mau’s real head straight and he was already in danger. Mau’s real person smashed a powder and didn’t even come to escape.
After attacking and killing Mao Zhenren, the golden Se sea snake tail volume also joined the siege of Wu Qingqi. Suddenly, Wu Qingqi was surrounded by three wild beasts in the late Du Jie, and two or three suspected wild beasts in the middle Du Jie also joined the siege of Wu Qingqi.
The pterodactyl king is very clever. It is obvious that it is impossible to simply take advantage of the superior forces and extinguish one by one.
Just escaped from the magic Taoist temple not far away, and hesitated to look back at Wu Qingqi, who was in danger. He usually had a good personal relationship with the magic Taoist temple. He wooed Wu Qingqi several times. "Brother Wu, I helped you with one arm. After you escaped, you helped me with the magic Taoist temple to resist the beast Hao." After hesitating, the magic Taoist temple drank lightly. I saw that his figure was as strange as flowing clouds, bypassing a few wild beasts and appearing beside the little beast. He waved a palm and hit a water-green Se palm three feet in the direction of the little beast’s head.
"Ka" the skull of the little beast gave a brittle crack, and immediately it breathed the magic spirit, which made a good rescue strategy. Unfortunately, this palm completely angered the pterodactyl king to be continued.
The sixth volume Chapter DiWuErSi Sifang YunDong
"Cut" the magic spirit statue of the water-green Se handprint lightly falls on the head of the little beast, and this scene happens to be called looking back and watching Liang Yi see it red-handed.
"What a fierce palm! The peak strength of Du Jie in the later period was really extraordinary, far from being comparable to those monks in the early period of Du Jie." Liang Yi also had a big shock in his heart. The little beast was injured, and it was even more injured after the entanglement of Qingluo Lich King. However, the wild beast in Smaller Pterosaurs was also a real wild beast in the early period of Du Jie, so it was shot dead by the slap of the magic spirit.
"Oooo!" A mournful cry emerged from the high head of the pterosaur king for a moment. The pterosaur king’s wings were as thin as cicada’s wings behind him, and a series of ghosting images were abandoned. Wu Qingqi quickly recovered from the magic spirit and the statue of Tiemuhua.
After the magic spirit statue struck successfully, it was even more impolite to accept the body of the little beast with a wave of his hand, and immediately turned it into a flash with a little elegant white shadow around the herd to flee to the escape speed that was a little faster than Liang Yi.
"Phantom escape? Sure enough! " Liang Yi slightly one leng also no longer stay, fairy wind full of vitality display easily avoid like hao water coming to the herd, to flee.
If the theory of evasion is that Liang Yi’s self-created fairy wind is naturally better than the magic spirit, it’s a pity that Liang Yixiu is far less than the magic spirit, and then J and jīng’s wonderful evasion will also be limited by repair.
When the pterodactyl king wild beast angrily left, Wu Qingqi, a strong man, seized the block and whisked the white dust in his hands, and flung a head on the double-headed unicorn, and struggled to escape from the double-headed and golden Se sea snake’s first five or six fierce wild beasts through the encirclement, trying to escape to the periphery.
"Oooo!" The angry voice of the wild beastmaster came from far away. The two-headed unicorn and the golden Se sea snake suddenly gave up continuing to kill Wu Qingqi, and planned to follow the pterosaur king to kill Tiemuhua. The other three wild beasts were angry and turned to seven who had not yet found a chance to escape from the practitioner.
With the initial strength of Du Jie in the spiritual world, you can break the virtual reality and perform teleportation. However, in fierce fighting, especially in the siege of several monks of the same order, you will die faster if you are distracted and perform teleportation.
Liang Yi fled all the way in the direction of Xuandao. When he met a weak wild beast, he just made it with a sword. When he was a little stronger, he easily bypassed the army of wild beasts in the depths of the past and had to stay for half an hour. Otherwise, once surrounded by a group of wild beasts, even Liang Yi could hardly eat it.
Fortunately, the pterodactyl king has long known that Liang Yi’s escape technique has got Suoxing, so he ignored him directly and didn’t order any severe wild animals to pursue Liang Yi directly, which made him easily escape from Fuling waters.
Looking back at the blood-red Se sea area not far away from Fuling, Liang Yi’s face was extremely happy to escape, but he was deeply worried. The failure of this raid meant that the wild beast Hao was inevitable in history. Every time the wild beast king was born, genkai Xianzhou’s great talents organized a sniper operation, but the chances of success were slim.
This time, being killed is a complete failure. I’m afraid the strong people surrounded by the seven wild beasts are doomed. These people are the pillars of the major forces in Xianzhou, genkai. If we let them return to their respective islands and rely on the law to resist them, each of them can be worth tens of thousands, but it is an army of tens of thousands of cultivators.
In addition, it is even more frustrating for Liang Yi that the density of wild animals in Fuling sea area is higher than that in the first time. Moreover, these wild animals often get together in small piles, and it is impossible to hunt and enslave as unnoticed as last time, which completely disrupts Liang Yi’s plan.
More than ten Ri Hou Liang Yi Zun returned to Xuandao to bridge the mountains in a purple Se swift boat.
In more than a month, Xinluo Xiaoxiao City has begun to take shape. The four walls have been cast and refined in the tens of thousands of yuan infant distraction period. Nearly half of the city’s houses have been built, and more than one third of them have been built. Many ordinary terrans have already moved in and thanked the high-rise houses.
In order to refine these walls and houses, Luoxiao City almost emptied all its treasures, and then exploited all the forces one by one. Finally, several elders carried a lot of wealth and bought them on the surrounding islands, so as to be able to scrape together the required materials.
The newly-built Luoxiao City is especially two cities. The ancestral vein of Xuandao bridges the center of the mountain. It is scattered for two thousand miles. At ordinary times, the core brothers of Luoxiao City live there, but now the wild beast Da Hao is coming. All the demon monks in Xuandao’s taxiing period and the human monks in Yuanying period are stationed in the inner and outer cities, while the low-order monks, ordinary people and some low-order demon families live there.
The whole building of Silla Xiao Cheng looks chaotic and uneven in height, but if you are here, you can see that every five buildings in this chaotic chapter will form a simple small array of five elements, and every five small arrays of five elements will form a relatively complicated large array, which is so interlocking that every time you join a complete small town of five elements, the more powerful it is.