Received three spirits.

. Kong is in a good mood. Gong Ming only felt that his mind had lost contact with Sambo. A pain in my heart. Roar: "Kong Xuan. You give me back my baby. " Kong Xuan smiled and said, "You want to see your baby. Then you can also come and sit. "Say that finish. Behind the green light a shake. Zhao Gongming only felt a squeeze around. After involuntarily to it. Be frightened.
See Ji Xian. Busy to take out the wind. Open the pocket. I saw a strong wind appear out of thin air. Blowing sand and stones. Everyone can’t keep their eyes open Kong Xuan was caught off guard. I was blown away. Zhao Gongming only feel whole body a loose. Hurry up and take the opportunity to escape.
And steamed cheese fairy is waiting for the wind bag to escape. However, Peng Zu of the Shang Dynasty offered the Xuanwu Cold Water Sword. A sword fell. Blood spattered three feet. A soul went to seal the demon platform.
Zhao Gongming defeated and fled back to the business. Master Wen and others knew that all the Lingbao borrowed by Zhao Gongming was accepted by Kong Xuan. Can’t help but be shocked. Everything is speechless. Worry is heavier in my heart. Master Wen sighed, "I didn’t expect Jiang Ziya and others to be so hateful. Brother Zhao. How can things be good? "
Zhao’ Ming hesitated: "Wait until my brothers and sisters come here to fight it out." People can’t. That’s all. And that day. Yang Jian and the Seven Monsters of Meishan are now in business. Master Wen is pleased with himself. Listen to Yang Jian and where he said that when his elders will gather together in Jizhou. It is even more joyful. Have a lot of heart.
At the same time. Shijie and liu er, who came from Dongshengzhou, also arrived at Zhouying. Liu er came. Kong Xuan and others are happy. Add liu er and rocky two frolicking from time to time. There is a lot of excitement in Zhouying. To everyone’s surprise. Liu er and Shijie arrived later. The next day. Zhou Ying welcomed the colorful clouds that had stayed in the Violet Palace.
Caiyun saw the ceremony with everyone. He said to Jiang Ziya, "Brother Jiang. Master Zhang said that this book of nailing the first seven arrows is for your use in breaking the enemy. " And then put it to good use and told Jiang Ziya again. Jiang Ziya is overjoyed. After taking it. Thank humbly in the direction of violet palace.
The next day. Jiang Ziya built a platform on a mountain hundreds of miles outside Jizhou. Then stab a grass man. The word "Zhao Gongming" is written on the grass man. A lamp was lit on his head. Yi Deng was also lit at his feet. Then take a step with your sword and feet. Then burn the seal. Worship the scarecrow for three days in a row. Zhao Gongming, who worshipped Zhou Ying, was restless. I only feel that my whole body is going to be scattered. Another day. Zhao Gongming is in a daze. Yuan Shen does not return. I went on a trip to Tai Chi. Although a surname and others see Zhao Gongming’s vision. Feel strange. But I don’t know what to do. In a few days. Jiang Ziya shot two of the three peach arrows at the double | on the scarecrow. With a scream, Zhao Gongming. My eyes have been shot blind. And when the last arrow hits his heart. Zhao Gongming fell dead clutching his chest.
Pity. Open a big pick Jin Xian. Practice for tens of thousands of years. But he died on the book of the first seven arrows of the demon family’s treasure nail. And he died in a mysterious way.
Master Wen saw Zhao Gongming die strangely. All is frightened. Know Jiang Ziya and others cast a spell to harm Zhao Gongming. But I don’t know what magic to do. Only write a book to inform the Buddhist Shen Gongbao of Chaoge about his physical death. After Shen Gongbao knew that Zhao Gongshen died. Be frightened. After riding a white tiger, I came to Sanxian Island. Come to Sanxiao to dive into the cave. Shen Gongbao informed Sanxiao of Zhao Gongming’s death. After listening to the three clouds. They all burst into tears.
After crying. Yunxiao said to the male leopard, "Brother Shendao. You go back. Tomorrow our three sisters will leave for Jizhou. Revenge my brother. Let my brother be in print. "
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Mixed yuan bucket
After reaching the sky, Shen Gongbao felt happy and left.
Seeing Shen Gongbao leaving, the clouds crossed Qingluan, Qiong Xiao went out of the hole by a swan, and Bi Xiao went to Jizhou by a hualing bird. When she was walking for several miles, she suddenly heard someone calling from behind: "Three sisters, slow down and wait for me." Sanxiao turned around and saw that it was her friend Rainbow Fairy. She couldn’t help but say, "Sister, where do you want to go?" Rainbow Fairy said, "I met Shen Gongbao just now, and he invited me to Jizhou with three sisters to help Master Wen. If we don’t go together.
Sanxiao was overjoyed, and then four female immortals came to Jizhou together. Soon, they arrived in Jizhou. The four female immortals came to the business camp and called the Qimen soldiers to report. When Master Wen and others heard that Zhao Gongming’s three sisters had come, they all came out to meet them.
Four female fairies were welcomed to Shuaiying, and Master Wen took out the robes left by Zhao Gongming to Sanxiao before his death. Rainbow Fairy and Zhao Gongming also knew each other for countless years. Today, when they saw Zhao Gongming’s relics, they both burst into tears. After a while, Yunxiao asked, "Where is my brother’s body?" Hearing this, a surname Wen took the four female immortals to the front of the coffin with Zhao Gongming’s body, and then opened the coffin lid, only to see Zhao Gongming’s eyes bleeding and his chest overflowing with blood. Seeing that his brother died so tragically, Sanxiao cried again.
Qiong Xiao said angrily, "If you don’t report this revenge, you will never return to the island. Jiang Ziya and others are really hateful! When I catch them, I will torture them to death. " Then the four immortals came outside Jizhou and said to the soldiers guarding the city, "Tell Jiang Ziya and others to come out and die." When soldiers in Ningcheng saw that they were four fairies, they couldn’t help laughing. As a funny thing, the chief guarding the city said with a smile, "Fairys, whose wife are you? You are so fierce. It’s unlucky for our Prime Minister to die as soon as you come. This is the important place. Leave quickly, otherwise we will catch you and blame you, and we will punish you well." Say that finish, eyes staring at the four fairy up and down.
The four fairy goddesses were very angry when they were guarded by the city commander. They have been practicing Buddhism for countless years, and they are still virgins. There is no such thing as a lady. Besides, seeing the commander’s eyes, they want to kill him.
You!’ Bixiao rode a bird with a flower feather, pointing to the guarding city Lord.
For a long time, Kong Xuan sighed: "The Sixth Junior Brother doesn’t have to blame himself, that would be a mixed-up struggle. It was careless of our master to call our attention to Sanxiao, but the Third Junior Sister and Ao Guang’s younger brother are not shallow in fairy roots. Although they were captured, we dare not hinder them." Hearing that Shi Fan and Ao Guang had been captured, Liu Er couldn’t help saying in a hurry, "I’m going to take my troops and kill them in the business camp now, and I’m going to rescue my third sister and brother Ao Guang."
Kong Xuan quickly scolded: "Nonsense, second younger brother, this matter needs to be discussed from a long-term perspective. This place is no better than Dongsheng Shenzhou." Lu Ya thought for a moment and said, "The second brother has practiced thirty-six changes in the highest heaven. I don’t want to send him to check it out, or I can find a way to rescue the third sister and brother Ao Guang." Kong Xuan thought for a moment and nodded, "This method is feasible."
Liu er nodded and said, "I’m going to explore one or two now." Say that finish, turned into a mosquito and fly, and then fly to business.
Three clouds defeated Zhou Jun, and captured Shijie and Ao Guang. When Master Wen and others were overjoyed, they all congratulated him, and Bixiao, who was fanned by Shijie, returned to business.
In front of Shuaiying, the clouds held out the mixed gold bucket, and a burst of golden light flashed by, and they saw Shijie and Ao Guang fall in front of everyone. Sanxiao used his magic to ban their whole body magic, and then tied them up. Shi Fan had never been so timid and roared, "Sanxiao, let me go quickly, or I will ask you to fall into reincarnation forever." Hearing this, Sanxiao sneered: "I’ll call you life and death later."
Nezha couldn’t help but feel relieved when he saw the miserable situation of Shijie. He said with a smile, "Ha ha ha, thief wife, I didn’t expect you to be here today." Shi Fan listened to Nezha’s laughter and shouted, "Little boy, wait for me to go back and let you know that you regret it."
Hearing this, Nezha slapped him in the face, and five paw prints were immediately printed on Shijiqiao’s face. Nezha sneered: "If you are blind, do you still want to become dumb?"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Jiuqu Yellow River large array
After Ji and Aoqin were captured, Qing Ye of Qinglian Palace knew it. He thought to himself: It’s better to have a hard time and suffer more. After this ordeal of life and death, Shi Ji’s temper will be blessed in the array of immortals. "Just thinking, Nu Wa came over and saw Qing Ye in meditation. She couldn’t help laughing:" Are you still thinking about another world that Yang Mei Daxian said? "
Qing Ye shook his head and said, "No." Nu Wa asked, "But what happened in Jizhou?" Qing Ye looked at Nu Wa’s worried face and smiled with a bad smile: "I can’t miss you." Qing Ye suddenly popped this sentence without reason, and Nu Wa blushed and spat: "Nothing serious." Then he looked at the eight-year-old little red cloud next to him: "Don’t teach the children badly.
Qing Ye laughed, looked at Xiao Hongyun and said with a smile, "He’s a kid. Don’t look at his young age. He knows everything." Qing Ye aggravated the latter sentence, which made Nu Wa Qiao’s face redder.
Eight-year-old Xiao Hongyun opened her big round eyes and looked innocent: "Brother Qinglian, what are you talking to the Empress? I don’t understand."
In ancient times, Qing Ye and Hongyun listened to the story in Zixiao Palace, and they were equal to Taoist friends. Although there were teachers in this world, Qing Ye also made Hongyun call himself Taoist brothers.
Qing Ye knocked on Xiao Hongyun’s forehead and said, "Go, go, don’t play dumb here, go and play with your sister Caiyun. I have something important to do with the Empress." Xiao Hongyun touched her forehead: "Brother Qinglian, how come every time you have something important to do with the Empress, you always kick me out, and no one sees me, and you start the ban on the back hall of Qinglian Palace."
Qing Ye looked at the kid, a little quite stuffy. Nuwa’s peach face was ripe, emitting a charming glow, which made Qing Ye itch. Seeing Xiao Hongyun, the kid was still tired of staying, so he simply used mana to blow Xiao Hongyun out, and then started the temple ban.
Soon, in the screams of Nu Wa, Qing Ye’s laughter rang out.
Xiao Hongyun was blown out by Qing Ye, and she was depressed. When she came to the front hall to see Caiyun, she asked, "Sister Caiyun, what do you think Brother Violet and Empress are doing? Why are they so secretive every time?" Caiyun was blushed by Xiao Hongyun’s question, and she was speechless. Xiao Hongyun was even more strange when she saw it: "Sister Caiyun, you know right?" Caiyun looked around and saw no one around, then blushed and said, "You are a child, why do you ask these questions?"
Xiao Hongyun straightened her chest. A pair of grown-ups look: "Sister Caiyun. I’m not young. They are all eight years old. " Then pull the clouds to sleeve. Stick to it. Caiyun can’t. Just blushing, he said, "Anyway, it’s what adults do. You are a child. Stop asking so many questions. You will understand when you are older. "
Xiao Hongyun was puzzled: "What do adults do? I’m a grown-up too. Can’t you do it? "
Caiyun heard the news. Blunt with shame. Glanced at the small hongyun underground. Shook his head.
Small hongyun along the clouds to look. I looked at myself strangely. I don’t see why. Waiting to ask questions. See Caiyun go away. Can’t help but catch up. Cried, "Sister Caiyun. Sister Caiyun. You teach me. Ok? " Scared, Caiyun escaped the light and flew away. Look at Caiyun’s direction. Xiao Hongyun said to herself, "Sister Caiyun is practicing hard. It has improved again. "
Don’t say violet GongXiaoGongYun farce. Words liu er turned into mosquitoes and flies to fly to business. Then I saw Shijie and Aoqin tied to iron pillars. Fly past. Whispering in their ears, they said, "Third Junior Sister. Brother Aoqin. I’m liu er. Come and save you back. " When shiji and Aoqin heard this. It’s all joy. Shi Ji whispered, "Second Brother. We’re banned from magic. You cast a spell. Will be banned. We can get out and go back. "
6. what you hear and say. Suddenly changed. Hands emit a golden light respectively. Will be two people banned untied. Just lifted the ban. In the handsome camp to three clouds already know. Can’t help but face a change. Hurriedly out of the handsome camp. Just out of the handsome camp. See liu er three people escape from the light. Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao and Li Jing and his son who came later were about to catch up. The clouds blocked each other and said, "It’s all right. This time they escaped with their lives. Tomorrow we will set up the Yellow River array. To capture and kill them together. Save trouble. "
They smell speech forget about it, Nezha looked at the escape of rocky, with a snort of cold, eyes have unwilling.
Liu er and his three men returned to Zhouying, and Kong Xuan crushed a magic pill and applied it to his eyes. After a night, his eyes were clear, and when his eyes were healed, Shijie was about to go to business to avenge his eyes. Suddenly, he heard Sanxiao outside the city asking for a battle, and was waiting to ask for a life to fight. Kong Xuan said, "Third martial sister, let’s all go together this time, and I’ll see what Sanxiao can do."
The people lined up and saw a large array of 600 soldiers not far away. There was a "Nine Yellow River Array" hanging on the gate of the array, and the evil wind was rustling, chilly, miserable and misty.
In the middle of the three clouds, the sky came out of the array and sneered, "Who dares to break into my array under your heavenly sect? If you break this array, you can kill it at will." Shi Fan wanted to avenge his former enemy, but he was indignant. Just as he was about to enter the battle, Kong Xuan stopped him: "Third Martial Sister, this battle is strange. Go slowly." When Yunxiao saw him, he sarcastically said, "I heard that Brother Kong Xuan was