Have great prestige

"Some troubles in Lu Yu have delayed some adults. Don’t be surprised!" Hu Tianhai bent down to salute.
Li Hong didn’t ask much either.
Eyes glanced behind him "come! Unload the goods. "
Many people came to the cabin to unload the goods.
"This is the fourth reconstruction of the prisoner’s deification brought by Liu Hai this time!" Hu Tianhai pulled Jiang Feng to the front.
Jiang Feng is wearing an immortal lock.
The chain extends to Jiang Feng’s arms and walks "Hua!" He gave Li Hong a ring.
Li Hong also looked at Jiang Feng.
With a wave of his hand, he said, "Come and line up!"
Jiang Feng has long found dozens of criminals with immortal locks on the shore.
Looks like he’s not the only one being held this time.
After Jiang Feng left, Li Hong nodded and said, "People have arrived here, and in the future, you will be sinners on my island."
"that is, the lowest slave here."
"If you don’t listen to the command and want to escape, he will be tortured to death by thousands of insects."
Li Hongkou said
Li Hong, who has just arrived here, naturally wants to give them a horse power.
See everyone is silent.
Li Hong nodded with satisfaction. "I won’t say much nonsense. Someone will introduce you in detail later!"
Soon a tall man with a fairy-killing lock came to them, but his eyes were shining.
"Come with me!"
He took Jiang Feng toward the depths of Tianren Island.
There are many areas in it, and their residence is naturally a simple dungeon. Because of the large number of people, there are three or four people in the dungeon.
"You are not only prisoners here, but also slaves. You have to listen to orders and work. If you find a lazy field, don’t tell me more."
The population said
"But! I want to wake you up before that. "
"It’s easy and painful to work, and it’s good and bad to live in a cell. It’s all in my hands."
The man said half moved his fingers.
There is a hint of greed on his face. What does he mean is obvious to everyone.
"I have a little token of respect here!" Someone took out a bag of fairy stone and handed it to him.
Although they have immortal locks.
However, the immortal lock can seal the immortal energy
But it can’t stop them from practicing. The only difference is that the cultivated power will be sealed in the deepest part of the body.
Yes, remove the immortal lock.
Will return to them.
Simply put, you can practice with the immortal lock, but the method is only used.
"Not bad!" Shengfei nodded.
Their cultivation resources are limited, and even if they are light, they can supply them.
Yes, when new people join us, squeeze them out.
"I have it too!"
Many people have arrived in a bag of fairy stone.
Sheng Fei kept nodding. These people seem to be more sensible than coming to hard bones.
"Xiao you! ?” Chengfei walked to the front of Jiang Feng looked up and asked
Jiang Feng saw his one eye dozen ha ha "sorry! I don’t have a bag of fairy stones and I’ve lost them. "
"Don’t be ungrateful!" Chengfei face suddenly cold.
"Say no is no!" Jiangfengping exit
Chengfei a anger in my heart.
Do-it-yourself inspection actually didn’t find any bags and other storage items, and his face sank.
Just want to bully in front of these people
Since this little bastard is ungrateful, take his knife.
"There is no good! Come with me! " Chengfei said directly to the dark cell.
Dungeons are divided into many parts.
Separated from each other in a straight line
Okay, it’s surrounded by hard fine iron, carved with dense lines to prevent someone from running away.
Want to come to these people is also careful to the extreme.