Wait until the murders cleared. Du Yu looked at Gwen beside him and said, it’s your father George’s turn.

"My father! What do you want? !”
Du Yu threw Gwen a message of cutting and evil laughed "call him! Let others not be allowed to appear in new york this hour. "
Du Yu said coldly, "If I see an agent this hour, I will kill you and bloodbath the police station."
Hum! Gwen’s head instantly froze when she was stunned by Du Yu’s words. Although Du Yu did not move the killer in the first two incidents, no one lost his life because of this.
But no one dares to question that Du Yu didn’t kill them all.
At the moment, Du Yu threatened to kill for the first time. How can he not let Gwen fear?
"Dad!" Gwen hurriedly dialed her father George’s words
"hey! Dad, it’s Gwen! " Gwen said in a crazy way, "Dad … Listen … don’t send agents out … please stay in the police station for this hour. If you come out, we will all die … we will die!"
George just got a call from the central park of new york at the moment and was about to send out. George heard his daughter Gwen’s words.
He can realize that Spider-Man is no joke this time.
If he sends one of his own, he will definitely provoke Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and the terrorist forces will definitely kill everyone who goes against his will.
But if he doesn’t send someone out, who will protect the safety of new york citizens this hour? This is their responsibility!
Is it their lives or the safety of new york people that matters at the moment? !
The agents saw George Nai, and they heard Gwen’s words. At this moment, George took the pressure to make a choice.
If they go out, they will die, but if they don’t go out, there may be more people outside.
The atmosphere in the whole police station has become extremely dignified. Who is willing to give up his life? ! Who doesn’t want to live well?
Psst! Bang!
See George tore his badge to solemnly put his desk and bowed himself deeply to his hands.
"It’s a great honor to work with you! I, George, will always remember everyone! "
After that, George resigned as chief inspector, and a father decided to go to the central park of new york alone to fight the spider demon to the death.
Psst! Bang!
George hasn’t walked a few steps, and an agent behind him also took off his badge and put it on George’s desk.
"I! Kevin! Dismount the post of officer and voluntarily perform the duties of officer! "
"I! Mike! Dismount the post of officer and voluntarily perform the duties of officer! "
The whole police station rang out from heaven and earth and vowed that all civilians would take up arms and go to the central park of new york.
Du Yu, the central park of new york, overlooks new york in the dark.
"Sin is born in chaos and order will be born in chaos! Let this evil be more violent! "
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven The last sin
New york is destined to be an extraordinary night tonight.
The undead wandering in new york are driven away by the most persistent resentment in their hearts in the direction of attracting them.
Tong yi Shi LV mo chamber of secrets
Rebuilding the Chamber of Secrets The Green Devil saw his body in Du Yu, the central park of new york, from the huge monitoring screen.
"Spider magic you finally appeared! I must make you pay a painful price. "
The green goblin stepped on his green goblin skateboard and flew to Du Yu at an extremely fast speed.
Eddie Brook’s poisonous fog spider lineage enhancer also received a message from George that Du Yushen Central Park and Gwen were next to him.
Eddie Brooke did not hesitate to determine the direction and rushed over.
And in a corner of new york, a wandering undead seems to smell delicious food, so I’m ready to pounce on the dark corner.
But it was sprayed on the opposite wall by a white spider silk.
I saw a blonde dressed in sexy exposure coming out of the darkness.
Hum! Emma suddenly looked back in the direction of Central Park. Her spider sense had a premonition that something terrible would happen there, and she had a great ability to acquire superpowers some time ago.