Qing Liu said suddenly thought of one thing-the doctor asked the patient’s family to sign it, but he and Jiang Jingwen actually didn’t get a marriage certificate, saying that even if Qing Liu passed, there would be no eggs because he was not a relative to sign it.

"Shall I sign for you?"
Li Jian paused. "Can this work?"
"Li Ge, you play it by ear. Forget it. I’m returning a lot of things now. I can’t help it. I really don’t believe that the baby is going to be born without the signature of the patient’s family. The doctor hasn’t delivered it yet!"
Qing Liu took a deep breath and told him, "You can handle it for me, but there is a requirement. Anyway, you must make sure that Sister Jingwen has heard it?"
"Yes, I know Mr. Liu!"
Li Jian should be a serious.
"… please Li Ge!"
Qing Liu said with emphasis.
Hang up the words Qing Liu closed his eyes by the seat and felt a little heavy.
"Manager Jiang is going to have a baby?"
Cheng couldn’t help asking what he guessed vaguely from Qing Liu’s words, and then it suddenly dawned on him. No wonder Qing Liu was in such a hurry. He remembered that when his son was born, he was as anxious as Liu Qingxian outside the operating room as a cat on hot bricks.
Qing Liu nodded his head and opened his eyes.
"Congratulations, Manager Liu."
Cheng saidno. Qing Liu urged him to take the initiative to speed up some more. He laughed. "This is really a happy event."
"Is it a happy event?"
Qing Liu smiled and said, "Then why am I so nervous?"
"Are you worried?" Cheng laughed and said, "Your heart is chaotic. Don’t worry. It’s okay."
Liu Qingyuan wanted to say I hope so, but on second thought, it was a bit unlucky to say so. She smiled and said, "Well, it’s all right."
I don’t know what Qing Liu always feels vaguely uneasy as if something is going to happen.
He comforted himself in his heart, "I hope it’s my own imagination …"
"… honey, you go home first. I have something to do."
A young man with glasses said to an ugly girl in the corridor of the Third People’s Hospital of the provincial capital
"Gong Tianlin, what do you mean?"
The girl was a little dissatisfied when she heard Gong Tianlin’s words. "Why do you have so many things to do when you come to see a doctor with me?"
Gong Tianlin cried when she heard the girl call out her name, and she went out with a rush. "Didn’t I tell you?" I have something to do! Do you understand people? "
"Hum Gong Tianlin, don’t lie to me here!"
The girl left the pie mouth and said, "Have something to do? It’s not another woman, is it? I was really blind when I heard your sweet words and slept with you. You men are like this. Once you get it, you don’t cherish it … "
Her voice did not fall Gong Tianlin face a change a slap mercilessly slapped the girl’s face flustered call scold a way "roll! Mom is really shameless. You are always just playing around. Do you really think of yourself as a treasure? "
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Destroyed life
"You dare to hit me?"
The girl looked at Gong Tianlin burying her face in disbelief.
"What happened to mom hitting you?"
Gong Tianlin angrily smiled and grabbed the girl’s hair and pushed her back a few steps. "Get out of here!" Special? "
"Boo hoo … Gong Tianlin, you are not a person, you are not a thing, you don’t die a natural death!"
The girl cried and got up from the ground and never looked back.
"smelly three!"
Gong Tianlin disdainfully spat, lit a cigarette and scolded, "No woman is a good thing!" He narrowed his eyes and glanced coldly at the third floor.
Just now, Gong Tianlin accompanied the girls to check and walked from the hospital building when he saw an "acquaintance"!
That is the driver who once beat himself in Wenchang County!
There are three people in Gong Tianlin’s limited life that he will never forget, and he gnashes his teeth when he thinks about it.
These three people are Fan Qingyu, Qing Liu and Li Jian.
After Fan Qingyu and Gong Tianlin broke up, Gong Tianlin found himself completely changed.
He hates women, especially those beautiful women, and he also hates rich people-Gong Tianlin seems that Fan Qingyu was tempted by Qing Liu after breaking up with himself!
Whenever Gong Tianlin turns out the photos of Bao Qingyu on his mobile phone in the dead of night, he can’t help cursing when he sees her charming smile and gentle and graceful body. So charming and charming, he let her slip away without taking a bite.
Especially the thought of Fan Qingyu’s mature charming body like a peach is likely to be wantonly played by Qing Liu. Gong Tianlin is jealous and angry in his heart-he can’t wait to kill someone!
The pain of lovelorn and Fan Qingyu’s death made Gong Tianlin fall into obsession instead of cheering up-no woman is a good thing.
With this obsession, Gong Tianlin took what he called the "revenge road"
Sweet words and his postgraduate status. In the school, he cheated two junior female students into bed with him and got pregnant, and then kicked them again!
As a result, a girl was strong-willed and couldn’t stand this kind of deception. She planned to commit suicide by jumping off a building in the dormitory. Fortunately, she was rescued when she found out-but Gong Tianlin was also expelled from the school because of her heavy punishment.
I have worked hard for more than ten years to go from primary school to graduate school. I didn’t expect to be finally hit by the school. In addition to this kind of blow, it was extremely heavy for Gong Tianlin, which made him feel more hit than Fan Qingyu’s departure.
Gong Tianlin didn’t dare to tell his family about this matter until now.