Liu Jinshui suddenly fell down with a pain in his back.
The injury and pain stimulated Liu Jinshui to suddenly multiply his strength, jump up and step on the shoulder of the body-guard and rush forward quickly.
This is just around the corner!
Liu Jinshui’s left leg was severely cut, and he almost unloaded his body. Liu Jinshui fell from a height.
Liu Jinshui shouted frantically and slammed into the arms of the front body guard. He buckled his belt with one hand and his shield slammed forward crazily. Although he had one leg, his bounce was shocking.
I don’t know who suddenly burst into applause, and there was applause next to it.
"There are still three quick men."
Second, thorns are everywhere
Liu Jinshui looked at the front paved with a long list of nails. The cold palms in the heart are longer and sharper than the ground. Who can walk over there?
"Come on, the body-guard is coming." I don’t know who is awake.
Terrible terror, the body guard is like a sinister wolf.
It’s not dereliction of duty to kill this fellow before the second place.
A grind Liu Jinshui jumped into the nail plate with one foot.
The sharp nail plate penetrated the bone-chilling pain of Liu Jinshui’s sole, and bean sweat rolled out.
Although the nail plate is not wide, if he dares to step on the street, the sharp arrow that draws the bow and pulls the string will shoot him mercilessly on the spot.
"Uncle little darling, it’s up to you to be here. It’s up to you whether we can avenge the grievances of thousands of people."
Liu Jinshui turned his head and smiled with difficulty. "It’s not hard for the little darling to throw you in the past. When you can see the empress Luan driving, throw the form paper in the past and wipe it against the empress Luan driving, and we will be successful."
Little darling sensible nodded "uncle rest assured little darling spelled a life also want to send the form paper"
"good! You may get dizzy if you endure for a while. "
Liu Jinshui nodded, lying on the nail plate with his feet soft and rolling forward crazily, while his hands fiddled with the little darling in the middle, just like rolling colored balls.
Blood loss, massive blood loss, and being stabbed in the heart by nails, Liu Jinshui felt that his consciousness was getting blurred and his physical strength was getting smaller and smaller.
"little darling!"
Liu Jinshui get up the strength to call a waist suddenly a pretty unexpectedly abruptly sat up on the nail plate with both arms to throw the little darling in the direction of Luan driving.
Everyone’s eyes moved with the little darling shadow in the middle, and the petite little darling crossed the third card and flew directly to Luan.
"Stop her!" The old eunuch drake’s voice rang again
A figure sprang up to meet the little darling and kicked the little darling hard.
The roadside audience screamed in unison.
The sharp wind forced the little darling to breathe badly. Look at Luan’s driving position and throw the paper in his hand desperately.
The petite little darling was kicked away, and everyone’s eyes moved with the little darling.
Little darling smashed his head in Liu Jinshui and looked at Liu Jinshui. He hoped that his eyes would squeeze out a smile. Just a little blood flowed out and he lay in a pool of blood in Liu Jinshui.
The form paper draws a yellow line in the middle and flies directly to Luan Jia.
Looking at LingFei form paper, the old eunuch hesitated and quietly moved his sleeve.
A gust of wind blew the bundled form paper and floated leisurely to Luan Jia.
The paper rubbed against Luan’s driving shaft and became an outlaw. The yellow paper was covered with blood and blood.
The old eunuch sighed lightly.
Lost sigh spread quickly.
The old eunuch slouched out a rumble to stop Luan driving and start again.
Chapter 39 [out]
When the mighty Minjiang River flows through Baizhang, it forms a big U-shaped slowdown.
Baizhang used to be a ferry, but every time the flood surged, the ferry was dangerous. Baizhang Town residents invested to build Baizhang Bridge. After more than ten years of wind and rain, the wooden frame of Baizhang Bridge is still strong, spanning the banks of the Minjiang River and becoming an important transportation channel to connect things.
The Qin brothers team has been expanded, and every time 5,000 people receive and drop a cottage, the backbone will be transferred and arranged separately. The purpose is of course to expand their strength.
How powerful are the three generations of Fuwei Escort Agency? The Qin brothers have no idea, and even worse. After the elimination of Fuwei Escort Agency, the Qin brothers are ready to wipe out the enemy with great victory and establish a world-renowned reputation, or Shaolin to negotiate the follow-up matters.
The more people, the better. The less looks magnificent.
The same is true of Han Xin’s point soldiers.
The whole team passed the Baizhang Bridge in turn. The old man’s bones and muscles were not as strong as when he was young. What if he collapsed in the middle?
Five thousand people lined up in disorder along the Minjiang River and crossed Baizhang Bridge in turn.
Honestly, who is who?
Who would dump the Qin brothers if it wasn’t for ten arhats?