See this Liu Yuan slowly close the knife.

Because this battle … is over.
Domain, Dark Sky+sharingan’ is a fusion of domain, dark sky and fluctuating eyes.
Far more powerful than you think!
And Lu Yuan knows that with the constant changes in sharingan,
His dark eye power can be further high.
This is a special field that can keep rising with the upgrade of sharingan!
Chapter 427 Justify one’s faults chefs
Hairen fish restaurant
As the battlefield moved to the sea.
As a result, everyone in the restaurant can’t know the situation well.
They can continuously spray water columns through the sea.
To judge the fierce battle situation on the sea.
But just minutes after Lu Yuan and Walker dived into the sea,
Original rough sea surface
Slowly calmed down.
They looked at calm to the surface.
Know that this battle should be over.
But they don’t know who won the battle
But right now,
A giant toad jumped out of the sea and landed on the splint of the mermaid restaurant.
Accompanied by a violent shaking
The public consciousness looked towards this huge toad.
See that toad lying behind his back
It is in a coma, Walker.
Everyone saw this scene and finally understood the battle.
It was Lu Yuan who finally won the victory.
Yu Luyuan won the battle like this.
They don’t know much about it.
And shortly after Tam appeared,
Liu Yuan also came out of the sea and landed in front of everyone.
Shafa and Catherine immediately looked towards Liu Yuan.
After discovering that Lu Yuanshen had no obvious wound,
Two people also secretly relieved.
After all, the strength shown by former Walker is a little too amazing.
Especially in the dark days when Walker broke the land source field.
The hearts of the two were greatly shocked.
After all, they are both very clear about how horrible it is in the dark days of Liu Yuan.
I also know how difficult this field is.
It is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to get rid of such fields.
And the strength of Walker who can do this is naturally not comparable to that of ordinary people.
This is why Catherine and Shafa are a little worried about the outcome of this battle.
But fortunately, the battle finally ended in a thrilling way.
And back to the sea people restaurant Luyuan.
At the moment, I also turned to look at Dick in the crowd.
The meaning in this look is self-evident.
Dick saw Liu Yuan’s eyes looking at himself.
After taking a deep breath, I was about to walk in the direction of Liu Yuan.
Didn’t wait for him to take this step.
Other chefs around him took the initiative to stop him.
Look at the chefs of Qianhai Mermaid Restaurant who protect themselves.
Dick’s face was moved.
Because since he came to the mermaid restaurant
It’s just a short month.
But it was this month.