There was a crack in the cabinet, but it didn’t completely fall apart.

Xi Tan froze.
The strength is weak, and the bounce is weak.
He tried again. He was stronger than normal. Yes, he bounced better than normal, but his state was very different from yesterday.
"There must be something wrong" Xi Tan shook his head hard.
If you have to recite the scriptures every day to get this power, the so-called belief power is barely enough. Maybe it’s a little bit for the soldiers?
He doesn’t know the fact that 30,000 people believe enough for several people.
Xi Rong, on the other hand, was exhausted and half-dependent on the image of a sofa. He was born as a soldier, and he wouldn’t have this kind of movement unless he was extremely tired.
After a short silence, Xi Tan walked out of the room and shouted, "Little Tie, go and find the monk in Baima Temple yesterday."
"I’m not going," said Xi Rong calmly when he came back from the outside. "If this road is blocked, one road will go to black?"
Give up halfway? Xi Rong didn’t want to say, "We haven’t completely failed."
"Jiangning held a ceremony without success or failure." XiRong looked at the son and got up hard. "Chen Yige came back early today."
When he said Chen Yige, it meant losing.
Xi Tan froze.
Jiangning things would surely hide from Chen Yi.
The magical knight is obviously forbidden by Chen Yi. If he comes back, he will become a magical knight.
"Pack up and get ready to see Chen Yi," said Xi Rong wearily. "He’s waiting for us at Jiangbei Wharf to say that 30,000 people will be in charge."
Long Tan is very reluctant to lead his father to Jiangbei Wharf Warehouse.
It’s getting more and more prosperous here.
The prosperity of industrialization, accompanied by roaring trains and heavy ships, may make the heavy industry machinery party excited, but it will make Tan uneasy
"Xi Jia Xi Rong and Xi Tan came to visit Chen Yige." Xi Rong paid no attention to the crowds coming and going and saluted the little martial arts school students respectfully.
After a while, Liu Xinyu appeared swaying in front of Xi’s father and mother, and the moment was really like a cool steam, which solved the anxiety of the hot sun.
Xi Tan took a deep breath before she felt wrong and bowed her head at once.
Liu Xinyu said coolly, "Chen Yi is too busy to see you."
"In that case, let’s go." I don’t want to lose face when I talk about beauty.
Xi Rong gave him a hard stare and bowed down and smiled. "Mr. Chen must be busy with us."
"no need"
"Please bend the rules again. Since I took refuge in Chen for several months, I have done something wrong. Please ask Chen to point out that we must correct it and then correct it."
"He is really out of time now."
"I’d appreciate it if you could tell Mr. Chen Yi that we were here," said Xitan Socket.
He’s already embarrassed.