With the scouts going out to investigate, Dourgen directly evaded two He Guozhong ambushes against him.

Although the tiger and leopard gunners are still causing casualties to the Mongols, it is obviously not worth it for 4 thousand people
In Dourgen’s letter, I am gratified and sincerely grateful for this decision.
A very serious problem has been ignored by him …
Even if one hundred cavalry scouts are equipped with war horses, it will take a lot of time to ensure the safety of the whole road.
All over the face, Dourgen was relieved. Although he saved his four thousand warriors, he slowly marched for a long time.
Just less than ten miles after Dourgen marched forward again along the road, a faint roar suddenly came from the end of the road.
Riding a horse, Dourgen quickly raised his one-way telescope and looked ahead.
I don’t know if I look at it, but I’m shocked …
A comforting smile enveloped Dourgen’s face instantly solidified on the spot.
The help of a single telescope to more than 2,000 fighters of Tiger and Leopard Army at the end of the road has been like a torrent of cold light and steel. wait for a while plunged into his eyes and into his heart …
Before Dourgen could react from the shock, an exclamation had already come from the side lieutenant’s mouth.
"It’s cavalry, tiger leopard army, armored cavalry … we all forgot that tiger leopard army also has cavalry who can get to the battlefield quickly."
However, it was too late to discover the problem at this time.
Because the mighty Tiger and Panther Army fighters have rushed to a stop at a distance of 500 paces from them.
Not only that, but hundreds of butch arms gunmen who have been hiding around them have also rushed out to guard the armored cavalry around this time.
Thousands of Mongolian cavalry stared at the front of the block. The Tiger and Panther Army fighters did not directly attack, but accidentally gave up their horses and formed a very dense and huge musketeers array with the musketeers around them.
In an instant, a musket array of 1000 musketeers appeared in front of the Mongols.
A thousand musketeers stand flat on their muskets, and from a distance, a thousand musketeers’ barrels are as dangerous as a hedgehog covered with thorns.
More importantly, this musket array covered with thorns is advancing to the position of Mongolian cavalry station step by step.
300 steps, 200 steps and 150 steps …
Still stay where you are, there is no response. The Mongols just entered the range when the dense gun rang on the battlefield.
A round of more than 300 lead bullets directly roared towards them.
This round of lead bullets attacked the front row of Mongolian cavalry and was directly shot and turned into a corpse.
At this time, the shocked ancient Chinese and Mongolians finally reacted from despair.
At the moment, it is not a problem for them to escape the attack of butch gunmen and return to Dingbian City.
The gun sounded instantly filled with despair and panic screams directly from Mongolian cavalry.
"Retreat the horse to retreat … don’t want the dead horse to retreat …"
"It’s butch gunner. Let’s run …"
Facing death, facing death, the road of tiger and leopard arms gunners was greatly influenced by exclamations. Mongolian cavalry horses turned their horses and wanted to withdraw from the range of tiger and leopard muskets.
But this idea is obviously a fantasy.
You know, thousands of Mongols lined up for miles in front of the road, and the Mongols were attacked by butch gunmen, but they didn’t know the battlefield situation behind them
So when the Mongols in front want to turn their horses around and retreat, they directly collide with the Mongols behind them and can’t get back and forth.
And follow closely behind them, butch army musket array didn’t miss this opportunity.
Stepping forward with neat steps, shooting lead bullets and continuing to advance towards the Mongols.
A round of lead bullets attacked the roots without the courage to fight back. Mongolians were directly slaughtered on the spot like sheep.
Obviously, these Mongolians have had a heartfelt fear and panic about the tiger and leopard gunners.
See tiger leopard army musket array first thought is not how to fight, but to avoid war.
And this official tiger and leopard army wants to see
As more and more Mongols were slaughtered, the battlefield became more and more chaotic, and Dourgen’s face was once again covered with despair.
In the face of the strength, the tiger and leopard army fighters are almost different from themselves. For the real metal armor fighters, Dourgen knows that he has lost his courage and can’t be an opponent.
In this case, it is a law to change the fact that these people are surrounded by tiger and leopard troops.
Just as Dourgen was lost in thought and trance, a whistling lead shot flew directly through the gap in the crowd to Dourgen …
At the same time, an exclamation also followed to Dourgen’s ear.
"Baylor, be careful … get down …"
How could Dourgen react so quickly when he was in a trance?
As soon as he’s stunned, he’ll roar and the lead bullet has penetrated his breastplate and plunged into his body …