Dong Zhongfang was the first to shout about it.

Coming, coming, but coming.
If you sigh in your mind and ask Dong Yushi with a smile.
Since the private affairs of heaven are both monarch and minister, I can’t consider the way of being young and old. It is said that meritorious service is not a position. When I am humble and guarded, can I be greedy for meritorious service? Dong Zhong Fang Lang responded
If you still want to rub your temples, loyalists think about things so rigidly. What do you mean, heaven is private? Isn’t heaven a person? If such a person lives in the DPRK, it is probably the kind of person who works hard to prevent the emperor from calling his own father dad, which makes the court chaotic.
Lord Dong, you said that all the merits of the day are kings, so it is necessary for you ministers to reward me for being greedy for the merits of the king. But isn’t it a mistake for the king to ignore the merits of the minister? It is not a mistake to be loyal to the minister in the days to come, and the king should not demand the loyalty of the minister. To get the loyalty of the minister and try his best, the king should also pay courtesy.
If I read it again in my mind, I’m sure I didn’t recite the wrong bag just now. Ugly and dark didn’t forget the ancient prose when I was reading. Only then did I get up on the throne and take Xiao Yilai with me. I didn’t hold the throne and looked at him with my left hand. I smiled deeply. I stayed with my seven uncles, but my seven uncles looked at me. Don’t you think so?
He said that it was beyond the world’s understanding, and he couldn’t believe that such words actually came from the emperor’s mouth. It happened that he talked like this in Kan Kan, but he also had his own way that people could not refute.
Even though he completely ignored the etiquette of the hall and reached out to pull Xiao Yi’s hand, no one remembered to wake him up. He felt that it was really a kind of king’s tolerance to laugh and talk at this time.
The last sentence was especially meaningful, which made all the ministers feel that they could not do anything without rhyme.
Xiao Yi subtle to a few can’t examine a slight quiver and then deeply bow but avoid if eyes should be.
Ministers came to return some criticisms, but after such words, they saw that Xiao Yi’s momentum was inexplicably suppressed and they stopped talking.
Only Dong Zhongfang is also resistant to Taoism.
If he doesn’t talk about going for a cold drink, Dong’s adult just kept saying that I should be a good emperor. Why don’t I just do the right thing? Are you bullying me because I’m too young to be in charge?
This statement is too heavy for a loyal minister to bear. Dong Zhongfang’s endless loyal advice immediately got stuck in his throat, but he was afraid to say no for a while, but he was unwilling to give up. He was stunned on the spot.
If you sigh and shake your head, it’s no wonder that loyal officials can never beat treacherous court officials. It’s so stiff and tactless.
However, since the goal has been achieved, of course, he won’t embarrass such loyal and straight people again. Well, it seems that everyone has reached a consensus. This matter is settled. The second thing I want to ask is whether the Regent is ready for the big hunting arrangement.
Xiao Yi’s eyes flashed with a different tone, but he was respectful. Pingchen, in conjunction with does Jun Tianfu, had already arranged to show his position. Was it on the fifteenth day of the month according to the precedent of his ancestors?
If you nod your head, since you have arranged it, I will have no problem. Remember to bring Nalanyu with you then.
Xiao Yi laughed. This big hunting is not only a national hunting but also a domestic hunting. According to the rules of Chu people, adult domestic hunting is not only compulsory for direct relatives, but also for friends and relatives. If you are interested, you can come.
If your eyes flash, that means that all the ministers here can bring their relatives and friends. This is great. While applauding, you can smile at Dong Zhongfang. Dong’s adult, remember that you must come to Miss Dong and you are interested. You might as well join in the fun.
When you say this, everyone in the temple looks at Dong Zhongfang strangely.
Dong Zhongfang also stuck a lot of exhortations in his mouth, saying that he couldn’t swallow and swallow without pain, and he was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.
I pity him for being lonely and loyal to this bad king, but I still miss his beautiful daughter today.
If others say such things, according to him, honest and frank’s temper is that the king is always pointing at his nose and scolding him. It happened that the other party is good and the emperor is bent on being a loyal minister through the ages. For him, he is angry to death in vain, but he can’t stop cursing and can’t wait to sulk and rush to his forehead. His face is blue, purple, white and green, which is extremely frightening.
If you’re a little scared, you’ll be ready for the ancients to be the least tolerant. Irrelevant things will grieve you to death. He doesn’t want to make a loyal minister grieve you to death. Call Dong’s adult to rest and call a doctor too much for diagnosis and treatment.
The head waiter came to help people.
Dong Zhongfang was so angry that he could not help being helped to the temple, even though he wanted to remonstrate in a thousand words.
Dong Zhongfang, the other ministers, also want to help the young emperor sigh and waste them. Emperor Nai, who is unwillingly controlled by the Chu family, is also helpless. Although he knows that the emperor is not a good thing, there is no need to show your lust in front of the ministers.
While Xiao Yi party is secretly.
On the contrary, Xiao Yi has been quietly watching everything happen by his side, and only when he has to shout a letter or should he look sad, calm and stop the water.
Chapter 10 kungfu training
Being an emperor has to worry about governing the country, but it is also good.
Than sitting comfortably in his dragon chair after the great court, eating a table full of good things, all delicious and hot, and never bringing the cold breakfast back to Ruoqian.
Although the heart proclaims the importance of diligence and thrift, in the face of personal enjoyment of his tragic power and noble sentiments, it is simply to put aside the unified virtues of the Chinese nation
Of course, it’s time for the emperor to chew on the case with great grace, so that those eunuchs will not be stimulated too much, which will cause any heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, and the kind emperor has always asked them to retreat far away and stay with him.
It’s rare that this time he actually worked hard to get up and enjoy his late breakfast, while his hands were stained with oil. He slowly looked through it and was sent by the eunuch to copy it not long after.