Hu Yingxue didn’t watch the star dance directly, only to find that the star dance came directly towards her. Even if she didn’t recognize the other party and knew that she was observing her, she still felt a little guilty. Of course, she wouldn’t let people see what was going on in her heart and waited for the other party to approach.

Go straight to Hu Yingxue and Star Dance did something that surprised everyone in the nether world. Raise your hand and take off the mask of her face. You know, since Star Dance appeared in the nether world, the mask of her face has never been taken off. Many people want to take off the mask. Most of the endings are seriously injured by Star Dance or directly killed.
Because the star dance reaction was so intense, many people speculated that she was wearing that mask because that side of her face was terrible. Now we can determine how wrong that guess is. It’s not ugly, it’s amazing.
Hu Yingxue saw that the whole face was still vaguely impressed just now, and the horse became clear. He felt a little familiar before, because great changes have taken place in the memory of people growing up.
At the beginning, Yi Fengshen honored Hu Yingxue to find her several playmates like a normal child. One of them was dancing in front of her eyes, perhaps because she was a girl. At that time, worldly desires was absent, and she would take the initiative to dance close to her.
Born in the divine world, the child was too young to be wise, but he knew that intrigue and star dancing were the weakest among them, and several other children who were stronger than her joined forces to kill her because of jealousy.
Don’t look at those children who are young but very vicious. If it weren’t for Hu Yingxue, they would have discovered the ghost of dancing stars and helped her reunite in the secret office of Mi Xing to guide Gan Kun. There would be no dancing stars.
In fact, at that time, Hu Yingxue didn’t have no mood at all. It was because of this that she felt that people close to her would be in trouble, and she was not willing to interact with others after that.
After discovering this, Yi Fengshen sent all the children away, and Xing Dance was also said to be sent back to reincarnation. I don’t know what happened in the process, but it is obvious that Xing Dance did not go to reincarnation.
Anyway, when I think of those days when I used to get along with Hu Yingxue, the smile in my eyes is much more real. Looking at my eyes, I can vaguely see what I looked like when I was a child, and I smiled. "Speaking of which, my friend is very unqualified, and now I know your name is Star Dance."
Star dance corners of the mouth hook up "even if there is a mistake, it is not the fault of the temple alone. In those days, the temple didn’t ask the star dance and forgot to say it. Moreover, it is not important that the temple knows the name of the star dance. What is important is that there is no star dance without the temple.
However, the star dance was fooled by people and made a wrong decision. If you want to become strong enough, you can refuse reincarnation around the temple. You can’t follow behind the temple until you can’t turn back. "
Hu Yingxue heard the words and laughed. "I don’t like having too many followers, but I can’t have too many friends."
The star dance also has a bright face. "The temper of the temple has not changed at all."
Hu Yingxue couldn’t help asking Mu Tianxuan, "Was there a big difference between me at that time and now?"
Mu Tian Xuan Yin replied, "Like a person always likes to enlarge the advantages of the other person. I was not the same at the beginning. Even if you don’t read it, you don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I can be happy for a long time if you have a little different mood when facing me."
For this person, every time he catches an opportunity, he will talk about how he understood that he would like it when he was like Hu Yingxue. If it were her lover, she would first become unresponsive to a stone and then disappear for so long, which would probably wake up the other person how much she cares about him.
Now she can be sure that she always likes to do that. She is used to doing that and has made this business a pleasure.
When she was absent from worldly desires, this guy used this method to make her remember to care about how a person did it, so she formed this habit too many times.
And her recovery didn’t need this method to be subtle when she was reborn in Ganyuan world. At that time, she still did it like that, which can be said to be consolidation, and then it seemed to depend on her words and feelings.
There are so many people who are secretly observing here. Hu Yingxue didn’t give Mu Tianxuan a dirty look this time. He decided to ignore him and Star Dance and talked about the recent situation. "What is the order you received this time?"
Star Dance replied, "Escort you guys to the place where you should go at all costs. The so-called place where you should go command gives a general location. It seems that only you guys can determine the specific location."
After these words, Star Dance gave Hu Yingxue a sound: "There are some things that I can’t explain clearly for a while. Anyway, you three must remember one thing. After you leave, you must stick to your feelings and don’t change whatever anyone says, including me."
After listening to the star dance, Hu Yingxue remembered the guy who was burned to death before and nodded at the star dance. "Is the first place where we meet here near here?"
Star Dance nodded. "Wait a minute. We’ll enter that fog over there. It depends on which of you three has responded. I’ll leave first and make some arrangements."
Star Dance turned away from Hu Yingxue and received a sound from Jiuyou: "I have seen that star dance there before, but I don’t know which faction it is, but it should be a trustworthy person. It’s hard to say except her. I don’t know how many people like that will mix in."
God knows how to find Jiuyou Hu Yingxue. He barely stretched his face and saw Jiuyou with a smiling expression. Many faces are cold, gentle and humorous … But I have never seen and thought about seeing him smile. Like a child, there seems to be a little coquetry. I feel a little unbearable to look straight.
Jiuyuan Ghost Snake ranks in the top three in the nether world. Even if Hu Yingxue is well controlled, the gods will be found as soon as they are sent over. Nine pairs of eyes are all looked at her. The owner of nine pairs of eyes is Jiuyou’s father and brother, who is not very friendly, but there is no hostility.
Hu Yingxue guessed that they should know the contract and know that there will be an equal contract. It’s just that the key is not only the main pet contract, but also her main pet. If it were her, she would be dissatisfied with this contract.
It was agreed to cancel the contract before, but nine deep and remote feel that Hu Yingxue’s trip seems to have many situations that will affect the contract, so he decided not to cancel the contract for the time being. Nine deep and remote have just explained this to his father and brother, otherwise Hu Yingxue must be faced with nine furious people.
To tell the truth, I am glad to see that my brothers and sisters have all woken up and looked in the best condition. Jiuyou is not so enthusiastic about the contract, but he is very protective of his own people. Knowing that his brothers and sisters have the contract, he will certainly protect Hu Yingxue.
Sure enough, the nine deep and remote stars danced back and made some discussions with others, and then they sent someone to say that they could start over there. As soon as the nine deep and remote brothers ordered them to start, they shouted and flashed around Hu Yingxue, looking like they were strictly guarding against death.
Star Dance was sent to protect Hu Yingxue, who also wanted to be close to her, but no matter who was in front of her or what the other party said, she would be stopped by her nine brothers and sisters and tried several times. If it weren’t for the star dance, she said, let them follow, and maybe they would all start to work.
From the time those people approached Hu Yingxue, they were carefully looked at. Because they had been staring at’ look’, it was clear that the loudest ones insisted on keeping them close to her. All of them were robbed, and all of them seemed to be trying to persuade them that there was something wrong.
At first glance, I don’t think there is a problem when I listen to them, but when I think about it, I think it is wrong. Many words in it are actually adding fuel to the fire. It is because they advise those loud voices that their voices are getting louder and louder.
Star Dance talks very well. Let people send an order, and those who have problems will not be out for the time being. They provoked a few people with high anger, and it was like being suddenly poured cold water. Whether or not they reacted, they just seemed to be benefited, and now they are very quiet.
Without those shouts, Hu Yingxue felt that his ears were clean. Many ears were clean, and his heart was easy to calm down. Before he enjoyed the scene, he felt a little jumpy in his heart.
Almost without hesitation, Hu Ying Snow Horse offered five lines of chaos, in which the earth tripod and the wooden tripod formed an enchantment, which enveloped the people around her and the nine-deep ghost snake. Just then, the enchantment just condensed and saw a bloody light rushing straight to Hu Ying Snow.
Although that bloody light broke through the wooden tripod condensation barrier, it was stopped by the earth tripod condensation barrier. Hu Yingxue quickly added a layer of barrier to Jinding and controlled the fire tripod to rush to that bloody light and spit out a red-violet fire at it.
The color of blood is already reddish with blackness, which means that the blood ShaQi is very thick. As a result, the flame height of the red-violet fire suddenly increased a lot. When I saw this scene, I shouted that I must follow Hu Yingxue. Those faces turned white and seemed to be dying.
Hu Yingxue didn’t pay attention to their nerve-racking feeling. Not only did it not disappear with that bloody light, but it was more clear and obvious. Because it was much clearer, it roughly determined a direction. Although it may be wrong, she moved the censer directly.
The former censer instantly solved the bloody light, but the guy who was hiding in the fog could see clearly that the censer flew past, and before it rushed to the crowd, he became nervous. A tentacle stretched out from the fog and he wanted to smoke the censer away.
Seeing the tentacle, Hu Yingxue summoned the censer back to his side and turned to Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu and asked, "Do you think you have seen that tentacle somewhere?"
This time Mu Tianxuan gave Hu Yingxue the answer that "it looks familiar"
Wei Chihanyu replied, "Sunset Mountain looks smaller than that one."
Come on, Wei Chi Han Yu woke up, Hu Ying Xue Ma remembered where I had seen that tentacle, which was the guy who was forced back to the sea by the snake protector and Ling Yue, but this one should not have been much smaller because of the tentacle model.
Although this strength should not be compared with the original one, but this is a nether world, there will be no laws of heaven and earth, which will be more difficult to deal with than the original one, and even if Hu Yingxue is already a god, it will give birth to a nerve-racking feeling, which means that the other party can threaten her life
There is still a little excitement about crossing the transition to rob Hu Yingxue, and finally it is no longer a shrimp. I didn’t expect it to be stimulated so soon or so much. Looking at the monster opposite, it is no longer hiding its whereabouts. A toad is covered with squid claws. She swore that she would never eat squid again.
Apparently, I was so sick that there was no Hu Yingxue’s black flame. When I saw the black flame monster, my first reaction was to avoid it, but I had a tentacle but I didn’t listen to it. In the past, the black flame was scattered like a fairy tale, and it sounded worse than killing a pig.
The hand is wide, but although his black flame does a lot of damage to the monster, it is not the monster nemesis. The resilience of the monster is amazing. The front foot of the black flame can be restored as it was in a moment when it burned out, and the black flame can’t go out. The monster screamed and screamed.
The monster sound is very lethal and it directly attacks the consciousness. Hai Hu Yingxue has sealed her ears, and she is equally dizzy. While Gankun’s secret government is trying to help her recover her gv 10, she directly throws a red-violet fire at the monster.
An unusually sharp scream sounded, and the monster sound stopped abruptly. Hu Yingxue looked at the past according to her temples, and suddenly she was happy. It turned out that she had just accidentally lost the fire in the monster’s mouth, and the monster choked her neck and swallowed it.
Chapter 466 Doubt
The monster looks different from the entity like the ghost repair, but it is a soul body. The physical strength depends on the physical strength just like the physical body. If you divide the high and low levels, then I won’t go into details. Take this monster as an example. It was born in the sea of blood injustice. It can absorb resentment and anger from birth, so the root of strength is resentment and anger.
Red-violet industry fire is a big nemesis of resentment and resentment. It is true that red-violet industry fire supplies a red-violet industry fire. The fire enters the monster’s stomach, just like throwing a flower into a petrol can, igniting a match and listening to a loud bang. The monster instantly turned into a huge fireball.